alternative options to enhance your districts revenue n.
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  1. ALTERNATIVE OPTIONS TO ENHANCE YOUR DISTRICTS REVENUE PRESENTERS: ED RAMOS Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations-Hutto I.S.D. EMILY BOSWELL Public Information Officer-Hutto I.S.D.

  2. CURRENT SCHOOL FINANCE CLIMATE • 2011 Legislative Session – School Funding Cut $5.4B • 32K less education jobs • 61% of school districts surveyed anticipate staff ratios to increase • 71% of school districts surveyed Froze Teacher Salaries • *Source Moak Casey and Associates • School Districts Statewide made large budget cuts • 3 groups file school funding lawsuits against the state • Will face similar issues in next legislative session

  3. Revenue Options – Attendance • A 1% increase in attendance = + $$ in additional state aid • Depending on district size can generate +$100K to Millions in additional revenue • Ideas to roll out such a program: • Create a district-wide contest • Publish 6 week results for all to see • Create Attendance Targets for each Campus per grade level (Look back 3-4 years to pull targets) • Offer Campus Incentives - $$$ into their campus budgets • Market winners each six weeks (Prize Patrol)

  4. Offer Monthly Energy Incentive Savings Awards - $$ to campus budgets, technology grants, etc • Will need to collect prior year energy use data • Run program on a kilowatt usage vs energy cost comparison • Compare kilowatt usage for each campus: current year vs prior year • Campus with the biggest percentage savings wins! • Electricity one of highest single budget costs in any district • Kilowatt savings add up quickly • This can be a VERY successful program Revenue Options – Energy Savings

  5. Some districts have moved in the direction of taking over after school care • Can combine program with staff daycare if your district offers such programs • Saves/creates district jobs • Must offer competitive pricing so research local market • Offer online tuition payments • Actively Market your program to parents • Warning: May be a politically hot topic in the district • If another entity oversees this program, are they paying facility use fees as well as a price per student fee to district? Revenue Options – After School Care

  6. Not really a true revenue generator: Per TEA guidelines school districts cannot profit from these programs • They DO save jobs • For every Pre-K tuition based classroom in district, you can save/create a teaching and educational aide position • Parents are already paying daycare or private school costs and may be very interested in such a program in your district • Program created in Hutto ISD after receiving parent input at community budget hearings • Make sure parents sign contract regarding rules and tuition payments Revenue Options – Tuition Based Pre-K Programs

  7. Issue an RFP for this service • Number of districts doing Bus Ads has increased just this past year so becoming less controversial • State of Texas Regulates where Bus Ads may be placed • Great way for local businesses to directly support your school • Program works well in Suburban and Urban school districts • District gives final approval on all ads per contract • Ads can vary in length from 3-6-9-12 months. • District can expand contract to include advertising revenue for website/stadiums/facilities etc. • Some districts seeking corporate sponsorships Revenue Options – Bus Advertising

  8. More districts charging for extracurricular fees/athletic fees • Can structure on a per activity basis • Can structure on a per student basis • Need to evaluate affordability by the parents • Decisions on which activity charges a fee, which activity does not (ex. If a stipend is paid to a sponsor then a fee is charged) • Break the fee down by Paid/Reduced/Free price students • Think about the bookkeeping logistics • What happens if the fees are not paid Revenue Options – Extracurricular Fees

  9. Compare your district rates to surrounding districts • Does your district have a centralized system • Does your district have a software tool to track facility rentals district-wide • If done correctly, you can collect more revenue in facility rentals than all athletic events combined. • Communicate with other districts (Some groups may shop around or leave one district holding the bill) • Make sure you have good facility use guidelines in place • Copy from other districts, they are not top secret • A district-wide scheduling system VERY important Revenue Options – Facility Rentals

  10. Colleges Trademark their Logo’s and Slogans • Why is it not common among school districts • Cost, Legal Fees, Enforcement • Vendors which now are offering to simplify this for districts • Districts can now trademark any unique word, name, symbol, slogan, or logo that is used to identify a district • Once licensed, trademarks are protected and subject to the payment of royalties. • Royalties due on trademarks as well as any variation and representation of school trademarks • These programs protect a districts from liability (using someone else’s images), protection of assets, an ongoing revenue source Revenue Options – Trademarking

  11. Program Structure: • Any vendor who sells merchandise to the public will pay a royalty for those sales. (Officially licensed products) • School groups, PTA’s, Booster Clubs that sale merchandise as part of fundraisers can pay a reduced royalty (district decision. • Official School Use Products – normally will not pay a royalty fee (ex. Band travel shirts, football practice shirts/shorts, faculty shirts, band/football uniforms) Revenue Options – Trademarking cont.

  12. Sell District Products Online via website • Can expand to campus and school group items • Need to create an online merchant account • Who will be responsible to fill orders • Offer shipping (Local pickup?) • Be sure online products to not compete w/school group fundraisers Revenue Options – Online School Store

  13. Usage fee for small appliances (mini fridge, microwaves, etc.) • Vending machines – softdrink vendor big $$ contracts non-existant. Analyze if it will be cost effective to take over these sales. Up front cost (machines), additional personnel? • PERCEPTION IS EVERYTHING • TRE’S • OTHER IDEAS OUT THERE? Revenue Options – Other Idea’s?

  14. CONTACT INFO: Ed Ramos: (512) 759-4794 Emily Boswell: (512) 759-3008