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Dispensational Truth- God's Plan of the Ages. THE DISPENSATION OF HUMAN GOVERNMENT and the NOAHIC COVENANT. TEXT: Gen 9:1-16; Gen 11:4-9 In committing the responsibility of human government to mankind God illustrates the truth about:.

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Dispensational Truth-

God's Plan of the Ages

I the test man s responsibility and god s promise in the covenant
I. The Test —Man’s Responsibility and God’s Promise in the Covenant

  • A. Man is given responsibility to protect human life through “law and order” enforced by capital punishment (Gen 9:5-6)

  • B. Man is told to “be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth” (Gen 9:1)

  • C. Man is given authority over the animal kingdom (Gen 9:2)

  • D. God promised that He would not again destroy the earth with a flood (Gen 9:13-16)

    • Because the sin which necessitated that had been prohibited (Jude 6; 2 Pet 2:4)

    • God gives a permanent “sign” (9:12)

  • E. God promised not to interrupt the seasons (Gen 8:22) so that man could feed himself.

  • F. Man is given meat to eat (but not the blood (9:3-4)

Ii the result man s inability
II. The Result—Man’s Inability with a

  • A. Man determined not to be “scattered abroad” in direct opposition to what God had instructed (Gen 11:4)

  • B. Man violated the sanctity of male/female relationships which would interupt the “fruitfulness” and “multiplication” of life (Gen 9:22 cf Lev 18:6ff emph v22)

Iii god s provision
III. God’s Provision “trademark” of “civilized” nations throughout history in direct contradiction of God’s instructions...hence “civilization” has continuously

  • A. God enforced his command to “fill” the earth by confusing the languages (Gen 11:8) and judged Sodom and Gomorrah (Gen 19:5, 24) and He “gave up” the Gentile nations (Rom 1:18-32)

  • B. God promised, through Abraham, that “all the families of the earth” would be blessed—the Redeemer would come (Gen 12:1-3)

  • C. Once again, the only source of salvation is as a result of God’s grace and man proves that he cannot justify himself (Rom 3:19)