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Developer Community and Applications Contest PowerPoint Presentation
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Developer Community and Applications Contest

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Developer Community and Applications Contest
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Developer Community and Applications Contest

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  1. Developer Community and Applications Contest April 27, 2011

  2. Agenda • Applications Market Trends • GENFuzion: What and Why • Why Coral CEA for GENFuzion? • GENBAND APIs • Example Applications • Promoting Your Applications via GENApps • Rewards for Your Development • Why GENFuzion?

  3. Communications + Applications = Change • Communications are now Application Driven • Apps change the nature of communications • It’s happening fast • Sept 2010 - ~90M tweets per day • Feb 2011 ~ 1.5 B Facebook posts per day • Connected Smart Devices Begin Trend • End Users Are Customers • App Stores Are Market Makers • Developers Are the Sellers and (sometimes) the Service Providers • Trends Began in Consumer Segment; Expanding to Business

  4. Market Trends in Mobile & Broadband Global Smart Device Sales Exceed PCs in 2012 • Users are Switching to Smart Mobile Devices Sources: Morgan Stanley Ten Questions Internet Execs Should Ask and Answer, Nov 2010 Gartner Research, Nov 2010, Citigroup 2010 • Mobile broadband will surpass fixed broadband in 2010 Infonetics, Fixed and Mobile Subscribers, Annual Worldwide and Regional Market Size and Forecasts, Apr 20, 2010

  5. The Web is the Platform for Application Innovation Source: Heavy Reading, Application Unbounded : Telcos and the New Value Chain, Dec 2010 Distribution of Web APIs and Protocols Source: Programmable Web, Dec 2010

  6. Enterprise Trends • Common Themes • Location independence, mobile and remote work • Cloud Delivered Commodity Computing, Storage & Connectivity • Pattern recognition and analytics • Social Collaboration and Unified Communications Apps • Large Enterprise • Owning or self-managing hosted services • UC, Voice and Video integrated with Business Process tools • SMB • Cheap and easy to setup (self provisioned) • Scales with growth Source: Gartner 2009 IT Spend 32% of all IT spending is on mobile telephony!

  7. Presence CallHistory Location Subscriber Profile Click-to- Call Conf-erencing Text-Chat Video Voice Sharing Web Comms Billing Using Building Blocks to Create New Communications-Enabled Applications Telecom Building Blocks IT Applications Purchasing E-Mail Fulfillment OrderEntry SAP Social Networking ? ? ? This is Where it Gets Interesting

  8. Developer Community • Expand number of 3rd party applications powered by GENBAND A2 Converged Application Server • Expose APIs to developers • Sandbox testing apps • Collaborate via Discussion Forum • Open Eco-system

  9. Community Value to:

  10. Why Leverage Coral CEA? • Already established eco-system that focuses on communications-enabled applications • Non-Profit / Revenue Neutral – no outside agenda • Coral CEA Services Available to Members of GENFuzion: • Support & Information Services • Typically difficult for members to access on their own • Commercialization Services • Reduce time and costs associated with taking a newly developed application to market • Legal, accounting, testing, support, space, telecom, desktop, etc. • Operate, support, maintain and make available the A2 platform for its members • Provide vision, leadership and governance to the ecosystem

  11. Developer Sandbox Call Center Clients Shopping Web Vertical Markets Test Your Apps Here TV / HomeRemote Functions Mobile Productivity Video / Presence Gaming Location Social Network

  12. GENFuzion A2 APIs At Launch Q1/2012 Q2/2011

  13. The Possibilities Are Endless • Click to CallInitiate voice or video call in application, can leverage incoming/outgoing call lists, address books, etc. • Friends Lists / Address BooksExtract, use and modify personalized friends, global address lists • Multimedia Conferencing Create and join Collaborative Web Conferences • Text Messaging / Instant MessagingSend and receive mobile and desktop messaging • Phone & Mobile PresenceVisually display or make decisions based upon presence status • Menu Navigation (IVR) Collect digits and scripted response pattern based on user input

  14. Sample CommunicationEnabledApplications

  15. Carrier’s Web Portal Web Portlets API Example Click to Call Address Book Click to Call e.g. Click to Call Box in Carrier Web Portal Call Logs Ability to Easily Port Web Portal Elements Into an Application Web Page Routes/ Call Handling

