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House of travel - Africa Brochure 2017 PowerPoint Presentation
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House of travel - Africa Brochure 2017

House of travel - Africa Brochure 2017

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House of travel - Africa Brochure 2017

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  2. Welcome. At House of Travel, we strive to create the best holiday for you at the best value – that’s our service guarantee. We understand everyone has different travel needs and that’s why we love it when you bring your ideas to us because together, with our experience and local knowledge, we can create the perfect holiday at the perfect time for you. At House of Travel, we strive to create the best holiday for you at the best value – that’s our service guarantee. We understand everyone has different travel needs and that’s why we love it when you bring your ideas to us because together, with our experience and local knowledge, we can We use the same travel sites you do, like Expedia, and many more that you can’t access. Plus, we have direct relationships with airlines and hotels around the world, which gives us extra buying power. We combine this with our expertise and negotiating skills to deliver some of the best deals and bonuses on offer that you might miss if you booked yourself. So, we promise to truly deliver the best of both worlds and that’s our guarantee. We’ve helped create enriching travel experiences for 1.8 million New Zealanders over the last thirty years. We understand that travel isn’t just about the place you go, it’s where that place takes you. the place you go, it’s where that place takes you. We’ve helped create enriching travel experiences for 1.8 million New Zealanders over the last thirty years. We understand that travel isn’t just about The best holiday for you. At the best value. What this means: We’ll combine your ideas with our experience and expertise to deliver you the best holiday possible. What this means: We’re committed to providing the holiday you want at the very best value possible. We promise to utilise all our buying power to search out a great price for your holiday. We’ve got your back 24/7 from the moment you contact us until you’re home again. We know value means different things to different people, so we take the time to understand what’s important to you. We value your feedback on your last HOT holiday, so we can make your next trip even better. The best holidays are created together. Let’s chat. The House of Travel App I Your holiday at your fingertips. Text ‘APP’ to 595 to download (standard text charges apply) or available from the App Store & Google Play.

  3. Africa Map KENYA SOMALIA UGANDA Samburu National Reserve KAMPALA Kibale Mt Kenya Lake Nakuru Queen Elizabeth National Park Abedare National Park Entebbe Lake Naivasha Bwindi Lake Victoria NAIROBI Amboseli DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO Masai Mara National Reserve RWANDA BURUNDI Tsavo Serengeti National Park Ngorongoro Crater Mt Kilimanjaro Arusha Mombasa Lake Manyara Tarangire National Park TANZANIA DODOMA Katavi National Park Zanzibar Island Dar Es Salaam Ruaha Selous ANGOLA North Luangwa i Lake Malawi South Luangwa Mfuwe ZAMBIA MALAWI LILONGWE Zambezi River MOZAMBIQUE Lower Zambezi Mana Pools Kafue Okavango River LUSAKA Zambezi River Lake Kariba Livingstone Skeleton Coast HARARE Victoria Falls Kasane Linyati Chobe ZIMBABWE Etosha Okavango Hwange Moremi Maun Delta Nxai MAURITIUS Bulawayo Great Zimbabwe Twyfelfontein Makgadikgadi NAMIBIA BOTSWANA Vilanculous WINDHOEK Swakopmund Kruger National Park Sossusvlei GABORONE Sun City Madikwe Game Reserve PRETORIA MAPUTO JOHANNESBURG SWAZILAND Hluhluwe Fish River Canyon St Lucia Wetlands Umfolozi BLOEMFONTEIN Orange River LESOTHO Durban ATLANTIC OCEAN SOUTH AFRICA INDIAN OCEAN Port Elizabeth CAPE TOWN The Climate Monthly Average Temperatures in ˚C JAN FEB MAR APR MAY JUN JUL AUG SEP OCT NOV DEC Botswana 19/32 19/31 17/31 14/31 10/28 6/24 6/25 9/29 13/33 18/35 19/34 19/32 Cape Town 15/26 15/26 14/25 11/23 10/20 7/18 8/17 8/17 8/20 10/21 13/23 14/24 Kenya 10/24 10/25 12/25 13/24 12/23 10/22 9/22 9/22 9/24 11/24 12/24 18/24 Kruger National Park 10/28 10/29 13/28 12/26 10/20 9/20 9/20 9/21 9/26 11/25 12/24 10/24 Namibia 17/30 16/28 15/27 13/26 9/23 7/20 6/20 9/23 11/27 15/29 15/30 16/30 Tanzania 10/28 10/28 11/27 13/25 11/22 8/21 9/20 8/22 8/24 10/26 10/27 10/27 Uganda 17/27 17/27 18/26 18/26 18/26 17/25 16/25 16/25 16/26 18/26 18/26 18/26 Zambia 17/26 16/25 16/25 15/25 11/24 10/21 9/21 11/25 14/28 19/30 17/29 18/26 Zimbabwe 16/26 16/26 14/26 12/25 9/23 7/21 7/21 8/23 12/27 15/29 15/27 15/26

  4. A CONTINENT OF ADVENTURE AWAITS Flying daily from Perth to Johannesburg, with convenient code-share connections from New Zealand*, SAA can deliver you to 29 destinations within Africa. As a Star Alliance member SAA can also connect you to more than 1,300 destinations worldwide. Voted by customers as the “Best Airline in Africa” for 14 consecutive years, wherever your next adventure takes you, South African Airways will get you there in style. Call into your closest House of Travel to book your next African adventure. *Flights from New Zealand operated by code-share partner Air New Zealand Best Airline in Africa for 14 Consecutive Years.

  5. Contents General Information 1 Experience Namibia 34 Namibia Safaris Accommodation Ratings 6 Tips for your Africa Holiday Experience Kenya 36 Whats your style? Kenya Tours Experience South Africa 6 Experience Tanzania 40 Johannesburg Tanzania Tours Kruger National Park Treehouses in Kruger National Park Makutsi Safari Springs Mt Kilimanjaro Sun City & Madikwe Self-Drive Zanzibar Getaway Cape Town East Africa Tours The Garden Route Self-Drive Experience Uganda & Rwanda Southern Africa Tours 46 Rail Journeys Southern Africa Covered Uganda & Rwanda Experience Zimbabwe 22 Zimbabwe Tours Kudu, Botswana Experience Zambia 24 Zambia Tours Experience Botswana 26 Okavango Delta Botswana Tours Botswana Safaris Small Group Safaris Rhinos Without Borders Himba people, Namibia General Information Accommodation Ratings To assist with the selection of your accommodation we have created our own rating system allowing you to compare each property. These are personal ratings off ered by our people from their own experience and should therefore be used as a guide only. These ratings may alter throughout the year due to a change of circumstances. A standard level of accommodation with a limited range of rooms and facilities. Rooms are clean and comfortable with basic furnishings. Moderate accommodation with a reasonable range of rooms and facilities, with rooms furnished to a comfortable standard. Superior standard of accommodation with a wide range of rooms and facilities, and a higher standard of service. First Class accommodation with an excellent range of facilities and services. Accommodation in this rating is considered among the best in the country. Full Board inclusions: Please note package inclusions may vary. Full board packages typically include all meals, tea, coff ee, non-alcoholic and some local alcoholic beverages at the accommodation. Daily scheduled activities are included on a full board basis, with some accommodations off ering a limited laundry service. For inclusions specifi c to your package, please speak to your consultant at the time of booking. Tips and gratuities: Tips and gratuities are not included, while at safari lodges and camps it is customary to tip your guide and driver. Please speak to your consultant at the time of booking for guidance specifi c to your destination. Child Policy: Please note bedding confi guration varies between properties and in some cases with diff erent room types within a property. Some hotels also off er family bonuses and specials. Your consultant will help you choose the hotel to best suits you and your family’s needs. Price Indicator: The price is provided as a guide only. The actual price may diff er to that indicated in this brochure due to currency fl uctuations, special events, trade shows or peak periods. Your travel specialist will quote you the actual price at the time of booking. Per person pricing is based in New Zealand dollars. 5

  6. 6 TIPS for your Africa Holiday Packing for safari Cape Town considerations When to see Victoria Falls The Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe are truely one of those sights you must see once in your lifetime. It’s not a fashion statement, or a joke, khaki really will help you blend into the safari landscape. Most animals are not accustomed to bright colours so camouflage helps if you’re hoping to get close to the Big Five. Travelling to South Africa (and Namibia) has never been cheaper. The South African Rand which has the same value as Namibian Dollar, has a great exchange rate and makes your travelling experiences so much cheaper on the ground. The Zambezi River is at its lowest between October and early December, whereas its highest level is between March and May. This can result in both positive and negative outcomes for Victoria Falls; low levels will expose more bare rock, whereas high season can produce a soak-inducing back spray and limited visibility. Furthermore, insects love a strong colour, so stay away from the bright apparel. Citronella soap and/or lotion is a great deterrent, as is a stiff gin and tonic. True story. Mosquitoes detest the quinine found in tonic water - and add the gin, just because. Spend your saved dollars at Cape Town’s exquisite Mount Nelson Hotel and indulge in their opulent high tea, making sure you try the typical South African milk tart, ‘melktert’. Extreme low and extreme high levels can also hinder the opportunity for adventure activities such as white water rafting. If water levels aren’t on your side, plan a tour of Victoria Falls from the sky; scenic flights by helicopter or microlight plane will impress, whatever the water level. It’s a good idea to visit Table Mountain in the morning, when the views are better, but also because the wind usually picks up later in the day. Table Mountain’s Aerial Cableway will also close if gusts make it too dangerous. The same applies for Robben Island; morning ferries are a more reliable option as weather can turn too sour for sailing in the afternoon. Game drives always have cold moments no matter what the season, so gloves and beanies are smart items to pack. You’ll also be thankful for your own pair of binoculars. For game drives when the animals aren’t within metres of your truck, you don’t want to be scrambling for binoculars shared between the entire group. 6

  7. Cuisine to tickle your tastebuds The Great Self-Drive your own adventure Wildebeest Migration Meat lovers can’t go wrong with a Boerewors sausage. Also known as the farmer’s sausage, this grunty concoction has a guaranteed 90% meat and a medley of spices, including toasted coriander seeds, black pepper, nutmeg and cloves. Fortunately for us, if you’re planning on self-driving South Africa and Namibia, you won’t need to switch sides because like NZ, they are left-hand drive. And due to fantastic infrastructure, the roads are smooth, well signposted and a pleasure to cruise along. The Great Wildebeest Migration is actually a year round occurrence as the wildebeest are always on the move; motivated by an instinct to seek fresh grazing and water. Your experience will depend entirely on what month you visit. You might want to throw a few on your Braai, a South African barbecue. Using only wood or briquettes (charcoal), the flavours are rustic and extremely delicious. Other outdoor dining experiences include post-safari sundowners followed by a boma dinner in the bush. Enjoy fine wine, gourmet food and a starlit sky. From calving seasons and key months when the great herds of wildebeest cross the Mara River, to vast treks across the plains of the Serengeti, every occasion will bring a different perspective on one of the Seven New Wonders of the World. The masses begin their move north from Tanzania to Kenya from late June through to July, whereas river crossings tend to take place from July to November. And then, driven by the rain, they head back to Tanzania sometime in October. Over two million animals migrate between July and October, including 1.7 million wildebeest, as well as zebra and antelope, so there are many moments for that once-in-a- lifetime experience. You’ll need a full New Zealand Drivers Licence to hire a car, with most rental companies boasting high quality vehicles and options to suit everyone. If you’re keen to explore independently, you can still drive to a lodge, park up and check in for the night. The following day, sit back and let naturalist guides take you on off-road game drives in custom-built vehicles provided by the lodge. If crisp linen and crystal glass is more your thing, Cape Town is awash with fine dining restaurants and impressive menus crafted by top rated chefs. For days when the budget won’t stretch, head to an African food hall. The food is still exquisite, but at a fraction of the price you’d pay elsewhere. With so many amazing sights to see, self-drive is the perfect idea if you’re looking for freedom in your Africa adventure, and you don’t want to go as part of a larger group. 7

  8. What’s your style? So you want to book your African safari? But when you consider how big the continent is (New Zealand can fit into Africa a colossal 115 times), the enormity all starts to get a little overwhelming. We know the feeling can be stressful, but fear not, we’re here to ensure you pick the best options for your dream safari. With choices that suit all budgets, from the clean and comfortable to the incredibly wonderful, your bucket list destination needs to be done properly. We’re here to make sure your experience isn’t solely about staying at ‘just another hotel’, so here’s a quick guide to exactly what is on offer. Hotels Just like any other city in the world, some hotels have been carefully planned to ensure you’re a stone’s throw from all the main attractions, others are historic and some are oozing with African tradition. Want all three? No problem, if you’re after cultural as well as local, just let us know. We’ve chosen preferred hotels with unbeatable locations, amenities and service - nothing but the best for your dream-fulfilling trip. Lodges For those wanting solid walls in the wilderness, lodges are the ideal choice. You’re still located in the middle of a game park, but the accommodation is fully equipped, usually themed in African safari and offers plenty of space, much like a home away from home. There are traditional African bomas which are enclosed outdoor areas that usually boast roaring bonfires, plenty of socialising and nightly entertainment. Under canvas This doesn’t mean staying in a tent, well it does, but it’s a flash tent. ‘Under Canvas’ accommodation refers to a permanent camp, and it’s designed to offer extreme comfort while maintaining the authenticity of staying close to wildlife. It adds a completely different meaning to the word camp. Usually small in size, with between four and 30 tents, you still get your minibar, en suite bathroom, rain shower, electricity and many other creature comforts that vary from camp to camp. 8

  9. ©andBeyond Nxabega Okavango Tented Camp, Botswana Overland safari Your overland truck is your home, where tour leaders and drivers merge into your cooks. Participation tours mean you help with the camp organisation, or choose non- participation, which means all chores are done for you, just sit back and relax - we like the sound of that! This way of travel very much embraces the rawness of the continent and all it has to off er. Small group touring Small group tours usually accommodate between four and 16 guests so it’s a very intimate way to travel. There are more chances to get off the beaten track in groups as small as these and the cultural activities have more of a presence. You’ll stay in a mixture of camps, under canvas, hotel and lodge accommodation, all dependant on your destinations. Vehicles are smaller and itineraries are created to ensure the most suitable amount of time is spent in each place, before moving onto the next. Independent travel These trips are tailor-made to suit all of your needs; nothing you don’t want but everything you do. They are totally bespoke, choose any kind of accommodation and pick styles that suit your individual preferences. You also get to decide exactly how long you stay for. Every decision is down to you and no part of the journey is dependent on other people. Some of your game drives and safari activities may be with other guests staying at the same accommodation, unless of course you are willing to pay for a private arrangement! 9

  10. Experience South Africa Known as the “Rainbow Nation” because of its diverse population (and 11 offi cial languages), South Africa is also an artist’s palette – from the blaze of colours among fl ower-fi lled meadows, to the lush green forests, the tawny-gold grasslands and the ever-changing hues of ocean blues. The assortment of landscapes provide an extraordinary variety of animal life. There’s the Big Five (lion, leopard, elephant, buff alo and rhino) but South Africa has enhanced it to the Big Seven by adding sharks (including the great white) and whales. Count penguins, turtles and meerkats into the mix and you’ll have one remarkarble experience. Fast Facts Country name: Republic of South Africa Population: 55 Million Capital: Pretoria Languages: Afrikaans, English and more than 10 indigenous languages Currency: South African Rand South Africa is all about people too – this Zulu nation welcomes guests to watch their vivacious song and dance, admire their creations of intricate beadwork and other traditional crafts. The Xhosa people also open their land to visitors. Cape Town, with its spectacular Table Mountain, is an iconic destination, as are its nearby wineries. Johannesburg, the City of Gold, is a melting pot of cultures. Throughout the country you will fi nd sites dating back to some of the earliest human habitation on earth, casting reminders of great historic battles including the Boer War. Whether you opt for an ultra-luxury lodge or prefer to rough it, self-drive or take a tour, South Africans everywhere will be happy to see you. If you’re lucky you may get to taste one of their legendary braais – or barbecues. Don’t miss trying their famed traditional Boerewors sausages! Time zone: 10 hours behind New Zealand (except during daylight saving) Electricity: Current is 220V/230V, 50HZ Plug is a 3 point round-pin adaptor Festivals and Events 2017 18 Mar Cape Town Carnival 24 Jun The Big Five Marathon, Entanabi Game Reserve Although South Africa off ers an abundance of activities to do year round, the best time to visit would be during winter months. South African’s take breaks over summer and school holidays, and they too like to spend their leisure time in the bush and national parks enjoying the wildlife. This can limit availability in lodges and camps over this timeframe across the nation for locals and visitors alike. 18 Jul Mandela Day 06-19 Sep Namaqualand Flower Route 24 Sep National Braai Day 01-04 Oct Hermanus Whale Festival 10

