10 29 12 biology n.
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10-29-12 Biology

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10-29-12 Biology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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10-29-12 Biology. Turn in extra credit Test Wednesday: Biomolecules ( if you haven’t been studying your notes, then start!) 3. Biomolecules and Enzyme Web-quest ( gather your belongings and follow me to the library.). 10-30-12 Biology. Quick Write: ( 5 minutes timed)

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10 29 12 biology
10-29-12 Biology
  • Turn in extra credit Test Wednesday: Biomolecules ( if you haven’t been studying your notes, then start!)

3. Biomolecules and Enzyme Web-quest ( gather your belongings and follow me to the library.)

10 30 12 biology
10-30-12 Biology
  • Quick Write: ( 5 minutes timed)

Topic: How do you feel hurricane storm sandy has effected the communities of North America? How do you feel that it has effected certain ecosystems ( marine, land, etc. ) up north?

2. Check your grades!!! Are YOU passing or failing???

3. Gather belongings, we will head to the library to finish your web quest, use your time wisely and STAY ON TASK!


10 31 12 biology
10-31-12 Biology



  • Test: Biomolecules ( Organic Compounds: Carbs, Lipids, Proteins, and Nucleic Acids)
  • After you finish, listen to your music ( with ear-buds/head phones) while you may work on your web-quest, its due today by 3:55 OR read a book, magazine or work on other classwork. REMAIN QUIET!
  • Once everyone is finished, we will watch “ You are what you eat”

Also, class with the HIGHEST class average receives a pizza/movie party on me Nov. 7th !!!! Top 3 student averages receives a free spirit shirt !

10 31 12 advisory
10-31-12 Advisory

Happy Halloween!!!!!

  • New Advisory Teacher: Criss
  • Complete the activity on page 240 and 241.
11 1 12 biology
11-1-12 Biology
  • Place back packs on the side tables!
  • Complete Bell Ringer 15 ( 10 min)
  • Start Writing up Lab Report

( look to the front board)

3. Today: Complete Lipids and Protein Test

4. Clean Up Lab Stations

11 2 12 agenda all classes noise levels should not exceed above a one
11-2-12- Agenda ( all classes)Noise Levels should not exceed above a one.

Biology- Note: Lab will be continued Monday ( for some classes). Sixth period…I cleaned up SOME of your mess but you all need to clean out those test tubes. Leaving unclean work stations is NEVER acceptable!

  • Complete Bell Ringer 16 in your journals ( AP 2nd/4th- turn in your science far assignment!
  • Complete: Active Reading in your journals ( label and date assignment so that it can be found to be graded. DO NOT WRITE ON THE PAPERS!)
  • Complete pg. 57 in Biology Book! Place in journal behind active reading assignment. Label and date for grading. Use your notes or the book as your aide, NOT your classmates!

Advisory: Hello! I am sorry you could not meet me. Please complete the Lab Equipment worksheet. We will review this AND safety rules on Monday.


  • Complete the backside of yesterdays sheet ( types of chemical bond types)
  • Complete the worksheet titled “ Identifying Ionic and Covalent Bonds”. I put reference pages from your chemistry book to aide you.
11 5 12 biology
11-5-12 Biology
  • Have a Seat , be quiet and listen.
  • Complete Bell Ringer 17: Enzyme Graphs
  • Review Bell Ringer 16
  • Finish Lab Report: Lab Answers: Protein ( gelatin, chicken, yogurt), simple carbs ( apple juice, milk, yogurt), complex carbs ( potato, oatmeal,) Lipids ( cooking oil, milk)

4. Complete numbers: 11-25, 26, 28, 31 on page 57-58

5. Review section review answers ( random chose by teacher)

All work is to be done independently and silently.

11 6 12 biology check your desk to ensure you all have one text book and one microscope
11-6-12 Biology – check your desk to ensure you all have: one text bookand one microscope
  • Review Test One ( ask questions) – Retest Tomorrow ( 15 questions)
  • Intro to Microscope ( fill in sheet as you few the video) You will be quizzed over the parts and the functions of the microscope!!!




3. Homework: Study Bio-Chemistry ( chapter 2) notes

11 7 12 biology
11-7-12 Biology
  • Re-Test: Organic Molecules
  • After you finish testing, cut out and paste the two cell pictures in your note journals.
  • Look up and define/describe ( chapter 7 of the biology book):

*The cell theory *organelles *Eukaryote *Prokaryote *TEM * SEM

*Describe why Hooke, Schwann, Leeuwenhoek, and Schleiden are important scientists.

Also have journals ready for grading ( back board has what I am looking for)

Homework: Study parts of the microscope and start studying the organelles of the cell.

Project: ( due 11/13/12: Create a 3D cell model of either a plant or an animal cell. Look at the examples I have on the table) Projects are worth an exam grade!

Tomorrow: Cell Organelle Web Quest ( meet up in the library)

advisory 11 7 12
Advisory- 11-7-12
  • View Lab Safety Short Film
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s6lOQ5_Vlok

3. Take Lab Safety Test

11 8 12

1. Cell Organelle Research Sheet ( meet in the library to complete the webquest)

11 9 12 biology
11-9-12 Biology

1. Have a seat and listen for instructions! ( 3 min.)

2. Investigating Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Cells ( answer in journals and label!) (15 min)- Chapter 7 pg. 172-173

3. Complete Cell Organelle Web Quest and Finish gathering information for the cell debate( gather your belongings and lets go to the library) ( 2 min transit, rest of class to finish)

Lab: Monday ( let me know if you are going to be absent) – Quiz and Test coming up!

Reminder: Cell Projects due ( 11/13- its worth a test grade!) - The Great Cell debate is Tuesday as well

PreAP- Abstracts due by Monday, Final Project due Monday after break instead of 11/15.

Use your time wisely, once time is up, we move on to the next agenda item!