  16. SOPI API Example: Business User Web Portal Customized End User Web Portal Through SOPI APIs

  17. SOPI API Example: Consumer Web Portal Customized End User Web Portal Through SOPI APIs

  18. RESTful API example: IE Browser Click to Call Browser plug-in to highlight any 10 digit number for Click to Call

  19. Application Control Interface: Pre-paid Service App server: The prepaid service is defined to reside at the external Prepaid AppServer Jim originates a call to Nancy Jim has the prepaid service assigned. Originating trigger point is hit and A2 routes SIP messaging to Prepaid application server. Call processing is suspended at A2. The Prepaid AS checks Jim’s account balance. Jim has sufficient account credits to continue the call Prepaid AS allows A2 to continue the call When the call ends the terminating trigger is hit. Message is sent to the Prepaid AS and the Prepaid AS decrements Jin’s account balance. User: Jim is a A2 Subscriber with the Prepaid service Prepaid AppServer 2 4 1 6 5 Jim Nancy A2: Originating and Terminating ACI trigger points are defined for the prepaid service Fast and easy implementation of the prepaid service for operator: Service implemented in about 3 weeks No upgrade required for A2

  20. The Market Trading Example • Improved access to critical data for key decision makers • Leverages “communication assets” to automate events based real time notifications • SMS/MMS • Audio Call • Automated Calling • Automated Conferencing Click to Call, SMS, Click to Conference 20

  21. The Shipping Tracker Example • Improved customer experience • Simplified and Automated Business Process • Decreased operations costs and increased ROI • Notifies User of Shipment based upon Preferences: • Distance • SMS/MMS • Voice Call • Support for IVR Checking on Package

  22. Online Showcase to Promote Your Applications • Access Turnkey apps • View Demo Videos • Customer Ratings • Lead Generation • Free Promotion • Search Engine Optimized

  23. URL: Landing Page User can select Apps category Page link from

  24. Sample Apps Page See look and feel of apps Application overview value proposition Request more info or a demo Video demos available Navigation links for other apps

  25. Contest Winners Receive: All winners will receive GENBAND Press & Promotion All participants agree to place their application on GENBAND GENApps showcase Across All Categories: First Place – $15,000 USD Second Place – $10,000 USD Third Place - $5,000 USD Honorable Mention in each category -$300 GENFuzion Developer Challenge Contest Timeline Registration begins–now Submit Application – Jul 15, 2011 Announce Winners – Aug 19, 2011

  26. Challenge Categories • Lifestyle- Consumer application that leverages the A2 to communications-enable the home via computer, television or other consumer device. • Productivity –A2 powered application that increases the productivity of an employee within the business setting. Could be focused on a specific vertical market such as healthcare, education, professional, hospitality, financial, etc. • Mobility –A2 powered application that leverages the mobile phone or tablet for consumer or enterprise accessibility. • Unified Communications –Application leveraging the A2 for messaging, conferencing, collaboration, presence, etc. to provide a unified communications experience for the consumer or enterprise user. • Video –Application that leverages the A2 video calling and/or video conferencingcapabilities.

  27. Rules / Eligibility Must utilize the A2 SOPI interface to communications-enable the home or office experience Special consideration to applications that cross more than one category Applications must be new innovation or less than a year old. Applications submitted must include: English PowerPoint presentation with descriptions of the intended use, screen captures and benefits for the user English Video demonstration of the prototyped application Contact information for the developer Developer Challenge

  28. Peek at Community

  29. Developer/Carrier Interactions via Forums • Open discussions & dialog with other developers • Share insight and leverage knowledge from others • Ask the experts or post a reply • Post a need

  30. Access to GENBAND A2 APIs • Ability to download API specs, Starter Kits and Application User Guides • Application Interfaces Available via Developer Community: • SOPI – Provisioning, Web Portal, Call Control & Presence • Application Control Interface – SCIM, Trigger-based SIP AS Interactions • Theme Developer Kits – Portal and Client • *RESTful – Comprehensive Call Control, Presence, Messaging, Address Book Simply Click to Download Click to Request Sandbox Account *Avail 1Q2012

  31. Why Leverage GENFuzion? Flexible • Comprehensive Open Interfaces And Standards • SOAP/XML • RESTful • Web Portal Portlets • Application Control Interface New Opportunities • Developer Community Expands Apps Marketplace • Over 200 operators globally have platform to deliver apps • Over 14M SIP lines have already been shipped • Promotion via GENApps Revenue Uplift • Developers Deliver Differentiated Applications • Enable, implement and deliver applications to differentiate against competitors • Service Providers recognize uplift in average revenue per user • Reduction of customer churn/turnover as customers see as “must have” • Built Upon Proven SIP Applications Platform • Extensive SIP experience for applications • Proven carrier grade reliability vs web service providers Proven SIP Core