  11. Experience South Africa Our favourite things to see and do Cape Town’s surrounding beaches – The beautiful beaches in Cape Town contribute to the Mother City’s worldwide fame. From the trendy shores of Clifton and Camps Bay to the warmer swimming waters of False Bay – if you love surf and sand, Cape Town will have a beach that’s just right for you. Moholoholo Wildlife Sanctuary – Visit this fantastic sanctuary inside Kruger National Park which has become a haven for the rehabilitation and care of abandoned, injured and unwell wildlife. You can visit the sanctuary to see vultures, honey badgers and get to know baby animals, leaving you with a heartfelt experience. Dining – Cape Town is quickly emerging as a big red fl ag on the gastronomical world map, supported by its high quality of wine produce from the nearby winelands of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. A visit to some of Cape Town’s most famous eating neighbourhoods such as V&A Waterfront, Long Street and Waterkant will inspire you to reach further into South Africa’s food culture. Try Cape Malay specialties such as bobotie, spoilt-for-choice seafood options, and a spot of fi ne dining from many world-class restaurants. Self-Drive – There is something extra special and unique about driving your own journey, discovering fond memories for yourself that will be no one else’s. South Africa is brimming with interesting stops on a map that is easily navigable. The beaches along the garden route are some of the most beautiful you’ll experience. Action for the active-minded – Amongst the wildlife, wining and dining, choose an activity that you have never experienced and it will forever put a stamp on your African memory. Avoid the crowds and hike up Table Mountain, then how about abseiling down! The Garden Route is dotted with world-famous surfi ng spots, and why not bungy the planet’s highest jump, Bloukrans Bridge. Don’t forget the mighty shark cage diving at Gaansbai, if you dare! ZIMBABWE BOTSWANA MOZAMBIQUE Kruger National Park NAMIBIA Madikwe Game Reserve Sun City PRETORIA Johannesburg SWAZILAND Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park Kimberley Hluhluwe Drakensberg Mountains Bloemfontein LESOTHO Durban SOUTH AFRICA Umtata ATLANTIC OCEAN East London Oudtshoorn Plettenberg Bay Paarl Stellenbosch Port Elizabeth INDIAN OCEAN Knysna Cape Town Hermanus 11

  12. Johannesburg Jo’Burg was founded on gold mining and the city is South Africa’s party hub, a sophisticated metropolis which is a magnet for migrants and visitors alike. It is fast growing, has wealth, energy and a beautiful climate. A visit to the city’s Apartheid Museum will prove an eye- opener but so too will a foray into Sandton, one of the country’s most exclusive shopping malls showcasing trendy African designers and international labels. Just outside the city lies Soweto, Africa’s biggest township. Tour with a local guide for the inside story and listen out for the sound of Soweto jazz. Take a day trip to Cullinan Diamond Mine, the source of some of the world’s largest diamonds or visit Sterkfontein Valley – the Cradle of Humankind. City Lodge OR Tambo Airport Hotel, Airport Peermont Metcourt Suites, Airport Peermont D’oreale Grande, Airport Perfect for those that require immediate access to Johannesburg Airport, the City Lodge at OR Tambo Airport is conveniently located within the airport complex. Each of the 303 modern and cosy rooms offer great comfort and all the requirements you would expect from a stopover hotel. Rooms here are furnished to include every modern comfort along with all the standard facilities you’d expect from a good hotel including a gym, pool and business centre. There is also a complimentary shuttle service to Johannesburg International Airport, only 500 metres away. This is an easy option for your overnight stay. Peermont D’oreale Grande is a stately hotel of elegance with luxury at every turn. Indulge in a high degree of personalised service, affluent comfort and unmatched quality, all just a complimentary shuttle service away from Johannesburg International Airport. Garden Court Sandton City, Sandton Holiday Inn Sandton, Sandton Sandton Sun, Sandton If you’re looking for a relaxed and casual place to stay in Sandton City, the Garden Court Sandton City has recently refurbished rooms to offer, and a lovely outdoor pool. You can take a short walk to Sandton City Mall or use the hotel as a base to explore Johannesburg on various tours. Experience a warm and friendly welcome when entering the conveniently located Holiday Inn Sandton, just walking distance from the shopping centre and Gautrain Station. Rooms are typical fashionable Holiday Inn style, clean and comfortable and of a high standard to ensure your stay in Johannesburg is a good one! Elegant and legendary, the Sandton Sun offers a distinguished and memorable stay. Located in the heart of Sandton CBD, the hotel is conveniently linked to the Sandton Convention Centre along with the Sandton City Shopping Centre. The Gautrain Station is also a mere 900 metres away offering easy access to the city’s great amenities. 12

  13. Johannesburg Sightseeing Sun City and Pilanesburg Offering a great day out of the city, head to the game reserve of Pilanesberg National Park to seek out the Big Five, just under three hours’ drive from Jo’Burg. It is also home to a crater of a long extinct volcano. Continue on to Sun City Resort, which will see you visit the Valley of the Waves and Waterworld. Johannesburg City Tour Travel the streets reliving the South African dream on this half day city tour. Jo’Burg is a city of great historic and modern significance, bridged by Nelson Mandela joining two cultures and erecting the pillars of Constitution. Step back to its humble beginnings. Pretoria Tour ‘Trek’ across a city where Jacarandas are a plenty, buildings are architecturally significant, and where a nation congregates around statues of past leaders. Soweto Tour Home to the Uprising, nurturer to Nobel Prize winners and bearer of the Flame of Freedom, this tour will take you on a journey right through Soweto, the most infamous township in South Africa, landmarked by its colourful silo towers. Explore some Take the opportunity to stand in front of the heart of the country overlooking a city built on passion and determination. of the popular tourist spots and discover the culture of this area. Amandla Tour Follow the footpaths of South African freedom fighters. Experience the city of Johannesburg and Soweto through the eyes of an anti-apartheid activist and member of the African National Congress. Look across the city and be enriched by one word; Amandla – strength and power. 13

  14. Kruger National Park With nearly two million hectares of reserve it’s no wonder Kruger National Park and its surrounding private game reserves can boast not only all of the Big Five but the Little Five (which includes shrews and tortoise). Those lists only scratch the surface however, as Kruger has some of the highest concentrations of wildlife in Africa. Drive to Kruger or fly into any of the four airports throughout the park. Accommodation options are vast – from the simplest of self-catering bush camps, to lodges with private jacuzzis, luxury “tree houses” or elegant safari tents. Encounter the wildlife through guided day walks, longer treks or on safari drives. With a remarkable sunset comes spectacular skies and the aroma of a bush braai (barbecue); a meal under a star-sprinkled African sky is unforgettable. 1 Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge, Sabi Sand Reserve Deep in the Greater Kruger bushveld, Sabi Sabi Luxury Safari Lodges offer world-class standards in luxury accommodation, exceptionally close wildlife encounters, personal service and delicious cuisine. The Sabi Sabi philosophy of ‘yesterday, today and tomorrow’ stems from over 100 years of safari experience; a history richly woven into the atmosphere of each of its four uniquely individual safari lodges - Selati Camp, Bush Lodge, Little Bush Camp and Earth Lodge. South Africa and its warm hospitality echo through the style of each Sabi Sabi lodge. Earth Lodge is a sanctuary symbolising a new era in luxury safari lodges. Sculpted into the landscape and almost invisible to the eye, the lodge uses texture, light and space to present a visual like no other. Taking its cue from the surrounding environment, Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge has been described as the most environmentally sensitive lodge in Africa. Stay as little or as long as you like at Sabi Sabi, however spend three nights at any Sabi Sabi Lodge and you will receive a great package deal to include return flights from Johannesburg. Price Guide From: $5299 (Based on a 3 night stay) Includes return flights from Johannesburg to Sabi Sabi Private Airstrip Earth Lodge Amber Presidential Suite Phalaborwa Airport (PHW) Kruger National Park 8 Makutsi Game Reserve Makalali Game Reserve Hoedspruit Airport (HDS) Kapama Game Reserve Timbavati Game Reserve Thornybush Game Reserve 3 5 2 1 Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge, Sabi Sand Reserve 4 Kruger National Park Located in the heart of the Sabi Sabi Game Reserve in the Greater Kruger area, this lodge is definitely a favourite. Large African themed suites provide plenty of space, whilst the main areas are full of colourful and inspiring décor. Under the hot African sun, enjoy safari game drives in open 4x4 safari vehicles with experienced and friendly rangers. The EleFun Centre designed for children, is also a great timeout for adults and encourages learning together as a family. 7 Sabi Sand Game Reserve 6 1 Sabi Sabi Game Reserve Skukuza Airport (SZK) Hazyview Kruger Mpumalanga Airport (MQP) White River Kruger Price Guide From: $2975 (Based on a 3 night stay) Includes return flights from Johannesburg to Sabi Sabi Private Airstrip National Park Nelspruit The price guide shown is per adult for twin share including all meals and game drives, based on low season travel. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date. 14

  15. Kruger Private Game Lodges 2 3 Moditlo River Lodge, Moditlo Private Game Reserve Kapama River Lodge, Kapama Private Game Reserve Situated at the heart of the Blue Canyon Conservancy bordering Kruger National Park, Moditlo means ‘place of the elephant’. Moditlo River Lodge offers a quiet and graceful atmosphere amongst its 16 bedrooms, designed to combine the rustic nature of a bush retreat along with style and elegance. Guests can expect to come back to chic comfort and convenience after a day out with passionate and knowledgeable naturalist guides. Enjoy tasty cuisine and a range of fantastic wines by the refreshing pool. The majestic northern Drakensberg mountains are the backdrop for Kapama River Lodge, set within its own private game reserve and assured to give you the Big Five experience you are after. 40 spacious suites boast uninterrupted views from their own private courtyard, and decorated to reflect the ‘old Africa’ in style. With three different dining venues, variety is key to an unforgettable time in the bush, and where the African cuisine makes an impact on your African safari just as much as the wildlife does. Price Guide From: $535 (Based on a 2 night stay) Return transfers are included from Hoedspruit (HDS) Airport Price Guide From: $769 (Based on a 2 night stay) Return transfers are included from Hoedspruit (HDS) Airport 4 5 Honeyguide Khoka Moya Camp, Manyeleti Game Reserve Thornybush Game Lodge, Thornybush Private Game Reserve Khoka Moya Camp is situated on both sides of a river bed deep in the African bush, offering an authentic African experience without sacrificing on comfort. Each of the spacious 15 tents boast his & her basins and an ideal day bed, proving that luxurious style has not been discounted. Welcoming lounges and dining rooms create a space of relaxation overlooking the luscious green lawns, not far from the pristine swimming pool, or the extensive climate controlled wine cellar and bar! Whether you’re in a small group or travelling as a couple, Thornybush Game Lodge will surely cater for all your needs. With 18 luxurious suites and two family suites, each air-conditioned suite has its own private viewing deck with sweeping vistas over the savannah and a busy water hole, along with bathrooms that boast large glass windows offering unique game viewing in and beyond the Thornybush river bed. Price Guide From: $945 (Based on a 2 night stay) Return transfers are included from Hoedspruit (HDS) Airport Price Guide From: $1355 (Based on a 2 night stay) Return transfers are included from Hoedspruit (HDS) Airport 6 7 Savanna Private Game Lodge, Sabi Sand Game Reserve Singita Boulders Lodge, Sabi Sand Private Game Reserve This exclusive lodge is located within the Sabi Sand Reserve. Hosting seven magnificent tented suites, each suite blends the elegance of a by-gone colonial era with modern day facilities. Sightings of the Big Five are not uncommon here, and with highly trained guides you will have intimate encounters with wildlife. Several neighbouring dams and waterholes in front of the lodge also attract many species for you to watch over while you sip on an afternoon refreshment. Singita Boulders Lodge is set along the banks of the Sand River in Singita’s privately owned reserve within the Sabi Sand Reserve. The lodge is a reflection of the tranquility, space and light which flows through this incredibly vast area. Inspired by the geometry of the boulders on which it rests, Boulders Lodge has an inviting oasis of organic interiors where surrounding landscape and animals can be appreciated from every angle, making for a truly immersive African safari experience. Price Guide From: $2199 (Based on a 2 night stay) Return transfers are included from Skukuza (SZK) Airport Price Guide From: $3995 (Based on a 2 night stay) Return transfers are included from Skukuza (SZK) Airport The price guide shown is per adult for twin share including all meals and game drives, based on low season travel. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date. 15

  16. Makutsi Safari Springs Makutsi Safari Springs has been owned and managed by the Weber Family since the late 1970s. Over the years its surrounding area has developed into 12000ha of prime Wildlife Conservation Reserve. Makutsi Main Camp is set on 10 hectares of tropical gardens, offering two warm mineral water pools, allowing for adventure and relaxation to be combined. As there is no boundary fence around the camp, animals are able to roam around freely, allowing guests to enjoy their own private safaris whilst walking in camp or sitting on their private terrace. Makutsi Tented Camp focuses on the adventure of walking safaris. Get close and personal with nature, and let our experienced Nature Guides speak all the stories it has to tell. 8 8 Makutsi Classic Package 7 days/6 nights Makutsi Walking Package 7 days/6 nights There’s no packing, unpacking, transferring and wasting time on this six night itinerary. By staying at Makutsi Main Camp you’ll enjoy exciting game drives (including the enlightening Simba Safari), excursions to Kruger National Park and Blyde River Canyon, and be able to mix it all up with the natural warm mineral swimming pools at Main Camp. Adventure and relaxation put together. Combine four nights Makutsi Main Camp with two nights Makutsi Tented Camp on this six night walking safari package. Keep your bungalow at Main Camp when you move to Tented Camp for two nights. This package combines the adventure of walking safaris from Makutsi Tented Camp with the facilities, excursions and game drives at Makutsi Main Camp. Day 1: Arrive Makutsi Safari Springs – Main Camp Day 1: Arrive Makutsi Safari Springs Day 2: Makutsi Main Camp – Simba Safari (3-8pm) Day 2: Makutsi Safari Springs – Two game drives Day 3: Makutsi Main Camp Game Drive – Makutsi Tented Camp Walk Day 3: Kruger National Park Day 4: Makutsi Safari Springs – Simba Safari (3-8pm) Day 4: Makutsi Tented Camp – Morning & afternoon Walking Safaris Day 5: Drakensburg Mountains – Blyde River Canyon Day 6: Makutsi Safari Springs – One game drive Day 5: Makutsi Tented Camp Walk – Makutsi Main Camp Day 7: Depart Makutsi Safari Springs Day 6: Drakensburg Mountains – Blyde River Canyon Day 7: Depart Makutsi Safari Springs – Main Camp Note: All ages welcome (under 12 pay 50%), and no single supplement charged. Any day arrivals or departures. Additional nights may be added to itinerary. Order of itinerary subject to change. Note: Minimum age for walking safaris is 16 years. No single supplement charged at Main Camp, single supplement does apply for the 2 nights at Tented Camp. Any day arrivals or departures. Additional nights may be added to itinerary. Order of itinerary subject to change. Departures: Hoedspruit or Phalaborwa / Daily Departures: Hoedspruit or Phalaborwa / Daily Inclusions: Return transfers from HDS or PHW Airport, 6 nights Main Camp accommodation, breakfast and dinner daily, sightseeing and game drives. Inclusions: Return transfers from HDS or PHW Airport, 4 nights Main Camp accommodation, 2 nights Tented Camp accommodation, breakfast and dinner daily, sightseeing, game drives and walking safaris. Price Guide From: $1900 (Price valid all year round) Price Guide From: $1800 (Price valid all year round) The price guide shown is per adult for twin share, based on low season travel. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date. 16

