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Today we are going to draw a city in One Point Perspective - buildings in the city going into One Point Perspective. Let's start our drawing with the vanishing point and horizon line. In order to get the feel of the drawing we need to determine where vanishing point will be. Feel free to improvise and change it depending on what you want to achieve. Start mapping lines in. Now we need to draw lines that disappear in the distance in order to get the feel of the drawing. If you can draw a rectangle in a perspective you can do anything. As soon as we are satisfied with the result we can start drawing lines from the vanishing point that will help us to draw buildings and objects in perspective. Let's start blocking a building and street. The top line here represents the roof of the building. Please remember that horizontal lines should be parallel to the horizon line. To map out windows and doors we should draw a number of vertical lines. Everything has to match the vanishing point. Ok, let's start adding some details and drawing some other buildings. They should be of a different size. As soon as we have blocked the buildings we can move to the other part of the drawing. The same principles apply. We want to have something in the foreground to add sense of depth to the drawing. Please remember that lines in perspective should hit the vanishing point.

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