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Hoveround - Affordability and Quality Entwined PowerPoint Presentation
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Hoveround - Affordability and Quality Entwined

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Hoveround - Affordability and Quality Entwined - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on Hoveround has gained some incredible & matchless interest in the power chair industry. This long established US business prides itself of its ability to provide wheel chairs & electric scooters to those in need for little to no cost. The truth is, Hoveround has a complete arsenal of health professionals who work in behalf of customers to eliminate the headaches associated with getting a wheel chair or mobility scooter. Typically, receiving products cheaply or free of charge is reflected in the caliber and value for the service or product however Hoveround's "A+" rating with the BBB puts that concern to bed.

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Hoveround | Free and Low-cost Wheelchairs and Mobility Scooters!

See if you can join the ninety percent of Hoveround owners who have received their Hoveround power chairs and mobility scooters for free or virtually free.


Hoveround has garnered some amazing and unparalleled attention within the wheelchair industry. This long established American company prides itself in their ability to provide wheelchairs and mobility scooters to those in need for little to no cost. Matter in fact, Hoveround employs a complete arsenal of health care professionals that work on the behalf of consumers to eliminate the hassles associated with getting a wheelchair or mobility scooter. Typically, getting something for cheap or free is reflected in the quality and craftsmanship of the product or service but Hoveround's "A+" rating with the Better Business Bureau puts that concern to rest.


The Hoveround power chair is renown for its unique rounded design and this exclusive feature enables the user to enjoy added maneuverability in the tightest of spaces. As well, the absence of squared corners on the power chair eliminates the unavoidable damage inflicted upon walls, furniture and doorways caused by the traditional wheelchair design. As with other well known wheelchair manufacturers, the Hoveround incorporates the philosophy of providing exceptional comfort and lumbar support to the consumer. Matter in fact, the Hoveround power chair is completely custom fitted to meet the needs of every individual who choose to join the thousands who have decided to make Hoveround their wheelchair provider.


At present, it is reported that over 140000 individuals have made the choice to buy the Hoveround power chair and apparently, as seen from Hoveround's top rating with the BBB, all of these people have become satisfied and loyal customers. Of course, this loyalty is not merely held by all the Americans who have bought the Hoveround products but clearly displayed by the company itself. The actual Hoveround power chair, along with the mobility scooters, are assembled and customized right here on American soil and with an American workforce. Unlike other wheelchair companies who choose to use overseas workers to cut costs the Hoveround company, from its origin, has chosen to reserve and share their many benefits with their American family.