  17. Sun City & Madikwe Not far from the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg, a unique paradise in the bush is waiting for your arrival. Sun City calls itself “Africa’s Kingdom of Pleasure” and with an impressive list of attractions to off er. Madikwe Game Reserve is a large malaria-free game reserve, where the Big Five is in abundance. Being only 3.5 hours drive from the capital and off ering an excellent range of accommodation options, this region is a perfect self-drive route for those wanting that authentic safari with freedom, without having to travel too far. Highlights worth seeing along the way 5 days/4 nights Suggested Self-Drive The Cradle of Humankind – About an hour’s drive from Johannesburg, the Cradle of Humankind is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the world’s most important paleo-anthropological sites. A main attraction is the Sterkfontein stalactitic caves, linking underground chambers with a lake at a depth of approximately 40m. Excavations here have unearthed the skull of a humanoid creature known as Australopithecus africanus, estimated to be two million years old. Guided tours of the cave are available, and you should also stop by Maropeng Visitor Centre to view other exhibits. Day 1: Johannesburg – Sun City (174km) After picking up your Europcar rental, make your way to Sun City. The roads are smooth and well signposted, making for an easy three hour drive. On arrival, check into your Sun City Hotel for a two night stay. Day 2: Sun City Park your car up for the day and enjoy all that Sun City has to off er. Golf courses, water parks, casinos, entertainment and events, also plenty of restaurant options are ready for you to discover. Roadside markets – On your journey towards Sun City you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the local art and craft markets. This is a perfect opportunity to stretch your legs while grabbing a bag of souvenirs. Day 3: Sun City – Madikwe Game Reserve (77km) Check out of your Sun City Hotel and prepare for a 1.5 hour drive to Madikwe Game Reserve. Upon arrival, check in to your Madikwe Game Reserve Lodge for a two night stay. Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve– You will come across this park entrance and definitely feel the need to stop. This reserve has more than 30 different species of animals. Make use of their picnic area and braai facilities for an enjoyable lunch. Day 4: Madikwe Game Reserve Madikwe Game Reserve is one of the lesser known parks in South Africa, which makes it a hidden gem. It is regarded as one of the best conservation areas in Africa and off ers the Big Five, but with an added bonus of wild dog. Choose your preference of a self-drive safari lodge, or an all inclusive lodge which will include guided game drives. Pilanesburg National Park – Accessible from Sun City, Pilanesburg National Park is one of South Africa’s most fascinating game reserves. The Park still shows many stone and iron age sites, with evidence proving the presence of man from long ago. Day 5: Madikwe Game Reserve – Johannesburg (211km) Your return journey to Johannesburg will take approximately 3.5 hours. Return the Europcar to your preferred Europcar Depot in Johannesburg or the airport depot, where your arrangements end. Fly to Madikwe Game Reserve – If you are short of time, a quick 60 minute flight from Johannesburg will have you on safari even quicker. Rental car: Europcar (Group B) from $49 per day Our favourite places to stay: • Sun City Hotels - Cascades, Cabanas, Sun City Hotel and Palace of the Lost Chambers • Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge, Pilanesburg National Park • Black Rhino Game Lodge, Pilanesburg National Park • Tau Game Lodge, Madikwe Game Reserve • Jaci’s Lodges, Madikwe Game Reserve • Madikwe River Lodge, Madikwe Game Reserve Madikwe River Lodge, Madikwe Game Reserve The price guide shown is per car hire based on 1-5 day hire rate. Price shown does not include earlybird or other discounted off ers. Specials and surcharges may apply depending on travel date. 17

  18. Cape Town South Africa’s oldest city, Cape Town also lays claim to being the world’s most beautiful. With Table Mountain looming above, its slopes clad in flowers and grazed by zebra, overlooking a wild coastline where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet, it’s hard to argue. Take a cable car to the mountain top for an awesome view. From here you’ll be able to see Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned. Explore Cape Peninsula National Park – within easy reach of the metropolis are penguins, the rugged Cape Point cliffs and the world famous Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. A complete contrast is the V&A Waterfront, where the vibe is to shop, eat and sip on South Africa’s world-class wines. There are over 200 wine cellars nearby in picturesque regions such as Stellenbosch, and it is the starting point for the beautiful Garden Route to Port Elizabeth. African Elite Waterfront Apartments Offering luxury serviced apartments, African Elite Waterfront Apartments are located around the older scenic wharfs of Cape Town Harbour, offering short and long term apartment rentals. Maintaining the charm of a working harbour, the V&A Waterfront is a great base to set yourself up for a stay in Cape Town. All African Elite Waterfront Apartments are serviced daily, they are extremely modern in design and boast fashionable décor. If you want a ‘start up’ hamper of goodies arranged for your apartment upon arrival, a grocery list can be pre-ordered. A stay in any of the African Elite Apartments will definitely not leave you disappointed, and will give you a perfect home away from home. African Elite De Waterkant Apartments African Elite Properties have a large selection of apartments located amongst the hip suburb of De Waterkant, nestled on the slopes of Signal Hill, overlooking Table Bay. De Waterkant boasts a unique energy and cultural history making it an idyllic place to stay. Serviced daily, each apartment is different to the next, but all offer modern styles and trendy décor. You will find all the facilities you would expect in a furnished apartment, including a fully equipped kitchen and laundry, providing the necessities of an at home feeling. Your Cape Town experience with African Elite Apartments will give you the best memories of the most beautiful city in the world. 14

  19. Cape Town Accommodation Protea Hotel by Marriott Breakwater Lodge The PortsWood Hotel Experience a rich piece of history balancing modern-day comfort when you stay at this hotel right next to Cape Town’s fabulous V&A Waterfront. Just a short stroll away from restaurants, theatres and shops, the hotel is perfectly positioned in the heart of the V&A Waterfront and 25km from Cape Town International Airport. The hotel is also near all main routes to the beaches, mountain walks and city hotspots as well as the Cape Town International Convention Centre and Cape Town Stadium. As part of Cape Town’s colonial history, The PortsWood Hotel was originally built as part of the convict’s station as holding cells for prisoners en-route to Robben Island 300 years ago. Today this four star hotel has been beautifully restored providing a relaxed and graciously comfortable stay. A nautical theme can be seen throughout the hotel in both the guest rooms and public spaces. Be sure to dine at the Quarterdeck Restaurant, notable for their legendary breakfasts. Victoria & Alfred Hotel The Cape Milner Boutique Hotel A classic landmark building on the V&A Waterfront, the Victoria & Alfred Hotel is our most popular hotel in an optimum location. With an elegant and luxurious feel, the hotel still manages to maintain a relaxing atmosphere. Stunning contemporary rooms overlook the harbour, all with the delightful amenities you would expect to find at a four star hotel. Live entertainment can be enjoyed at Ginja Restaurant, specialising in fantastic local cuisine and situated amongst a great harbourside setting. An eclectic mix of contemporary and old-world charm, The Cape Milner boasts modern, boutique-style local living in a secluded, yet convenient location of Tamboerskloof. The hotel offers complimentary shuttles to the city centre, V&A Waterfront and nearby beaches. Colourful geometric designs, African craft and silver-tinted ceilings create an elegant space for even the discerning guest. From its plush comfortable rooms to its relaxing pool and trendy new Glass Lounge venue, The Cape Milner is the perfect option for a special stay in Cape Town. Queen Victoria Hotel The Cape Grace Set in a renovated dock building in the V&A Waterfront with the Table Mountain as its background, Queen Victoria offers world-class accommodation overlooking the V&A Waterfront hot spots. Crystal chandeliers, white marble finishes and a dramatic spiral staircase create the hotel’s opulent interiors. Facilities include a state-of-the art gym with personal trainer, and a designer spa with hot tub and pool. Staying at The Cape Grace is an experience in itself, merging the modern comforts of a luxury hotel with traditional Cape culture, fine dining and alluring spa offerings. This award-winning hotel gives the feeling that Table Mountain belongs to you, and you are exactly where you should be. Seeing sights and absorbing the Cape Town way of life is far easier to experience with the location of The Cape Grace, right in the very heart of V&A Waterfront. 15

  20. Cape Town Sightseeing Table Mountain & City Tour An early morning departure will take you from your hotel directly to the cableway. From here take the cable car up Table Mountain where you will have stunning views of Cape Town and its surroundings. Afterwards take a tour of this pretty city and its tourist spots. Cape Township This interesting tour will introduce you to the “other side” of Cape Town. Learn about pre and post apartheid, how it has affected the local people, and visit projects that help the community develop and build a better life in today’s fast moving and modern South Africa. Cape Point Tour Explore the very bottom tip of Africa. You can see where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet, as well as enjoying fantastic scenery along the way. Your tour includes visits to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, Hout Bay and Sea Point. Shark Cage Diving Your adventure begins with breakfast and a briefing before embarking to Dyer Island, known for its large seal colony. Watch the dive crew lure sharks in with chum before you are lowered into the cool waters, finding yourself face to face with these amazing creatures! Robben Island From the 17th-20th centuries, Robben Island served as a place of banishment, and for 17 years it was home to Nelson Mandela. Today it is a World Heritage Site, national museum and a reminder of the price paid for freedom. Take time to absorb this chilling part of South Africa’s history. The Winelands Take a half or full day tour on a scenic drive away from Cape Town and through the wine tasting areas of Paarl, Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. Enjoy several stops to sample the local wine and admire the views around stunning vineyards. 16

  21. Cape Town Combinations Moditlo River Lodge, Kruger National Park Cape & Winelands 7 days/6 nights Cape & Kruger 8 days/7 nights Specifically designed for those who are looking for a foodie holiday in a romantic destination, this week long itinerary allows you to match beautiful food with amazing wine, and take your own time doing it. Cape Town is a cuisine mecca, and the Winelands will speak for itself, so you’ll create tasty long lasting memories of this amazing part of South Africa. A classic African combination and filled with our favourite properties, this eight day trip will combine the delights of shopping and activities in Cape Town with the rugged bush and Big Five sightings in Kruger National Park, showing the distinct contrasts between city and bush. Days 1-3: Cape Town Arrive in Cape Town and be transferred to African Elite Apartments. Settle in for a three night stay. Explore Cape Town on a half day city tour, where you will have the opportunity to catch a cable car ride to the top of Table Mountain. Also journey to the very bottom tip of Africa on a full day Cape Point Tour. Days 1-3: Cape Town Arrive in Cape Town and be transferred to African Elite Apartments for a four night stay. Take a half day city tour to explore Cape Town and catch a cable car ride to the top of Table Mountain for a great view. A full day Cape Point Tour will showcase the very bottom tip of the African continent, amongst other interesting stops along the way. Day 4: Cape Town – Winelands Pick up your Europcar rental and drive outside of Cape Town to the Winelands region, just over an hour’s drive away. Check in to Oude Werf Hotel for a two night stay. Day 4: Cape Town – Kruger National Park Transfer to Cape Town Airport for your flight (additional cost) to Kruger National Park. Arriving into Hoedspruit Airport, transfer to Moditlo River Lodge for a three night stay. Days 5-6: Winelands The next two days are spent exploring over 200 wine cellars in this beautiful mountainous region. Take your time and enjoy the scenery. Days 5-7: Kruger National Park You have two full days to enjoy daily game drives in the Moditlo Private Game Reserve. Make sure to enjoy some relaxing time by the pool! Day 7: Winelands – Cape Town Drive yourself to Cape Town International Airport to return your Europcar rental, and check in for your onward flight. Day 8: Kruger National Park After a morning game drive and breakfast, you will be transferred to Hoedspruit Airport for your onward flight. Departures: Cape Town / Daily Departures: Cape Town / Daily Inclusions: 6 nights accommodation, breakfast daily at Oude Werf Hotel, Cape Town arrival transfer, sightseeing mentioned in Cape Town, 3 day Europcar Group B Classic Plus car hire Inclusions: 7 nights accommodation, full board at Moditlo River Lodge, return airport transfers in Cape Town and Kruger National Park, sightseeing mentioned in Cape Town, daily game drives in Kruger National Park, park fees Price Guide From:$899 Price Guide From:$1429 The price guide shown is per adult for twin share, based on low season travel. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date. 17

  22. The Garden Route The Garden Route is a popular coastal self-drive journey along the southern shore of South Africa. It is better known as the stretch from Cape Town through to Port Elizabeth, and its winding roads take you past numerous stunning beaches. The name comes from the verdant and ecologically diverse vegetation found in the region, also its numerous lagoons and lakes dotted along the coast. The Garden Route journey includes towns such as Mossel Bay, Knysna, Oudtshoorn, Plettenberg Bay and Nature’s Valley, so take your own time to enjoy these delightful towns, and choose your own Garden Route path! Highlights worth seeing along the way 5 days/4 nights Suggested Self-Drive The Winelands – The Winelands is a little over an hour away from Cape Town, and boasts over 200 wine cellars, waiting for your visit. Franschhoek is a quaint village known for its French Huguenot Heritage, dotted with award-winning restaurants and vineyards. The Winelands towns of Stellenbosch and Paarl are also popular stops worth taking. Hermanus – Hermanus is rich in breathtaking scenery and endless adventure options, with the infamous shark cage diving just a few bays over. Hermanus attracts visitors for whale watching, where up to 100 whales visit from Antarctica to breed and rear their young, and will even come within 10m of the coastline to greet you. Art galleries, shopping and markets also make up the vibrant atmosphere. Day 1: Cape Town – Mossel Bay (385km) An early departure from Cape Town will give you the best start for the fi rst day of your journey. Hermanus can be your fi rst stop if you drive 90km towards Mossel Bay. Hermanus is a lovely little seaside town, well known for its visiting whales between July and December, and is perfect for a lunch spot. Spend the afternoon driving the Garden Route until you reach Mossel Bay for a one night stay. Day 2: Mossel Bay – Knysna (110km) Enjoy a leisurely morning. With just over 100km to cover today, take your time visiting George, Wilderness and any other spots you fi nd interesting. Arrive in Knysna and settle in for a two night stay. Oudtshoorn– Oudtshoorn is the ostrich capital of the world, also an area of exceptional contrasts and natural beauty. Visit an ostrich farm to learn about the world’s biggest bird, stand on an ostrich egg without breaking it; how about an ostrich burger or ostrich egg omelette? Oudtshoorn is also home to the spectacular Cango Caves, Africa’s largest cave system. Day 3: Knysna Explore Knysna and its surrounds in your own time, taking in this wonderful town nestled into a lagoon. Known as the oyster capital of South Africa, be sure to try their local delicacy. A must see is Knysna Heads for a magnifi cent viewpoint of the Indian Ocean. Day 4: Knysna – Port Elizabeth (260km) Todays drive can be broken up by many unique stops along the way. Plettenberg Bay is a beautiful cliff side holiday destination for locals, and not far from Tsitsikamma Forest where there are some great walking tracks to explore. Arrive in Port Elizabeth in the afternoon for an overnight stay. Take your pick of many delicious seafood restaurants Port Elizabeth has to off er. Tsitsikamma– A great area of natural adventure, there is something for everyone in Tsitsikamma region. Dare to jump the world’s highest commercial bungy, Bloukrans Bridge sitting at 709ft high. Kayaking, mountain biking and horse trails are all on offer, but a great place to satisfy your lunch hunger is lunch at Fynboshoek Cheese Restaurant. Jeffreys Bay – Jeffreys Bay is home of the best right hand surf break in the world. International surfers flock to catch the legendary ‘J Bay’ waves. Jeffreys Bay is a year-round fun place to be with a thriving local craft industry, surf shops and arty cafés on every corner. Day 5: Port Elizabeth Drive yourself to Port Elizabeth Airport at the appropriate time to return your Europcar rental and check in for your onward fl ight arrangements. Rental car: Europcar (Group B) from $47 per day Our favourite places to stay: • Protea Hotel Franschhoek, Winelands • Oude Werf Hotel, Winelands • Protea Hotel Knysna Quays, Knysna • Protea Hotel Mossel Bay, Mossel Bay • Protea Hotel Marine, Port Elizabeth Oudtshoorn, South Africa Knysna, South Africa The price guide shown is per car hire based on 1-5 day hire rate. Price shown does not include earlybird or other discounted off ers. 18 Specials and surcharges may apply depending on travel date.

