Opportunity knocks a new era for technology and health care
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Opportunity Knocks! A new era for technology and health care - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Opportunity Knocks! A new era for technology and health care. Beyond the Beltway – March 22, 2010 Ken Theis, CIO and Director Michigan Department of Information Technology. Today’s Insights. Health IT (the basics) Game Changing Moment: ARRA Role of States Today

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Opportunity knocks a new era for technology and health care

Opportunity Knocks!A new era for technology and health care

Beyond the Beltway – March 22, 2010

Ken Theis, CIO and Director

Michigan Department of Information Technology

Today s insights
Today’s Insights

  • Health IT (the basics)

  • Game Changing Moment: ARRA

  • Role of States Today

  • A “Call to Action” for Tech Companies

    • Opportunities and advice

In the world of technology, health care lags behind…

The current reality
The Current Reality…

The sad truth:

With a “click” of a mouse, you can find the full history of a used car, but not your health care history.

Other industries, like manufacturing and banking, are tech savvy. For health care, the opportunities ahead are great.

Today, there are three basic components for Health IT…

Health information technology hit
Health Information Technology (HIT)


  • The software and hardwaretechnology that processes health care data electronically

    • Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, administrative and clinical systems

Example: A physician uses an EHR to access information about a patient and then inputs new data directly into the EHR.

Health information exchange hie
Health Information Exchange (HIE)


  • The electronic movement of any and all health-related data across non-affiliated organizations

    • Interoperability standards

    • Privacy and security

    • Organizes and takes responsibility for the process

Regional health information organization rhio
Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO)


  • Multi-stakeholder governance entity

    • Responsible for HIE within a contiguous geographic area

Across the country, these components were coming together.Then, in 2009, a game changing opportunity happened…

$40 Billion

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) makes available $40 Billion in funding for HIT and HIE – the largest U.S. investment to date.

  • Includes provisions to create a national health information network

  • Provides funding to modernize the health care system

  • Designed as a catalyst for the adoption of HIT by 2014

Here’s a look at the specific funding programs…

Key arra provisions
Key ARRA Provisions

The ARRA programs increase oversight responsibilities for states

  • Grants for states (or state-designated entities)

    • Plan and help build a health records exchange

  • Financial assistance for Medicaid providers

    • Administered by states under Medicaid

  • Grants for Regional HIT Extension Centers

    • Helps health care providers with HIT decisions

For Michigan, our approach is in-line to take advantage of these programs…

Michigan s approach
Michigan’s Approach

  • The “MiHIN Conduit to Care”

    • Michigan’s roadmap

    • $10 million invested to implement

  • Michigan’s HIT and HIE foundation:

    • HIT Commission

    • Health Information Privacy & Security Collaborative (HISPC)

    • 9 MiHIN Regions

    • HIEs across state becoming operational

    • MiHIN Resource Center

    • M-CEITA (Regional HIT Extension Ctr)

Michigan ARRA Awards

$14.9 Million – MiHIN

$19.6 Million – M-CEITA

Here’s a look at our project structure…

Michigan s approach mihin project structure
Michigan’s ApproachMiHIN Project Structure

  • Build upon MiHIN and leverage statewide HIE and HIT investments to create a statewide HIE infrastructure

    • Revise the MiHIN Conduit to Care plan

  • Engage subject matter experts to recommend strategy and facilitate workgroups

  • Hold a multi-stakeholder collaborative process for determining next direction

  • Develop a coordinated approach to all Michigan HIT and HIE programs created by funding in the ARRA

Michigan s approach mihin project structure1
Michigan’s ApproachMiHINProject Structure

Federal Administrative Office of the State HIE Cooperative Agreement Program

Office of the National Coordinator for HIT

HIT Commission


Governance Work Group


Business Operations


Program Office


Sub Group

Measures Group

Privacy & Security

Project Control Office

Stakeholder Input Structure

Support Structure

Michigan’s ApproachMiHINTechnical Architecture

  • A State-wide virtual “network” of nodes which:

    • Provide valuable shared services across all HIEs and providers (public health reporting, medication management, etc.)

    • Comply with the MiHIN Security framework

    • Provide a gateway to the NHIN

    • Provide a secure messaging network

    • Provide core components for cross community interoperability (MPI, RLS, Provider Directory, etc.)

    • Provide core services for cross community (subject discovery, query for documents)

What s your approach
What’s your approach?

For the IT community across America, ARRA provides awindow of opportunity.

Now’s the time to get in the game. Here’s how…

Opportunities and advice a call to action for stakeholders
Opportunities and AdviceA “call to action” for stakeholders

  • Health care providers are looking for solutions

    • Bring your expertise to the table

  • Some states are creating vendor collaboration processes

    • Get engaged with state initiatives.

    • State CIOs are pivotal!

Opportunities and advice a call to action for stakeholders1
Opportunities and AdviceA “call to action” for stakeholders

  • HIT workforce development

    • IT vendors need to staff-up!

    • Articulate staff needs to colleges and universities.

  • Build tools for interoperability

    • To be certified and part of the ARRA incentives, your solutions must be interoperable.

    • You can’t compete with proprietary solutions!

Final thought value
Final Thought: Value

The great value of Health IT is its far-reaching impact…

  • Improved health care services and patient health

  • Empowering citizens with access to information