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Save T he Animals, Rescue PowerPoint Presentation
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Save T he Animals, Rescue

Save T he Animals, Rescue

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Save T he Animals, Rescue

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  1. Save The Animals, Rescue Tres Lloyd, Gavin manske

  2. Mission to save Sea Turtles • My mission is to help protect the almost extinct sea turtles who has a hard challenge every year when there born and when there in the ocean they are constantly under attack from birth to death

  3. Mission to save Birds of Prey • Our mission is to help sick and injured and hopefully return them to the wild • Also our mission is to teach the public the importance of these birds and why they need to be protected

  4. Situation • Not enough office space • Not enough man power • Can’t go out in the community to have events • Can’t go to charity events • Can’t go help the animals that need to be saved

  5. Situation • Not enough people to schedule events • Not enough room for people to work if we hire more people • Takes too long to sort out donations

  6. Action Our action if we got the money we would… • Hire more people to manage events • Expose the company more • Have more office space and then • Have the annual animal rescue to make sure the sea turtle's have a safe trip to where they need to go.

  7. Alternative Actions we Analyzed • If we had the money we would • Buy more office space • Hire more employees • Schedule more events

  8. Recommendation • We have found a reasonably priced office space in the keys for $8,000 • The annual get together $5,000 • The trip to help the turtles and the other ocean creatures $2,000 • Hire new crew $1,000 • Office supplies $2,000 • For a grand total of $15,000

  9. Recommendation 2 • If we get the money we will get a building with enough room for both organizations • Hold events that will help both sea turtles and birds of prey

  10. Implementation If we get the money that we are asking for we would….. • Buy a building • Hire more staff • schedule more events with the public • We will also save more animals and inform the public about the animals

  11. Evaluation • IF we got the funds that we need you will see many changes we would advertise the two organization working together to save the animals of our planet and to show people that animals need to be taken care of and would hire more people to do the logging ,booking organizing the events.