  23. Southern Africa Tours Camp Amalinda , Matopo National Park Cape Kaleidoscope 5 days/4 nights Great Trek Adventure 21 days/20 nights Kruger to Falls Adventure 15 days/14 nights Join this comprehensive circuit tour of the Garden Route, starting and finishing in Cape Town. You’ll visit all the main highlights along the way and enjoy a thrilling safari at a private game reserve. This tour with Kiboko Adventures will explore several of the main attractions from Cape Town to Victoria Falls. Experience this exciting route on an extremely comfortable and fully serviced camping safari! Our most popular Kiboko tour will see you travel through South Africa, Zimbabwe and Botswana where you will definitely get that dose of an authentic African safari in the wilderness. Day 1: Cape Town Depart Cape Town where the true diversity of landscapes are highlighted on your way to your quaint hotel in Oudtshoorn. Afternoon visit to the Cango Caves. Days 1-2: Cape Town After an informative tour briefing, enjoy the main attractions around Cape Town. Day 1: Johannesburg Arrive in Johannesburg and meet your group for a tour briefing in the afternoon. Day 3: Namaqualand Day 2: Blyde River View Blyde River Canyon, Gods Window viewpoint and Bourkes Luck Potholes. Day 2: Knysna Visit a local ostrich farm in Oudtshoorn before heading along the coastal road to South Africa’s oyster capital, Knysna. Enjoy an informative and interactive cruise that introduces you to the wild Knysna Oyster. Day 4: Augrabies Falls National Park Visit this lush national park with an abundance of wine farms. Days 3-4: Timbavati Private Reserve Enjoy game drives and bush walks in Timbavati Private Reserve. Days 5-6: Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park Explore one of the largest reserves in Africa. Days 5-6: Limpopo Province Traverse north on a game drive towards Limpopo Province and experience a taste of the local Venda culture. Day 7: Fish River Canyon Enter Namibia, watch the changing colours of the canyon with the sunset. Day 3: Garden Route Game Lodge Enjoy a scenic drive through Mossel Bay. Visit Dias and Maritime Museums. With the Langeberg Mountains as the backdrop, enjoy an afternoon game drive in a private game reserve to get your wildlife fix. Days 8-9: Sesriem – Sossusvlei Days 7-8: Matopos National Park Cross into Zimbabwe and drive to Matopos National Park, famous for its memorial site of Cecil Rhodes. Day 10: Swakopmund Enjoy this unique German colonial town. Day 4: Arniston This morning’s early game drive will give you the opportunity to see the animals when they are most active. Visit the lodge’s Cheetah Breeding and Conservation Centre along with their Reptile Centre. Leaving the bush behind, continue on the coastline towards Arniston, with limestone cliffs and pristine beaches. Day 11: Spitzkoppe Set up camp among the boulders of Spitzkoppe. Days 9-10: Hwange National Park Travel to Hwange National Park. Enjoy game drives and bushwalks. Days 12-13: Etosha National Park Experience the desert adapted wildlife. Days 11-12: Victoria Falls Free time to browse the town, shop at the local markets or indulge in the many adrenalin activities on offer. Day 14: Rundu Day 5: Cape Town Journey to the rugged, windswept beauty that is the southernmost tip of South Africa, Cape Agulhas. Continue on to the quaint village of Hermanus, famed for its whale watching, before taking an awe-inspiring coastal drive back to Cape Town. Days 15-16: Okavango Delta Take part in walks, mokoros and boat rides. Days 13-14: Chobe National Park Cross into Botswana. Chobe is famous for its beautiful scenery, magnificent sunsets, and elephant herds on the edge of Chobe River. The following day is spent on an early morning game drive in Chobe National Park and a Chobe sunset boat cruise. Day 17: Kwando River Days 18-19: Chobe River Enjoy unique Chobe sunset cruises. Days 20-21: Victoria Falls Enjoy activities in the adrenalin capital of Africa. Note: This trip can run in reverse Day 15: Kasane Tour ends in Kasane. Note: This trip can run in reverse Departures: Cape Town / Monday & Wednesday Inclusion: 4 nights accommodation, breakfast daily, 4 dinners, transport, sightseeing and game drives, some entrance fees Price Guide From: $1555 Departures: Cape Town / Set departures Inclusion: 20 nights camping/hotel accommodation, all breakfasts and meals while camping, transport in custom built safari vehicles, some sightseeing, guide, park fees Price Guide From: $3439 Departures: Johannesburg / Set departures Inclusion: 14 nights hotel/lodge accommodation, 14 breakfasts, 10 dinners, transport in custom built safari vehicles, some sightseeing, guide, park fees Price Guide From: $5299 The price guide shown is per adult for twin share, based on low season travel. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date. 19

  24. Rail Journeys Travelling by rail was the way to go in the 19th century, and for those who wished to travel in style, the option was available with The Blue Train and Rovos Rail. Nowadays, the feeling of a bygone era is still alive on these routes, where you can sit back, relax with fine dining and service while watching the African landscape go by. The Blue Train is unique with its steam technology and was originally bound for destination Cairo. Rovos Rail is proud to tell a story behind each loco with its procurement and restoration, all having their own distinctive character and charm. If you are looking for a unique experience on your Africa safari, it is worth taking a look at these rail options. Blue Train Rovos Rail The Blue Train holds an aura of mystique with its classic steam technology. Kings and Presidents have travelled this magnificent five star moving hotel, offering locally inspired cuisine, luxurious interiors and the finest service imaginable. Remodelled and refurbished to mint condition, enjoy the finest cuisine and travel in five star luxury, all while watching the most remarkable scenery imaginable unfold, right outside your window. Cape Town to Pretoria 3 days/2 nights Highlights of this journey include a city tour in Kimberley and visiting the Mine Museum, before roaming the historic town of Matjiesfontein. Price Guide From: $1925 Pretoria to Cape Town 2 days/1 night A 27 hour journey between Pretoria and Cape Town takes you through some of the most diverse and spectacular scenery in Africa. On your way to Cape Town you will stopover for a tour in Kimberley, where you step back in time to the days of the diamond rush. Price Guide From: $1465 Pretoria to Victoria Falls 4 days/3 nights Begin in Pretoria, travel through Botswana, crossing the Topic of Capricorn and into Zimbabwe. In Hwange Game Reserve your train journey becomes a train safari! Arrive in Victoria Falls for a perfect finish. Price Guide From: $2499 Cape Town to Pretoria 2 days/1 night On the northbound journey, the Blue Train leaves Cape Town in the morning arriving in Pretoria the following afternoon, in time for high tea. On the way to Pretoria you will stop at the Victorian town of Matjiesfontein for a glass of sherry at the bar. The original 19th century London lamp posts and old buildings takes you back into a colonial era. Price Guide From: $1465 Cape Town to Dar es Salaam 15 days/14 nights This epic train journey is one of the most famous in the world. Traverse mountains, cross rivers and pass through famous National Parks packed with wildlife to join two majestic parts of Africa. Price Guide From: $19,565 Note: Book a Blue Train journey and receive one free night stay before or after your trip at a luxury hotel in either Pretoria or Cape Town. Departures:Set departures - all trips also runs in reverse Departures:Set departures - all trips also runs in reverse Inclusions: Pre or post accommodation in Cape Town or Pretoria, overnight 5 star accommodation onboard Blue Train including all meals and local beverages, laundry, sightseeing and entrance fees Inclusions: 5 star accommodation onboard Rovos Rail including all meals and local beverages, laundry, sightseeing and entrance fees The price guide shown is per adult for twin share, based on low season travel. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date. 20

  25. Southern Africa Covered With ample discoveries in Southern Africa to choose from, it’s no wonder we feel spoilt for choice. This itinerary is the creation of an all- round classic route, and is absolutely perfect for fi rst timers to Southern Africa wanting to see it all. Begin in South Africa’s metropolitan heart, Cape Town, enjoying its oceanside position and energetic culture. The infamous Kruger National Park is the next stop, and being one of Africa’s largest game reserves your time is going to be crammed with wildlife experiences. Save some visual energy for the majestic Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, get close enough to feel the mist and gaze at colourful rainbows. Finish in beautiful Botswana, teeming with abundant natural treasures from the fl oodplains of the Okavango Delta to the desolate woodlands of Chobe National Park. KENYA UGANDA Mt Kenya Lake Nakuru Entebbe Lake Naivasha Lake Victoria NAIROBI Amboseli Tsavo Serengeti National Park Ngorongoro Crater Mombasa Lake Manyara Tarangire National Park TANZANIA Zanzibar Island Dar Es Salaam Ruaha Selous North Luangwa i Lake Malawi MALAWI Okavango River ZAMBIA Southern Africa Covered 16 days/15 nights Victoria Falls Kasane MOZAMBIQUE Okavango Delta Chobe ZIMBABWE Moremi Maun Day 1: Cape Town, South Africa Transfer to your Cape Town hotel for a three night stay. NAMIBIA Day 2: Cape Town, South Africa Explore Cape Town on a half day city tour, where you will have the opportunity to catch a cable car ride to the top of Table Mountain. BOTSWANA Kruger National Park Day 3: Winelands, South Africa Enjoy a scenic drive to the illustrious Winelands area, just an hour’s drive from Cape Town, teeming with stunning wineries, award-winning restaurants and dramatic landscapes. Johannesburg SWAZILAND Days 4-7: Kruger National Park, South Africa Transfer to the airport for your fl ight to Kruger (fl ight additional). Prepare for three nights of outstanding wild game experiences while loving life in the bush. SOUTH AFRICA LESOTHO ATLANTIC OCEAN Day 8: Johannesburg, South Africa One night in Johannesburg will connect your fl ight to Zimbabwe (fl ight additional) and allow you to have a good nights’ rest. INDIAN OCEAN Days 9-10: Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe The grandoise Falls will speak for itself when you see it with your own eyes. A walking tour of Victoria Falls will show the Zambezi River gorge up close, along with the forceful cascading falls. Cape Town Days 11-12: Chobe National Park, Botswana Cross the border from Zimbabwe to Botswana. Meet the enormous herds of elephant that Chobe National Park is famous for. Take a cool sunset cruise along the Chobe River, this is game viewing with a diff erence. Days 13-15: Okavango Delta, Botswana Botswana is unique to anywhere else in Africa. Dense bush amongst the Delta channels attracts an abundance of wildlife. Treat yourself to the most elegant and intimate camps and make the most of viewing Botswana from the air on your charter fl ights between camps. Day 16: Maun, Botswana Take an air charter to Maun Airport where your arrangements end. Departures: Cape Town / Daily. This itinerary can run in reverse Inclusions: 15 nights accommodation, breakfast daily, full board while in Kruger National Park and Botswana, transport in custom built vehicles, charter fl ights within Botswana (CPT/Kruger/JNB/VFA fl ights are additional), sightseeing and game drives, professional tour guides Price Guide From: $6569 The price guide shown is per adult for twin share, based on low season travel. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date. 21

  26. Experience Zimbabwe REPUBLIC OF CONGO MALAWI Zimbabwe is a landlocked country where its’ national parks are among Africa’s selection of the fi nest to choose from. The people are friendly, their music and arts are world-famous, and you just have to see a local festival in full swing to understand that. MOZAMBIQUE ZambeziRiver Mana Pools National Park Kariba ZAMBIA Lake Kariba Matusadona National Park Victoria Falls Home to one of the world’s last great sanctuaries, Hwange National Park is one of the largest unfenced wilderness areas where large uninterrupted animal herds can move as far as the Okavango Delta in Botswana. HARARE ZIMBABWE Hwange National Park ZIMBABWE With Victoria Falls as a great starting point, you won’t be disappointed about what is on off er in this diverse and unique destination. Victoria Falls is spectacular to visit throughout the year with the best time from February to May, after the rainy season. This is when you will see the greatest fl ow of water, although it may be a little diffi cult to photograph the falls up close without getting yourself and your camera wet! On the upside due to higher water levels, other thrilling water based activities are at their prime to experience while in this stunning country. Chimanimani National Park Masvingo Bulawayo Matopos National Park Great Zimbabwe Monument BOTSWANA SOUTH AFRICA 22

  27. Zimbabwe Tours Elephant Camp, Victoria Falls Victoria Falls & Chobe 5 days/4 nights Victoria Falls & Hwange 5 days/4 nights Victoria Falls Visit 3 days/2 nights No visit to Zimbabwe, or Southern Africa for that matter, is complete without seeing Victoria Falls. This package will ensure you are not missing anything, adding your favoured adventure activities to ensure your stay is completely to your tastes. A perfect itinerary to ensure you experience the very best these regions have to offer in a small space of time. Every inch is taken care of, just relax, absorb the sights and sounds from many different angles - truck, boat, foot! Combine the excitement of the majestic Victoria Falls and its surrounding adventure activities with a peaceful stay in Hwange National Park where you will catch some awesome game viewing. Day 1: Victoria Falls Transfer from Victoria Falls Airport to your chosen accommodation for a two night stay. Day 1: Victoria Falls Transfer by road from Victoria Falls Airport to Victoria Falls Safari Lodge where you will spend two nights. Day 1: Victoria Falls Transfer from Victoria Falls Airport to Victoria Falls Safari Lodge. Day 2: Victoria Falls Take a guided tour of the Zimbabwe side of the falls where you will start at Livingstone’s statue and Devil’s Cataract, and proceed through the rainforest to Danger Point. Day 2: Victoria Falls Take a guided walking tour of Victoria Falls and marvel at the sheer water volume from up close. This natural phenomenon will take your breath away. The afternoon is free for you to enjoy the local town, or do an adventure activity of your choice. An unforgettable dinner experience at the local Boma is a must do, and a memorable heli flight over the Falls will remain with you forever. Day 2: Victoria Falls Take a guided walking tour of the Zimbabwe side of the falls and marvel at the sheer water volume from up close. Day 3: Chobe National Park Transfer by road and cross the border into Botswana. Check into Mowana Safari Lodge for your two night stay. Mowana Safari Lodge is situated on the banks of the Chobe River, where you’ll be faced with the surrounding wildlife all day long, and throughout the night! Make the most of various scheduled activities that are on offer as soon as you arrive. Day 3: Hwange National Park Transfer by road to Hwange Main Camp and onto the Hide Safari Camp for your two night stay. Hwange is an excellent stop to add on to your Victoria Falls adventure, and just a couple of extra driving hours. Because the region is so vast with open spaces, Hwange National Park is also a superb region to get a good dose of prime game viewing. Day 3: Victoria Falls Transfer back to Victoria Falls Airport in time for your onward flight. Day 4: Chobe National Park Head to the highly anticipated Chobe National Park. Have your camera ready and hold onto your hat, this will be a day packed with amazing sights. Day 4: Hwange National Park Enjoy morning and afternoon game activities to spot a great variety of African wildlife. During your two night stay, ensure you make time to absorb the passion for nature that The Hide Safari Camp has showcased. With views from every corner, you will appreciate the articulate efforts put into the camp design. Tents are luxuriously decorated to ensure you feel treated throughout your stay. A real favourite for guests is to soak in a hot bath under the stars after a full day of activities. Kingdom Hotel Kingdom Hotel is one of the closest hotels to the Falls entrance, and just a short walk away from town, a perfect location to explore from. Price Guide From: $525 Day 5: Kasane Airport Enjoy a morning activity before transferring to Kasane Airport for your departure flight. Victoria Falls Safari Lodge Enjoy uninterrupted sunsets while overlooking a popular waterhole for wandering wildlife. Victoria Falls Safari Lodge is just moments away from the bustle, but close enough to also feel the wilderness. Price Guide From: $649 Day 5: Victoria Falls Road transfer from The Hide Safari Camp to Hwange Main Camp and back to Victoria Falls Airport where your arrangements end. Elephant Camp Located in the outskirts of town and with great views of the Falls’ spray, Elephant Camp offers luxurious tents in a peaceful and intimate location. Each tent boasts a private plunge pool. All meals and local beverages are included in this package, along with other sightseeing provided by Elephant Camp. Price Guide From: $1355 Departures: Victoria Falls / Daily Departures: Victoria Falls / Daily Departures: Victoria Falls / Daily Inclusions: 2 nights accommodation, return transfers from Victoria Falls Airport, breakfast daily (or meals mentioned above), guided tour of Victoria Falls, park entrance fees Inclusions: 2 nights Victoria Falls on a bed & breakfast basis, tour of Victoria Falls including entrance fees, 2 nights Chobe on a full board basis including scheduled activities, transport Inclusions: 2 nights Victoria Falls on a bed & breakfast basis, tour of Victoria Falls including entrance fees, 2 nights Hwange on a full board basis including scheduled activities, transport Price Guide From: $1815 Price Guide From: $1999 The price guide shown is per adult for twin share, based on low season travel. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date. 23

  28. Experience Zambia MALAWI Zambia was often overlooked by tourists due to the poverty and the virtual breakdown of the country, but by the 1990s the political scene lead to economic reforms and improvements. REPUBLIC OF CONGO North Luangwa National Park For wildlife fans, the excellent national parks are teeming with birds and animals, and boast some of the fi nest safari camps and lodges in the whole of Southern Africa which makes Zambia a hidden gem. This means there can be less congestion in the parks and it is often easier to fi nd space available at lodges during high season. ANGOLA South Luangwa National Park ZAMBIA Mfuwe Kafue Zambezi River National Park Lower Zambezi National Park Zambia shares the Victoria Falls and the Zambezi River with Zimbabwe – two of the region’s major tourist destinations. Apart from sightseeing, there are a range of activities from canoeing to white-water rafting and bungy jumping. Zambia is also one of the best places to do walking safaris. Share the wildlife paths and waterholes of the animals, feel the rough terrain, get closer to the smells and sounds of the ground. All your senses come alive as you meander the bush. Walking safaris are the perfect way to work off all those luscious meals that are provided daily back at camp! MOZAMBIQUE LUSAKA Lake Kariba ZIMBABWE Chobe River Livingstone Victoria Falls ZIMBABWE NAMIBIA ZIMBABWE BOTSWANA 24

  29. Zambia Tours Camp Kuzuma, Botswana Tena Tena Camp, Robin Pope Safaris Puku Ridge Tented Camp 4 days/3 nights Zambia & Chobe Luxury 5 days/4 nights Zambian Bush Experience 8 days/7 nights Nestled in a remote game-rich floodplain, your luxury stay at Puku Ridge will be constantly interrupted by local wandering game. The camp is designed to blend into local surroundings and ensure the natural habitat is still in control. Combine two of the most notable and iconic regions when you experience this fabulous five day itinerary. Islands of Siankaba and Camp Kuzuma will celebrate your memories in complete style! Discover one of the last unspoilt wilderness areas of Zambia with this exclusive bush experience under canvas. The Luangwa region is rich with lagoons which makes for superb game viewing. Day 1: Mfuwe Transfer from Mfuwe Airport to Puku Ridge Tented Camp. Get settled and have lunch before taking a look at what activities are on offer for your next few days in South Luangwa National Park. Why not get straight into it and set out on the afternoon game drive to become familiar with the area, enjoying a sundowner refreshment stop along the way. Day 1: Livingstone On arrival at Livingstone you will be transferred to Islands of Siankaba. This beautiful lodge is set on a small island and overlooks the Zambezi River. Day 1: Lusaka You’ll be met at Lusaka Airport and assisted to your onward flight to Mfuwe. Transfer to Nkwali Camp for a two night stay. Day 2: South Luangwa Set out on a full day of walking safaris and game drives in the South Luangwa region. The game around this area is excellent, including the unique species of Thornicroft Giraffe. Day 2: Zambezi River There is plenty to do in the Lower Zambezi River area including a tour of Victoria Falls, sunset cruises, guided trail walks and a visit to Siankaba village. Wake up to the sun rising over the Zambezi River from your bed, this is an unforgettable experience. Day 2: South Luangwa National Park Early morning rise for some light breakfast then venture out on your morning game drive or walking safari. Return to camp for a hearty brunch. Relax at Puku Ridge until your afternoon game drive or other activities are due to commence. Return to camp for a tasty spread of dinner and drinks. Day 3: Luangwa River Cross the Luangwa River onto your next camp, Tena Tena. This remote camp enjoys a stunning location on the bend of the Luangwa River. Watch elephant, hippo and antelope on the riverbank from a cleverly designed thatched dining area and bar. Day 3: Zambezi River – Chobe National Park Today you will be transferred from Islands of Siankaba to cross the border into Botswana, and transfer to your next accommodation, Camp Kuzuma. Camp Kuzuma is a private and exclusive luxury tented camp situated in the pristine Kazuma Forest Reserve within the Chobe area. Arrive in time for an afternoon activity and delicious refreshments. Days 4-5: Luangwa River Make your way by foot to Luangwa Bush Camp for a two night stay. Located in complete seclusion, enjoy the Luangwa riverine habitat in true mobile camping style. The camp will move to a different location each night where you’ll be welcomed with sundowner drinks and tasty bush snacks. Day 3: South Luangwa National Park Another day of exploring the park, discovering new animals and bird species. In the evening, choose to have your delectable dinner in the bush, or on your own private deck for a romantic night under the stars. Day 4: Chobe National Park Spend today discovering the magic of Chobe National Park. Enjoy game drives through different parts of the region where the Kazuma Plains are well known for its prolific bird life. Watching the game meander by while soaking in your high-back Victorian bath tub is also a great way to finish the day at Camp Kuzuma. Day 4: Mfuwe Join one last activity and last look around Puku Ridge Tented Camp this morning, before transferring back to Mfuwe Airport in time for your onward arrangements. Days 6-7: Nsefu Region The Nsefu region has long been recognised as a phenomenal area to explore. Spend two nights at Nsefu Camp, the first game camp in Zambia, and provides the ultimate in remote Zambian wilderness. Day 5: Kasane One last activity this morning before transferring back to Kasane Airport for your onward flight. Day 8: Mfuwe After a final game drive, transfer back to Mfuwe Airport for your onward flight. Departures: Mfuwe / Daily Departures: Livingstone / Daily Departures: Lusaka / Set departures Inclusions: 3 nights luxury accommodation, all meals and local beverages, scheduled activities, transport, game drives and park fees Inclusions: 4 nights luxury accommodation, all meals and local beverages, transport, scheduled activities, game drives and park fees Inclusions: 7 nights accommodation, all meals and local beverages, transport, scheduled activities, game drives and park fees, flight Lusaka/Mfuwe Price Guide From: $1499 Price Guide From: $3345 Price Guide From: $6769 The price guide shown is per adult for twin share, based on low season travel. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date. 25

  30. Experience Botswana Botswana is an African success story. A long-neglected British protectorate, Botswana achieved its independence in 1966 and immediately thereafter discovered three of the world’s richest diamond mines. Botswana borders South Africa to the south and east, Zimbabwe to the northeast and Namibia to the north. Fast Facts Country name: Republic of Botswana Population: 2.3 Million Capital: Gaborone Outside the major towns of Kasane, Maun and Gaborone where the majority of the population have settled, Botswana is largely a roadless wilderness of savannahs, deserts, wetlands and salt pans. To ensure the country’s natural assets are preserved, Botswana’s government has embraced a policy of promoting mostly high-cost, low-impact tourism, which shows when travelling there. Needless to say, with the unforgettable experience and quality you do receive, it far outweighs the dollar value spent. Languages: Setswana, English Currency: Botswana Pula Time zone: 10 hours behind New Zealand (except during daylight saving) Electricity: Current is 220V, 50HZ Plug is a 3 point round-pin adaptor There is something to be said when all returned travellers from Botswana rave about the warmth of the local people. Being one of the most sparsely populated nations in the world, their bubbly personalities and heart-melting culture sure make up for it. Always smiling and always singing, a Botswana state of mind is a great moment to experience. Festivals and Events 2017 Feb Hamptons Live Jazz Festival, Gabarone Botswana’s wonderful national parks and reserves are home to an amazing variety of wildlife, including elephant, cheetah, wild dog, leopard, hyena, giraff e, hippo and zebra. The variety of areas in Botswana can create a very diverse safari experience all within the same country, from desert to delta. Botswana is defi nitely unique from anywhere else in Africa. Apr Maitisong Music & Arts Festival, Gabarone Jun Toyota Kalahari 1000 Desert Race, Jwaneng Jul Presidents Day 30 Sep Botswana Day 26

  31. Experience Botswana Our favourite things to see and do Okavango Delta –The Okavango Delta consists of 15,000sq km of lagoons, channels and islands in northwestern Botswana. It’s the largest inland delta in the world and is teeming with wildlife. Most obvious are elephant, zebra, buff alo, wildebeest, giraff e, hippo and kudu. In the centre of the Delta, the Moremi wildlife reserve is specifi cally for wildlife preservation. A great way to see the Delta is by mokoro (dugout canoe), which are generally poled through the waterways by guides. The Delta impresses travellers year-round and with its continual cycle of climate and habitat variation, it is always a good time to be there. Chobe National Park –Chobe National Park covers 11,000sq km. Kasane, in the north, is the park’s gateway. Kasane is a good place to base yourself for quick visits to the park, it’s also where you arrive when fl ying to Chobe. The most popular activity is a cruise or drive along the riverfront, where you have a good chance of spotting elephants (with herds of up to 500), yawning hippos fl oating by, lion, giraff e, warthog, hyena, crocodile, zebra and plenty of bird species. The Raft –This one of a kind fl oating dining experience along the Chobe River operates on a daily basis for lunch, enjoying game viewing at its best while savoring the fl avours of a traditional “braai” (barbecue). The Raft is a great way to spend a day in the Botswana sun. Makgadikgadi & Nxai Pans –The southern area of Botswana, Makgadikgadi Game Reserve, is a 4,000sq km tract of pans, grasslands and beautiful savannah. There are antelope, lion, hyena, cheetah, and hippo, as well as a stunning array of birds, but no elephant or buff alo. The northern part of the park, Nxai Pan, takes in another 4,000 sq km. The southern part is a complex of mini salt pans. This is one of the few areas in Botswana that is more interesting during the rainy season – when huge herds hit Nxai’s grassy pans, the extent of wildlife can be staggering. REPUBLIC OF CONGO MALAWI MOZAMBIQUE ZAMBIA LUSAKA Chobe River NAMIBIA Okavango River Kasane Chobe National Park ZIMBABWE NAMIBIA Moremi Wildlife Reserve Okavango Delta Nxai Pan National Park Nata Maun Makgadikgadi Pans National Park BOTSWANA Central Kalahari Game Reserve GABORONE Gemsbok National Park SOUTH AFRICA 27

  32. Okavango Delta DumaTau Camp Xakanaxa Camp Tubu Tree Camp 2 Sanctuary Chief’s Camp A Taste of the Delta Packages to get you started... 3 4 Chiefs Island Chitabe Camp 3 Pom Pom Camp Xaranna Camp Includes: • 3 nights accommodation • Return light aircraft fl ights from Kasane Airport • Daily scheduled game drives and camp activities • Services of local professional naturalist guides • All meals, local beverages and limited laundry service 1 Xudum Camp Maun 1 2 Pom Pom Camp Camp Xakanaxa Situated on Pom Pom Island, a private concession in the heart of the Okavango Delta and with only nine luxury tents brimming with authentic African style, here is where you will truly feel ‘away from it all’. Tents are uniquely positioned under the shade of surrounding trees and overlook the glistening views of Pom Pom lagoon. Take part in game drives, mokoro rides, fi shing and bush walks before rewarding yourself with a sunset refreshment in the swimming pool, refl ecting on your very own Delta memories. Camp Xakanaxa is a beautiful and homely tented camp boasting chic trimmings but with an African feel, providing an exceptionally pleasant stay on the banks of the Khwai River. Although under canvas, you’ll feel safe and sound for a good nights’ sleep with top quality comforts you would usually have at home. Step from the bar and lounge area straight into the Delta for your daily activities. The surrounding Moremi region entertains you with exhilarating game drives deep in the Botswana bush. Price Guide From: $2535 Price Guide From: $2725 3 4 Wilderness Safaris Chitabe Camp Sanctuary Chief’s Camp This enchanting camp is the epitome of remote luxury, nestled on an island in the south-east of the Okavango. Each spacious Meru-style tent is creatively designed with its own personality and colour themed palette. Chitabe’s island setting helps to showcase a mix of diff erent habitats, meaning an abundant of wildlife is ready for your observation. If Wild Dog is on the top of your list, Wilderness Safaris Chitabe Camp is where you will see plenty. Take in delta views from the thatched lounge and cool off the heat of the Botswana day in the refreshing pool. Chief’s Island is the former royal hunting reserve of Chief Moremi in the heart of the Okavango Delta. Sanctuary Chief’s Camp promises unique attention to detail to bring its history to life, where wildlife and wilderness are as abundant as action and adrenalin. Relaxation is a remarkable priority at this remodelled luxury camp. Personal service, an extraordinary setting, exceptional viewing and enthusiastic expert guides are the hallmarks of Sanctuary Chief’s Camp to ensure you have the ultimate luxury safari experience. Price Guide From: $4979 Price Guide From: $5999 The price guide shown is per adult for twin share, based on low season travel. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date. 28

  33. Botswana Tours Camp Xakanaxa, Okavango Delta Chobe National Park 3 days/2 nights Delta Experience 7 days/6 nights Best of Botswana 8 days/7 nights Chobe National Park has the highest elephant concentration known in Africa with around 50,000 Kalahari elephants. Chobe is perfect for observing the natural life cycle and integration of the extraordinary African game. This tour combines two of our favourite and most memorable camps in the Okavango Delta, off ering personalised service, fantastic daily activities and superior game viewing in the best regions of Botswana. Combine the exhilarating spray of Victoria Falls with herds of elephant at Chobe National Park and a boat ride down the Okavango Delta. This fantastic itinerary will ensure you explore the absolute best of Botswana. Day 1: Kasane Transfer from Kasane Airport to your chosen accommodation. Settle in before an afternoon scheduled activity. Return to your accommodation for an African dinner, and recap on the days explorations. Day 1: Kasane Fly by light aircraft from Kasane Airport to Pom Pom airstrip where you’ll transfer to the lodge. Pom Pom Camp will be your home away from home for the next three nights. Days 1-2: Victoria Falls Transfer to Kingdom Hotel in Victoria Falls for a two night stay. This hotel is a great location just a few minutes walk from town and not far from the Falls entry. Enjoy a walking tour of the Victoria Falls to see this marvellous wonder of nature. Day 2-3: Okavango Delta While at Pom Pom, enjoy a combination of land and water activities including day and night game drives, nature walks, fi shing, boat trips and mokoro excursions. Day 2: Chobe National Park An early morning start with tea/coff ee and a snack before venturing out to capture the waking of the wild in Chobe National Park. Keep your eyes peeled on the ground, the water, the trees and sky, there is always something to spy on. Prepare for a tasty lunch then relax at the pool, or a siesta will fi ll your afternoon. A slice of Chobe magic happens while on a sunset cruise in the evening. Day 3: Chobe National Park Road transfer to Kasane where you will clear customs at both the Zimbabwe and Botswana border posts along the way. Mowana Safari Resort & Spa is beautifully set on the banks of the Chobe River, a perfect spot to base yourself for two nights to explore this region. Day 4: Okavango Delta – Moremi Game Reserve Transfer by light aircraft from Pom Pom to Xakanaxa airstrip. Spend the next three nights at Camp Xakanaxa. Day 4: Chobe National Park Spend the day enjoying the scheduled game viewing activities including river cruising on the Chobe River and game drives. Also enjoy the onsite award-winning spa treatments while taking in the river view. Days 5-6: Moremi Game Reserve Situated in the heart of Moremi Game Reserve, you are spoilt for choice with two full days of activities and surrounding wildlife. Camp Xakanaxa has plenty of relaxing areas where it is equally important to sit back and enjoy time out in the bush. Day 3: Kasane Set out for one last exploration before your transfer to Kasane Airport. Chobe Bakwena Lodge A boutique Eco-Lodge situated on the banks of the Chobe River and nestled under the shady canopy of Acacia Trees. Price Guide From: $835 Day 5: Chobe National Park – Okavango Delta Road transfer from Mowana Safari Resort & Spa to Kasane Airport. Transfer by light aircraft to Pom Pom airstrip, landing at Camp Xakanaxa for a three night stay. Day 7: Kasane After breakfast and possibly a game drive, transfer by light aircraft from Moremi airstrip back to Kasane Airport in time for your onward fl ight. Chobe Game Lodge The only permanent lodge located within Chobe National Park. A stunning riverside property with magical views and heart- warming service. Price Guide From: $1489 Days 6-7: Okavango Delta The next two days are spent exploring the Okavango Delta. Spot the multitude of local wildlife, chat with hippos from your Camp Xakanaxa balcony and track any fresh footprints of lion roaming in the area. Make time to relax by the pool with a cool drink, and enjoy local entertainment at night time under the stars. Camp Kuzuma Luxurious safari tents situated amongst the open plains of Kazuma Forest Reserve and overlooking a busy waterhole. Price Guide From: $1999 Day 8: Maun Transfer by light aircraft from Pom Pom airstrip to Maun Airport where your trip ends. Note: Receive a complimentary third night at Camp Kuzuma. Departures: Kasane / Daily Departures: Kasane / Daily Departures: Victoria Falls / Daily Inclusions: 2 nights accommodation, return transfers from Kasane Airport, all meals and local beverages, daily scheduled activities and game drives, national park fees Inclusions: 6 nights accommodation, all meals and local beverages, transport, daily scheduled activities and game drives, national park fees, fl ights Kasane/Pom Pom/Xakanaxa/Kasane Inclusions: 7 nights accommodation, walking tour of Victoria Falls, all meals and local beverages in Botswana, transport, daily activities and game drives, national park fees, fl ights Kasane/Pom Pom/Maun Price Guide From: $5479 Price Guide From: $4499 The price guide shown is per adult for twin share, based on low season travel. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date. 29

  34. Botswana Safaris Chobe Game Lodge, Botswana Botswana Wildlife 7 days/6 nights andBeyond Fly me over Botswana 8 days/7 nights This package is an exceptional opportunity to get close and personal with nature’s most imposing wildlife. An added bonus is that part of your cost is donated to conservation projects aimed to repopulate Rhino in Botswana. Experience the different eco-systems and wildlife of Botswana while having a direct impact on the increase of Rhino. Create an unforgettable seven night adventure in Botswana and enjoy complimentary flights between your choice of luxurious andBeyond lodge and luxury tent options. Meander in a maze of Okavango Delta channels, discover Chobe National Park and gaze at the mysterious Savute channel. This itinerary is just an example of what is possible, although you can create your own unique andBeyond experience. Day 1: Maun Depart Maun Airport on your scheduled air transfer. Arrive at Leroo La Tau for a two night stay. Day 1: Kasane Transfer from Kasane Airport and road transfer to andBeyond Chobe Under Canvas. Enjoy two nights of superb action in Africa’s very first national park, Chobe National Park, known for the highest concentration of elephants. Day 2: Leroo La Tau Leroo La Tau is situated on the western bank of the Boteti River, about 140km southeast of Maun. Boteti River meets the boundary of the Makgadikgadi Pans National Park, which stretches away towards scrubland and mineral-rich grasslands. The lodge features twelve luxurious thatched and glass-fronted suites. Common areas are welcoming with its classic African finish, inviting you to meet the sounds of the bush day and night. Day 2: Chobe National Park andBeyond Chobe Under Canvas consists of comfortable, spacious mobile tents with ensuite bathrooms. Activities during your stay here include twice-daily game drives and a boat cruise along the Chobe River. Days 3-4: Okavango Delta You will be transferred to Kasane Airport for a charter flight to your next Lodge, and located deep into the Okavango Delta, andBeyond Nxabega Okavango Tented Camp. Get comfortable for a magical three night stay. Be prepared for a truly raw and wild experience, where the remoteness of this area will send you to a true state of relaxation. Day 3: Leroo La Tau – Camp Xakanaxa Take a scheduled air transfer from Leroo La Tau to Camp Xakanaxa. Arrive at Camp Xakanaxa for a two night stay. Day 4: Camp Xakanaxa Camp Xakanaxa (pronounced Ka-ka-na-ka), located on the banks of the Khwai River, in the heart of the Moremi Game Reserve, is one of the very few safari camps that offers guests an authentic, year-round Okavango Delta land and water safari experience. This camp is a favourite of ours with its relaxed atmosphere and caring service. Enjoy the Khwai River right at your doorstep with plenty of activities on offer. Day 5: Okavango Delta Fly by light aircraft from Nxabega to your third Camp, andBeyond Xudum Okavango Delta Lodge. Although still in the Okavango Delta, Xudum is situated in a different part, offering a whole new experience into the many different habitats and conditions of the Delta. Days 6-7: Okavango Delta While staying two nights at andBeyond Xudum Okavango Delta Lodge, enjoy twice-daily game drives, boat safaris, mokoro rides in the Delta and guided walks. Day 5: Camp Xakanaxa – Chobe Game Lodge Take a scheduled air transfer from Camp Xakanaxa to Kasane, drive to Chobe Game Lodge and check in for a two night stay. Day 6: Chobe Game Lodge The only permanent game lodge located inside the famous Chobe National Park, Chobe Game Lodge is Botswana’s perfect base from which to explore the National Park and the Chobe River as it is home to the largest concentration of elephant in Africa. This is a sought after lodge because of its feeling of privacy and complete connection with the environment. Chobe Game Lodge is very well known for its unbeatable spa treatments, so ensure you make time to spoil yourself. Day 8: Maun After breakfast fly to Maun Airport, where your adventure finishes. Note: Lodges may differ due to availability and routing. Day 7: Kasane Transfer from Chobe Game Lodge to Kasane Airport where your arrangements end. Note: Lodges may differ due to availability and routing. Trip also runs in reverse. Departures: Maun or Kasane / Daily Departures: Maun or Kasane / Daily Inclusions: 2 nights Leroo La Tau, 2 nights Camp Xakanaxa, 2 nights Chobe Game Lodge, all meals and local beverages, daily scheduled activities and game drives, national park fees, air transfers between camps and road transfers, laundry Inclusions: 7 nights andBeyond lodge and luxury tent accommodation, all meals and local beverages, daily scheduled activities and game drives, national park fees, complimentary charter flights Kasane/Nxabega/ Xudum/Maun, laundry Price Guide From: $4999 Price Guide From: $6695 The price guide shown is per adult for twin share, based on low season travel. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date. 30

  35. Small Group Safaris Botswana Untamed 9 days/8 nights Delta Dunes & Falls 24 days/23 nights New to the Kiboko Adventures collection is the wild and wonderful Botswana Untamed, immersing you deep into various regions of Botswana. Not only will you see different parts of the Delta, but the classic Savute and Chobe regions too. Delta, Dunes & Falls is Peregrine’s most popular trip in Southern Africa; combining four spectacular countries – Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. In 24 days you’ll see a whole heap of wildlife and have plenty of time to soak up the colour and atmosphere that is Africa, giving you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Day 1: Maun Transfer to camp. Set up for an evening around the fire, under the stars. Days 1-2: Victoria Falls Visit the ‘Smoke that Thunders’, Victoria Falls. Days 2-4: Khwai area of Moremi Travel to the Khwai area of Moremi. This pure wilderness area of great beauty, with rich green vegetation and palm trees is teeming with birdlife and a vast population of wild animals. Enjoy game drives exploring the reserve in open 4x4 safari vehicles. Your private campsite is located inside the park, set up for three nights in the bush. Days 3-4: Chobe National Park Days 5: Makgadikgadi Pans Days 6-8: Maun – Okavango Delta Your well-appointed Delta houseboat is perfect for wildlife viewing. Days 9-10: Ghanzi/Central Kalahari – Windhoek Days 5-6: Savute Depart Moremi and and set up camp in the famous area of Savute, covering the western stretch of Chobe National Park. The Savute Marsh is the remnants of a large inland lake, where water supply was cut off long ago by tectonic movements. Take daily game drives, and at night hear the sounds of nocturnal animals while enjoying a campfire dinner. Days 11-12: Etosha National Park Daily game drives allow you to explore the Etosha Salt Pan. Days 13-14: Damaraland Days 15-16: Swakopmund Days 17-18: Sossusvlei Rise early to see dawn’s colours on the dunes of the Namib Desert. Day 7: Chobe National Park Continue further in to Chobe National Park to set up camp, exploring more of remote Botswana. Days 19-20: Fish River Canyon Day 8: Kasane One last game drive before departing to Chobe River, enjoy a relaxing sunset river cruise and spot wildlife along the way. Days 21-22: Orange River – Trawal Days 23-24: Cape Town After stopping at Lamberts Bay for lunch, the tour ends on arrival in Cape Town. Day 9: Kasane Transfer to Kasane Airport where your tour ends. Departures: Maun / Set departure. Trip also runs in reverse Departures: Victoria Falls / Set departures. Trip also runs in reverse Inclusions: 6 nights camping and 2 nights lodge, all meals except dinner on day 1 and lunch on day 8, transport in custom built safari vehicles, safari leader, sightseeing and park entrance fees Inclusions: Arrival transfer, 23 nights various authentic accommodation including lodges and houseboat, most meals, custom built safari transport, experienced Peregrine Tour Guide, park fees Price Guide From: $3999 Price Guide From: $10,700 The price guide shown is per adult for twin share, based on low season travel. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date. 31

  36. A project of hope for the Rhinos of Southern Africa 32

  37. For further information or to donate, visit 33

  38. Experience Namibia Namib Rand Nature Reserve, Namibia ©Ultimate Safaris Caprivi Strip Namibia is a country of compelling beauty, abundant sunshine, and a feeling of unconfi ned space which is a contrasting experience to any other country in Africa. Once at the stage when you’ve seen the Big Five, experienced the classic African safari and are ready to see a completely diff erent Africa, Namibia should be top of your list. Etosha National Park Tsumeb Skeleton Coast Park Outjo Otjiwarongo Twtfelfontein NAMIBIA BOTSWANA Namibia will show you the desert-dwelling elephant, found nowhere else in the world. Born and adjusted to the arid desert climate, one could pass the desert elephant as its own sub species. Their lives are a continual search for food and water. When in the desolates of the Namib Desert, this makes for a tough battle. Swakopmund WINDHOEK Walvis Bay Namib Naukluft Park ATLANTIC OCEAN Sossusvlei Namibia is a country that can be visited at any time. But for optimal game viewing in the Etosha pans, the dry winter months are best. Autumn and spring is when the stunning orange-red sand dunes contrast against blue skies, making Sossusvlei a dream destination for photographers. Keetmanshoop Luderitz Fish River Canyon SOUTH AFRICA Ai-Ais 34

  39. Namibia Safaris Onguma Tree Top Camp, Onguma Game Reserve Classic Kaleidoscope 7 days/6 nights Ultimate Namibia 10 days/9 nights Canyons & Deserts 9 days/8 nights This week-long private tour is the perfect way to introduce yourself to Namibia. Combine the dramatic Namib desert with the discovery of rich wildlife regions. Visit Namibia’s highest mountain and see the world’s oldest living desert plant. Ultimate Namibia allows you to see this magnificent country, where space and silence control your senses. Travel in a small group led by some of Namibia’s finest guides. Stay in desert lodges that are unique to Namibia. This tour focuses on Namibia’s raw south, where there’s hardly enough water for tree decomposition to even occur. Although trees are dead, they preserve perfectly for centuries which is a sight not to be missed. Day 1: Windhoek – Swakopmund Depart Windhoek in the morning and travel to Swakopmund. On arrival check into the hotel and enjoy a free afternoon in Swakopmund. Day 1: Windhoek – Sossusvlei Depart Windhoek and drive southwest towards the Namib Desert, stopping for a scenic picnic lunch along the way. Day 1: Windhoek – Kalahari Desert Travel into the largest sand mass on earth, the Kalahari Desert. Observe the fauna and flora that have survived in this extremely dry desert environment. Day 2: Swakopmund Swakopmund is perfect for shopping, relaxing and taking a stroll along the beach. We would recommend the seal and dolphin cruise (additional cost) to check out the Cape fur seals, bottlenose dolphins and flamingos! Day 2: Sossusvlei Rise early for a magical excursion in the Namib Naukluft National Park, capture the dunes while the light is soft. Day 2: Fish River Canyon Head towards Fish River Canyon via Quiver Tree Forest, nestled amongst huge dolerite boulders and known as the Giant’s Playground. Continue towards your lodge, then explore the area by foot or safari vehicle. Day 3: Sossusvlei – Swakopmund Drive northwest through the desert landscapes of Namib Naukluft National Park. Cruise through Walvis Bay, then north to Swakopmund. Day 3: Damaraland Heading north, you travel via the Brandberg, Namibia’s highest mountain at 2579m to Damaraland, one of the least populated and geogically diverse areas in Africa. Damaraland gives a true meaning to the word ‘wilderness’. Days 3-4: Luderitz Travel to the coastal town of Luderitz and visit Kolmanskop ghost town on the way. You’ll also have a chance to see wild horses of the Namib Desert, and take a stop at Diaz Point. Day 4: Swakopmund Challenge yourself to a kayaking adventure at Walvis Bay, or sit back and relax by boat. Day 4: Damaraland An early start will get you on an exciting 4x4 excursion in Aba Huab River searching for desert adapted elephant and other game. Visit Twyfelfontein in the afternoon. Days 5-6: Namib Desert The next two days are spent in the Namib Desert. Witness the amazing red tones of Sossusvlei, this is a feast for photographers! Follow up with a visit to Sesriem Canyon. Day 5: Swakopmund – Damaraland Pass Namibia’s highest mountain, the Brandberg, before entering Damaraland. Day 6: Damaraland Damaraland is home to a variety of desert adapted wildlife and hidden desert treasures. Go on an exciting 4x4 through the Aba Huab and Huab River valleys. Days 5-6: Etosha National Park These days are devoted purely to witnessing wildlife found in the world-renowned Etosha National Park which surrounds a parched salt desert, the Etosha Pan. The park is home to four of the Big Five, as well as rare wildlife species not seen anywhere else in the world. Days 7-8: Swakopmund Drive to Kuiseb Moon Valley then Walvis Bay, known for its rich marine life, before arriving in Swakopmund. Spend the next day at leisure in Swakopmund enjoying this idyllic seaside town full of cafés, shops and restaurants. Day 7: Southern Etosha National Park Set off to Etosha National Park via the scenic Grootberg Pass. Visit a local Himba settlement, they are one of the last truly traditional people of Namibia. Day 7: Etosha National Park – Windhoek Visit the AfriCat sanctuary and enjoy an informative game drive with a difference. Arrive at Windhoek in the late afternoon where your tour ends. Day 9: Swakopmund – Windhoek Return to Windhoek where your tour ends. Days 8-9: Etosha National Park View sensational landscapes and wildlife of Etosha National Park, including Onguma Game Reserve. Day 10: Etosha National Park – Windhoek Visit the AfriCat sanctuary on your journey back to Windhoek, where your tour ends. Departures: Windhoek / Daily Departures: Windhoek / Saturday Departures: Windhoek / Set departures Inclusions: 6 nights accommodation with breakfast daily, 5 lunches and 4 dinners, transport in custom built luxury air- conditioned vehicles, sightseeing, game drives Inclusions: 8 nights accommodation with breakfast daily, transport in custom built vehicles, sightseeing, game drives and park fees Inclusions: 9 nights accommodation, all meals, transport in custom built luxury air- conditioned vehicles, sightseeing and game drives, park fees Price Guide From: $2265 Price Guide From: $3295 Price Guide From: $4799 The price guide shown is per adult for twin share, based on low season travel. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date. 35

  40. Experience Kenya Straddling the equator on the east coast of Africa is Kenya, one of the most scenically diverse and striking countries on the continent, also home to the nomadic Masai and Samburu tribal people. Kenya has two major cities, the high-altitude, colonial- built capital of Nairobi, and the ancient Swahili trading port of Mombasa. Fast Facts Country name: Republic of Kenya Population: 47.4 Million Capital: Nairobi But what really draws the tourists is the great outdoors. Kenya is the heart of safari country and a visit to its spectacular parks and reserves is a memorable experience, especially during the period of the Great Wildebeest Migration. In fact, the word ‘safari’ is Swahili for what we know as journey. Swahili is an original East African native language, and arguably one of the most soothing on the ears. Language: English, Swahili, 68 indigenous languages Currency: Kenyan Shilling Time zone: 9 hours behind New Zealand (except during daylight saving) The Masai Mara National Reserve is the most popular game park in Kenya. This 320 sq km reserve is teeming with wildlife and covers a vast chunk of the Serengeti. Between July and October, the Great Wildebeest Migration is an enthralling event for travellers from all over the world. The migration of over 2 million animals have to cross the Mara River at some point, which is crowded with hungry crocodiles. Timing is everything in order to view this spectacle! Electricity: Current is 240V, 50HZ Plug is a 3 point round-pin adaptor Festivals and Events 2017 08-12 Mar Lamu Yoga Festival, Lamu The Kenyan scenery is fabulous – from the indigo sea and white sand beaches of Malindi to the grey-green rolling bushveld of Tsavo and Amboseli. The rippling golden grasslands of the Masai Mara contrast with the great Rift Valley and desolate volcanic wastelands around northern Lake Turkana. For the more energetic, Kenya has some excellent mountains to climb, Mt Kenya being one of the most challenging, and rewarding. Apr Malindi Cultural Festival, Malindi Jun Kenya Safari Rugby Sevens, Nairobi Jul-Oct The Great Wildebeest Migration Sep Cycle with a Rhino, Lake Nakuru National Park Nov Mombasa Carnival, Mombasa 36

  41. Experience Kenya Our favourite things to see and do David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust– Visiting this orphanage is a great day out, and a lot can be learnt from those who have dedicated their lives to nurture and revive the African wildlife in any way possible. With an ongoing threat of elephant and rhino poaching in Africa, the inspiration to help this Trust reach their goal is becoming more important. Anyone in the world can now foster an elephant at the Trust for a small annual cost, helping to rehabilitate these precious creatures back into their natural habitat. Doors are open for only one hour a day, so be sure to book before you arrive. Amboseli National Park– At 392 sq km, Amboseli is full of elephant in huge herds. One of the highlights is seeing them cross the grassy plains with Tanzania’s Mt Kilimanjaro sitting proudly in the background. You can see a large variety of wildlife here. Most visitors approach Amboseli through Namanga, the main border post between Kenya and Tanzania. Masai village visit – There is no better way to learn about culture of the locals than to spend quality time with them, in their homestead. Get to know their culture and customs on a visit to the traditional Maasai village, the local primary school or the busy market day. Experience how the Masai people live in the middle of the bush with zebra grazing and lions roaring just outside their homes. For many, special memories of a Masai visit will last the rest of a lifetime. Kenyan Beaches – Kenyan beaches make an excellent ending to any Kenya safari. Pick a beach anywhere north of Mombasa and you can expect brilliant blue seas lapping against fi ne white sands. The coast is lined with coral reefs, making for excellent snorkelling, diving and watersports. Pemba Island is a hotspot for big game fi shing, so be prepared to reel in a Marlin! SUDAN ETHIOPIA KENYA SOMALIA Samburu National Reserve UGANDA UGANDA Mt Kenya Lake Nakuru Abedare National Park Lake Naivasha Masai Mara National Reserve Lake Victoria NAIROBI RWANDA Amboseli National Park Tsavo National Park BURUNDI Malindi Mt Kilimanjaro TANZANIA Mombasa 37 ZAMBIA

  42. Kenya Tours Mara Bushtops, Masai Mara Kenya Covered 7 days/6 nights Masai Mara Fly-In Safari 4 days/3 nights The Masai Mara is one of Africa’s greatest destinations and known to have the best wildlife viewing in the world, so your decision to visit the Mara will not disappoint! Consider staying at any of the following amazing camps, this package will also include return flights from Nairobi. Enjoy a slice of Africa safari in ultimate style. Experience the best that Kenya has to offer on this week long tour. Providing dramatic scenery and great wildlife encounters, staying in a mix of classic safari lodges and outstanding tented camps, Kenya Covered will ensure you have a fantastic Kenyan safari. If you think you’ll make it to Kenya just once, then pick this tour. Day 1: Nairobi – Masai Mara Take a scheduled flight transfer from Nairobi Airport to the Masai Mara. Settle in for a three night stay. Day 1: Nairobi Transfer to Karen Country Lodge for an overnight stay. Days 2-3: Ol Pejeta Conservancy After an early journey to Ol Pejeta Conservancy, arrive at Sweetwaters Tented Camp for a two night stay. Enjoy the comforts of luxurious tents while keeping alive that authentic safari feel. The next two days are spent exploring Ol Pejeta Conservancy and the surrounding attractions. This area is home to stacks of wildlife and is the only park where the Big Five and chimpanzees can be seen. You are unlikely to come across many other vehicles, which gives you the chance to enjoy the game and the surroundings in peace. Days 2-3: Masai Mara Take part in daily game drives and many other activities while at your Mara camp. We recommend visiting a Masai village or take a hot air balloon trip for a truly magical experience (additional cost). Day 4: Nairobi After breakfast, enjoy another game drive on the way to the nearest airstrip in time for your return flight to Nairobi. Day 4: Ol Pejeta Conservancy – Masai Mara Fly to the legendary Masai Mara National Park. Game drive towards Karen Blixen Camp, your famously comfortable home for three nights. andBeyond Kichwa Tembo Tented Camp Kenya’s most loved luxury tented camp, a quintessential experience. Price Guide From: $1899 Days 5-6: Masai Mara Relish in safari luxury and indulge in sunset cocktails overlooking the resident pod of hippos in the river beneath you. Explore vast plains of the Masai Mara in search of the Big Five and all other animals that make this park so special. Karen Blixen Camp A famous eco-friendly luxury camp that celebrates the explorer days. Price Guide From: $2579 Mara Bushtops Mara Bushtops is the most wonderful place people have ever been to, and brings perfect meaning to the words Wild Luxury. Price Guide From: $4995 Day 7: Nairobi Fly to Nairobi, where your adventure in Kenya comes to an end. Departures: Nairobi / Daily Departures: Nairobi / Daily Inclusions: 3 nights accommodation, full board and local beverages, scheduled game activities, park entrance fees, return flights Nairobi-Mara- Nairobi Inclusions: 6 nights accommodation, all meals, scheduled game activities, park entrance fees, transportation with professional and experienced guide drivers, internal flights Naivasha-Mara-Nairobi Price Guide From: $4645 The price guide shown is per adult for twin share, based on low season travel. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date. 38

  43. Kenya Tours Larsen’s Camp, Samburu National Park My Kenya 7 days/6 nights The Best of Kenya 9 days/8 nights A stay at the iconic and opulent Giraffe Manor is a perfect start to those wanting an extra special visit to Kenya. Combined with the unique Samburu National Reserve and the famous Masai Mara, My Kenya is the ultimate Kenyan safari. It’s the intimate and luxurious boutique accommodation chosen for this itinerary that makes for a truly exceptional getaway. The Best of Kenya visits all the remarkable highlights Kenya has to offer. Enjoy a longer itinerary that will let you kick back in stylish yet authentic accommodation, surrounded by remote landscapes to ensure you have a real safari holiday. Major drawcards such as Samburu National Reserve, Lake Elementaita and the Masai Mara await to impress you. Day 1: Nairobi Transfer from Nairobi Airport to the capital’s most iconic luxury boutique hotel, Giraffe Manor. The hotel is widely famous for its herd of resident Rothschild Giraffe that frequently peek their heads into the windows to share your snacks. This is the only place in the world where you share your breakfast with a giraffe from your breakfast table or bedroom window. Get a peaceful night’s rest before setting off on your safari tomorrow. Day 1: Nairobi – Lake Elementaita On arrival at Nairobi Airport, head towards Lake Elementaita which is just an hours drive. Enjoy a three night stay at Sunbird Lodge. Day 2: Lake Nakuru National Park Enjoy a full day visiting the nearby Lake Nakuru National Park which is recognised for its large concentration of black and white rhino. Watch them graze along the lakes shores with their young in tow! If you are lucky you may even spot a leopard relaxing in a tree beside the lake. Day 2: Nairobi – Samburu After breakfast, fly to Samburu National Park. Enjoy a short game drive en-route to Larsen’s Camp. Larsen’s Camp is made up of just 20 tented and intimate luxury suites, nestled discreetly among the trees. Samburu has stunning landscapes and several species that cannot be spotted in other parks of Kenya. Day 3: Hell’s Gate National Park Another full day of exploring will offer amazing walking or mountain biking experiences alongside giraffe, eland and other varieties of game. Hell’s Gate National Park is renowned for its open grassy plains and towering cliffs, making for a day of brilliant landscapes. Days 4-5: Samburu National Park Drive to your next accommodation, Elephant Bedroom Camp, for a two night stay in Samburu National Park. This area is well known for its rare species along with an abundance of other wildlife. You may also see the red–robed Samburu tribesmen bringing their cattle to the river to drink. Day 3: Samburu National Reserve Make sure to rise early in order to make it out onto the plains before the park comes to life. Return to camp for a lavish breakfast before taking a refreshing dip in the pool, a guided walk or a siesta before heading out on an afternoon game drive. In the evening enjoy a nightcap around a warm blazing fire. Day 6: Samburu National Park – Masai Mara National Reserve Fly to your next Best of Kenya highlight, the Masai Mara National Reserve, and get comfortable for a three night stay at Sentinel Camp. A game drive en-route to your accommodation will show just how impressive this region is, and what to expect while in the Mara. Day 4: Samburu – Masai Mara Fly south towards the world renowned Masai Mara Game Reserve. Arrive at Little Governor’s Camp in time for lunch. The intimate camp is teeming with game and birdlife. Venture out on your first Mara game drive before returning to the lodge in time for dinner. Days 7-8: Masai Mara National Reserve Spend two full days exploring this majestic park with its large diversity of beautiful scenery that provide the perfect habitat for game, including the Big Five. Take the opportunity to learn about Masai culture on a local village visit, or simply relax and soak up one of Africa’s greatest wildlife reserves. You may want to experience a game viewing adventure from an entirely different perspective - take a hot air balloon safari across the Masai Mara (additional cost) which lasts for approximately an hour. Days 5-6: Masai Mara Spend two exhilarating days exploring the Masai Mara. Take a hot air balloon flight and see Kenya from above (additional cost). Rise before the sun for a chance to watch the great Masai Mara and its abundant wildlife begin their day, perhaps visit the local Masai village; this is a great way to explore their culture and learn the Masai way of life. Day 7: Nairobi After a morning game drive, your Kenyan safari comes to an end once you’ve returned to Nairobi. Day 9: Nairobi Return to Nairobi in time for your onward arrangements, where your Kenya experience will end. Departures: Nairobi / Daily Departures: Nairobi / Daily Inclusions: 6 nights accommodation, all meals, scheduled game activities, park entrance fees, transportation with professional and experienced guide drivers, internal flights Nairobi-Samburu-Mara-Nairobi Inclusions: 8 nights accommodation, all meals, internal flight Samburu- Mara, scheduled game activities, park entrance fees, transportation with professional and experienced guide drivers Price Guide From: $5975 Price Guide From: $5999 The price guide shown is per adult for twin share, based on low season travel. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date. 39

  44. Experience Tanzania Think vast Savannah Plains, age old Acacia trees, masses of game roaming the migration route and lone Masai Warriors keeping watch of their herds - That is Tanzania. Fast Facts Country name: United Republic of Tanzania Population: 55.4 Million One of the most beautiful countries in Africa to visit and providing home to more than 100 diff erent ethnic groups, Tanzania also off ers 6,000 square miles of savannah teeming with wildebeest, gazelles, zebra and their elusive predators. Their annual search for new pasture and waters, the Great Wildebeest Migration is the largest remaining unaltered animal migration in the world. Capital: Dodoma Language: English, Swahili and indigenous languages Currency: Tanzanian Shilling Time zone: 9 hours behind New Zealand (except during daylight saving) More remote than its neighbour Kenya where there is less tourist accommodation beds throughout the main game reserves, your opportunity to get off the beaten track and immerse yourself in daily safari searches is easy. Every day adds a new layer of education to your African journey. Electricity: Current is 230V, 50HZ Plug is a 3 point round-pin adaptor Game viewing in Tanzania is excellent, with many parks such as the Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Park and Mt Kilimanjaro National Park all combined to sustain one of the largest animal populations in the world. Festivals and Events 2017 9-12 Feb Sauti za Busara Music Festival, Zanzibar If you are an avid adventurer, then climbing Mount Kilimanjaro will be on your bucket list, proudly standing as Africa’s highest mountain. With several diff erent routes to reach the summit, this hike is not for the faint hearted. Mt Kilimanjaro will not only challenge you physically, but also mentally. Often snow capped at certain times of the year, views from the top are unparalleled. 28 Feb Kilimanjaro Marathon, Moshi May Mzalendo Halisi Music Festival, Dar Es Salaam 07 Jul Saba Saba Day, Tanganyika Dec Serengeti Wildebeest Migration commencement, Serengeti 40

  45. Experience Tanzania Our favourite things to see and do Serengeti National Park – Serengeti National Park, which sprawls across 14,763 sq km, is Tanzania’s most famous game park. Get a glimpse of what East Africa must have looked like in the days before the ‘Great White Hunters’ arrived. On the seemingly endless Serengeti Plains there are literally millions of scrambling hoofed animals. They’re constantly on the move in search of grassland and are preyed upon by a mob of predators. Ngorongoro Crater – The views from the rim of Ngorongoro Crater are spectacular, but you need to descend to its 20km wide fl oor to see all the wildlife you desire, as well as thousands of fl amingo wading in the shallows of Lake Magadi. Local Masai tribes also have grazing rights here. Mt Kilimanjaro National Park– Mt Kilimanjaro is one of Africa’s magnifi cent sights, and at 5,895m, it is the highest peak on the African continent. The mountain rises through lush rainforests, alpine meadows and fi nally across a barren lunar landscape to the snow-capped twin summits. If you plan to climb to the summit, it is advised that you take an organised trek along one of the many trail options. The lone Masai – A trip to Tanzania is only complete when a day in the life of a roving independent Masai is understood. Worlds apart from today’s western infl uences, their traditions and rituals entice visitors to ponder how simple life can potentially be. Living harmoniously with wildlife is also an important part of the Masai beliefs. Witness a Masai walk his herd for miles, when seemingly there is no end in sight, and only then will you realise just how diff erent a lone Masai lives life. Zanzibar – Zanzibar, the spice island, entices travellers with the exotics of Stone Town, stunning beaches and pristine coral reefs. The whitewashed quaint shops, bazaars, mosques and courtyards of Stone Town are the legacy of the Persian traders from the 12th and 15th century. Zanzibar is a perfect fi nish to your bucket list safari or hike to wind down. DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO UGANDA Lake Victoria KENYA Serengeti National Park RWANDA Mt Meru Ngorongoro Crater Lake Manyara BURUNDI Arusha Mt Kilimanjaro Tarangire National Park TANZANIA Zanzibar DODOMA Dar Es Salaam Katavi National Park Ruaha National Park Selous Game Reserve ZAMBIA MOZAMBIQUE MALAWI 41

  46. Tanzania Tours Serengeti Migration Camp Tanzania Trails 7 days/6 nights Remote West Fly-In 5 days/4 nights Tanzania Dream 9 days/8 nights Experience Tanzania’s most famous game areas, Serengeti, Ngorongoro and Tarangire. Admire the variety of landscapes and terrain as well as a huge diversity of animals. Get off the beaten track to one of the most remote destinations in Western Tanzania, Katavi National Park, and enjoy that feeling of having Africa all to yourself. This is a great option for those wanting to see a new and untouched part of Africa. Journey through Tanzania on this exceptional handcrafted itinerary. My Tanzania will show off the utmost specialties Tanzania has to offer, using unique accommodation along the way and giving the most wonderful Tanzania experience you can imagine. Day 1-2: Arusha – Tarangire National Park Depart Arusha and head to Tarangire National Park. Enjoy an afternoon game drive. Day 1: Arusha – Katavi National Park Your Western Tanzania safari begins at Arusha Airport where you will be welcomed. Check in for your short charter flight to Katavi National Park. On arrival, transfer to Katuma Bush Lodge for an incredible four night stay in the Tanzanian wilderness. Day 1: Arusha Transfer from Kilimanjaro Airport to Arusha Coffee Lodge for an overnight stay. Day 3: Serengeti National Park Leave Tarangire National Park for your next destination, Serengeti National Park. Enjoy some game viewing along the way. Days 2-3: Tarangire National Park Depart for Tarangire National Park using seldom trodden tracks. Spend two nights at Tarangire Tree Tops. Days 2-4: Katavi National Park Katavi National Park is Tanzania’s third largest national park, located in isolation and is seldom visited. It provides the few visitors who make it there with a thrilling taste of Africa, as it was a century ago. You will encounter some of Tanzania’s largest concentrations of hippo, crocodile and buffalo. Spend three full days experiencing each corner of the park with game drives, bush meals, sundowners around a campfire and a refreshing dip in the swimming pool. Day 4: Serengeti National Park Prepare for morning and afternoon game drives. You can also take a hot air balloon safari for an unforgettable view from the sky above (additional cost). Days 4-5: Ngorongoro Crater After a morning game drive, arrive at The Manor for a two night stay. The Manor setting is stunning, boasting a theme of bygone meets modern. Ngorongoro Crater is nearby and ready for two full days of exploring. Days 5-6: Ngorongoro Crater Enjoy two full days of action packed game driving in the Ngorongoro Crater. Days 6-8: Serengeti National Park Unravel all corners of Serengeti National Park in these unforgettable few days of discovery, and spend three nights at the infamous Serengeti Migration Camp. Day 7: Arusha Head back through the Rift Valley to Arusha where your tour ends. Day 5: Katavi National Park – Arusha Make the most of your last morning at Katuma Bush Lodge before boarding your return charter flight to Arusha. Day 9: Arusha After one last morning game drive, board your flight to Arusha where your tour ends. Departures: Arusha / Every Saturday Departures: Arusha / Thursday Departures: Arusha / Daily Inclusions: 6 nights accommodation, all meals, scheduled game activities, park entrance fees, transport with professional and experienced guide drivers Inclusions: 4 nights accommodation, charter flights Arusha-Katavi-Arusha, all meals, scheduled game activities, park entrance fees, transport with professional and experienced guide drivers Inclusions: 8 nights luxury accommodation in various styles, all meals, transport, flight Serengeti/Arusha, daily activities and game drives, park entrance fees, professional naturalist guides Price Guide From: $3495 Price Guide From: $4795 Price Guide From: $8399 The price guide shown is per adult for twin share, based on low season travel. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date. 42

  47. Mt Kilimanjaro The famous ice-capped equatorial mountain, Kilimanjaro, is the highest free-standing mountain in the world sitting at 5895m. With several diff erent routes to reach the top which suit most fi tness levels, the biggest challenge is acclimatisation, and your mental ability to succeed. Many see climbing Kilimanjaro as a ‘bucket list’ challenge. Loftily looking over the African plains, Kilimanjaro will forever challenge those who dare to climb her. Marangu Route 7 days/6 nights Umbwe Route 8 days/7 nights Also known as the “Coca Cola” Route, this is the busiest route on the mountain, and uses the same route for ascending and descending. Stay in comfortable communal huts. Horombo Hut is a great acclimatisation spot, therefore giving you a better chance of summitting. One of the least utilised routes up the mountain. This is probably the most beautiful route to ascend on, and is signifi cantly shorter than the other routes. It also makes the distances covered between overnights at altitude shorter and avoids a lot of the crowding experienced at some sites while in season. Departures: Moshi / Daily Departures: Moshi / Daily Inclusions: 4 nights in mountain huts, 2 nights base hotel in Moshi, all meals, porters and professional guide, hut fees, park & rescue fees Inclusions: 5 nights camping, 2 nights base hotel in Moshi, camping equipment, all meals, porters and professional guide, park & rescue fees Price Guide From: $2859 Price Guide From: $3299 Rongai Route Shira Route Uhuru Peak Machame Route 8 days/7 nights Lemosho Route The Machame Route off ers some of the best scenery – ascending the western side of Kilimanjaro and descending down the south face. This is a camping route with porters to assist with camping equipment, meals prepared by cooks, and accompanied by professional mountain guides. Marangu Route Machame Route Umbwe Route Departures: Moshi / Daily Mweka Route Inclusions: 5 nights camping, 2 nights base hotel in Moshi, camping equipment, all meals, porters and professional guide, park & rescue fees Price Guide From: $3275 The price guide shown is per adult for twin share, based on low season travel. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date. 43

  48. Zanzibar Getaway Tanzania has another brilliant part to it. After your safari, it is always great to spend some time relaxing by the sea, and the Tanzania coast does not disappoint. With stretches of long white beaches and incredible coral reefs on the exotic ‘spice islands’ of Zanzibar and Pemba, you’ll get the chance to relax in your own Indian Ocean paradise and while away the days sampling exotic seafood dishes and watching beautiful sunsets. Zanzibar Getaway 6 days/5 nights Zanzibar Getaway has been specifically designed to ensure you get that picture perfect beach holiday after taking in those safari and hiking adventures of Tanzania. Make sure a little bit of your curious traveller is left to absorb the unique history that Stone Town has to offer. Because when you reach those crystal sands of Zanzibar, you won’t want to think of anything else. Day 1: Zanzibar Airport – Stone Town On arrival into Zanzibar Airport you will be met and transferred to Stone Town just a short drive away, an ancient yet idyllic seaside village in Zanzibar and known to be Africa’s most enchanting town. Your three night stay at Zanzibar Serena Hotel is perfect in the heart of Stone Town. Day 2: Stone Town Enjoy a free day in Stone Town exploring the Portugese forts, Arab architecture and ancient dhow harbours. It is easy to spend many idle hours just wandering the fascinating narrow streets and alleyways. Be sure to wander Forodhani Markets in the evening for your share of the most amazing street food. Day 3: Stone Town – South East Zanzibar Island After breakfast, check out and transfer to Breezes Beach Club, located on the South East Coast of Zanzibar Island and known to be an area of untouched and pristine coastline. Your next three nights will be spent enjoying this beautiful setting. Days 4-5: South East Zanzibar Island For the next two days, soak up the sun and take part in many activities that Breezes Beach Club has on offer such as beach games, cycling and snorkeling, kayaking and paddle boarding. No Zanzibar getaway is complete without pampering yourself at the Frangipani Spa, helping you find that complete relaxation of body and mind. Blue Bay Beach Resort & Spa, Zanzibar Day 6: Zanzibar Island – Zanzibar Airport At the appropriate time you will be transferred to Zanzibar Airport for your onward arrangements. Departures:Zanzibar / Daily Inclusions: 5 nights accommodation, breakfast daily, dinner daily at Breezes Beach Club, scheduled activities at Breezes Beach Club, return private airport transfers and transport between accommodation Price Guide From:$1125 The price guide shown is per adult for twin share, based on low season travel. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date. 44

  49. East Africa Tours andBeyond Bateleur Camp, Masai Mara Highlights of Kenya & Tanzania 13 days/12 nights The Great East African Migration12 days/11 nights andBeyond Fly me around East Africa 8 days/7 nights Construct a cherished seven night adventure in East Africa and enjoy complimentary flights between your choice of luxurious andBeyond lodge and luxury tent accommodation. The below itinerary is just an example of what is possible. East Africa is known for its countless wildlife. You will see the best of it on this once in a lifetime journey through Kenya and Tanzania, all while staying in world famous national parks. Prepare for an awe-inspiring journey. From the famous Serengeti to the remarkable Ngorongoro Crater, encounter some of Africa’s greatest wildlife on safari through the Kenyan and Tanzanian wilderness with Peregrine. Day 1: Nairobi Transfer from Nairobi Airport to your hotel. Day 1: Nairobi Transfer from Nairobi Airport to your hotel. Day 1: Nairobi Transfer from Nairobi Airport to your hotel. Days 2-3: Amboseli National Park Drive to Amboseli National Park, best known for its views of Mount Kilimanjaro. Enjoy morning and afternoon game drives. Days 2-3: Aberdare National Park Stay one night in ‘The Ark’ where the accommodation overlooks a waterhole frequented by wildlife. Daily game drives. Days 2-3: Masai Mara Fly by light aircraft to the Masai Mara, be greeted by representatives of andBeyond Bateleur Camp and transferred for your check in. The next two days are spent in this luxurious camp and taking game drives in the famous Masai Mara, Kenya’s most renowned game park. Days 4-6: Ngorongoro Conservation Area Cross the border to Tanzania and into the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Embark on a game drive in Lake Manyara National Park along with two full days exploring Ngorongoro Conservation Area and the famous crater. Be sure to learn and understand why this crater is so unique. Day 4: Lake Nakuru National Park Witness the abundant birdlife of Lake Nakuru National Park on a full day game drive. Days 5-6: Masai Mara National Reserve From our exclusive tented camp in the Masai Mara, venture out on game drives and take the opportunity to visit a nearby Masai village. Days 4-5: Ngorongoro Crater Transfer from Masai Mara to Ngorongoro Crater by light aircraft. A representative of andBeyond Ngorongoro Crater Lodge will escort you to the lodge, an approximate two hour drive. Two nights are spent at one of the most architecturally spectacular lodges in Africa, dubbed “Masai meets Versailles”. Days 7-8: Nairobi – Lake Manyara Game drive upon leaving the Masai Mara. Stay a night in Nairobi before transferring to Arusha, Tanzania and arrive at our lodge overlooking Lake Manyara. Day 7: Serengeti National Park Continue to Serengeti National Park where you will experience an authentic camping experience in the Tanzanian wilderness. Days 6-7: Serengeti National Park Transfer to the airstrip for your onward aircraft flight to andBeyond Klein’s Camp, situated in Serengeti National Park. Two incredible nights are spent here, so you have plenty of time to travel off the beaten track in search of game. The Mara River meanders through this region and offers great photographic opportunities for wildlife enthusiasts. Day 8: Serengeti National Park Today you move from your permanent tented camp to an exclusive mobile camping facility in the Serengeti. This exclusive camp follows the migration all year round, giving you the best possible chance of sightings. Days 9-10: Lake Manyara – Serengeti National Park A morning game drive in Lake Manyara National Park – look out for black-maned, tree-climbing lions. Continue to the Serengeti. Days 11-12: Serengeti National Park – Ngorongoro Conservation Area Enjoy another game drive in the Serengeti before travelling to our cosy lodge overlooking Ngorongoro Crater. *Mobile Safari does not operate in April & May Days 9-11: Masai Mara Cross back into Kenya and head towards the Masai Mara. The next two days are spent roaming the Mara on game drives and other exciting activities. Day 8: Nairobi After breakfast, fly back to Nairobi where your tour arrangements end. Day 13: Ngorongoro Conservation Area – Arusha A final game drive before heading to Arusha where the trip ends after lunch. Day 12: Nairobi After breakfast, fly back to Nairobi where your tour arrangements end. Departures: Nairobi / Daily Departures: Nairobi / Daily Departures: Nairobi / Set departures Inclusions: 7 nights andBeyond accommodation, all meals and local beverages, scheduled daily activities and game drives with professional guides, light aircraft flights between camps and Nairobi Inclusions: 5 nights hotel/lodge accommodation, 6 nights serviced camping, breakfast daily, 10 lunches, 10 dinners, game activities, park entrance fees and domestic flight Mara-Nairobi Inclusions: Arrival transfer, 12 nights various authentic accommodation including lodges and a farmhouse, most meals, private 4WD vehicle, experienced Peregrine Tour Guide, game activities and park entrance fees Price Guide From: $8435 Price Guide From:$9995 Price Guide From:$12,570 The price guide shown is per adult for twin share, based on low season travel. Specials or surcharges may apply depending on travel date. 45

  50. Experience Uganda & Rwanda Uganda has had a rather turbulent past, but has now become a more peaceful country. It is home to many diff erent ethnic groups, yet none of these form the majority of Uganda’s population. Around 40 languages are currently used, English being the offi cial language. Kibale Forest is where chimpanzees have made their home, and you can hear their evocative pant-hoot call any time of the day. Head to Ngamba Island (45 minutes boat from Entebbe), where most of the chimps who were previously confi scated by poachers, now live free and happy. Fast Facts Uganda Country name: Republic of Uganda Population: 40.5 Million Capital: Kampala Language: English and Luganda Currency: Uganda Shilling Neighbouring Uganda is Rwanda, small in size but a population density among the highest in Africa. Appropriately dubbed “The Land of a Thousand Hills” Rwanda is predominantly grassy highlands and hills, with altitudes varying from a low of 1207m, to Mt. Karisimbi, the highest of a range of extinct volcanoes in the northwest reaching 4507m. Lake Kivu forms part of the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo and is considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Africa. Time zone: 9 hours behind New Zealand (except during daylight saving) Electricity: Current is 240V, 50HZ Plug is a 3 point square-pin adaptor Fast Facts Rwanda Rainy season is aplenty between March to May, bringing to life the tropical rainforest of the highlands. Gorillas can be visited all year round, but great savings can be made in the rainy seasons when trekking permits are more aff ordable. Country name: Republic of Rwanda Population: 11.9 Million Capital: Kigali The star attraction of course is the legendary mountain gorilla, the biggest of living primates. Trek through this breath-taking part of the world to discover the gorilla’s home. Both countries off er a diff erent trekking experience, so it is up to you to commit to meeting the more elusive gorilla families in Uganda along with the fantastic birding and other wildlife, or go easy on your knees and meander the rolling hills of Rwanda. Staring into the pensive brown eyes of these gentle giants who share 95% of their genes with humans, is as humbling as it is thrilling. Knowing there are only around 850 alive today, the time to visit the land of gorillas is now! Language: English, French and Kinyarwanda Currency: Rwandan Franc Time zone: 9 hours behind New Zealand (except during daylight saving) Electricity: Current is 240V, 50HZ Plug is a 3 point square-pin adaptor 46