web portal for maid agencies in singapore n.
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Online Maid Information Singapore PowerPoint Presentation
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Online Maid Information Singapore

Online Maid Information Singapore

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Online Maid Information Singapore

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  1. Web Portal For Maid Agencies in Singapore

  2. In general portals provide an assimilated access to a definite webpage or link with an organized and well-structured program that accepts commands from and returns information to the user that is designed to gather and differentiate the inputs through specifically allotted and specified web sites and its pages.

  3. The portals prospective are its substance or contents with an effective data management, which keeps the information always appraised. The other unique and typical aspect is that they gratify customers, merchants and others outside a group's restrictions in contrast with a corporate portal, which is regulated for usage within the organization.

  4. CMS stocks and consolidate files, and provide access to their data, with varying features. A basic CMS offers a limited number of features where as more sophisticated and advanced systems offer more powerful and intricate functions. CMS includes online publishing, formatting and systems/content management, controlling of versions, indexing, search, and recovery

  5. The CMS augments the detailed version information when new updates are done on an existing file or document. CMS serves as a central origin that usually contains documents, videos, image, contact numbers, and other important technical and logical data. CMS plays a vital role in organizing and consolidating data which are generally used for keeping, monitoring, reviewing, elevating and distributing documentations.

  6. is a portal specially designed and developed with maid agencies and house maids in mind. The portal covers most of the Singapore’s popular, reputed maid agencies that are registered with the portal. The portal has a database of over 1000 housemaids and its registered agencies that are certified by the ministry of manpower in Singapore.

  7. is leading Singapore based web portal for maid agency and housemaids. Our portal contains lot of information about the popular Singapore maid agencies and excellent housemaids.

  8. Housemaid agency portal has a huge database of fresh Filipino maids, fresh Myanmar maids, fresh Indonesian maids, fresh Indian maids, fresh Sri Lankan maids, fresh Punjabi maids, fresh Darjeeling maids, fresh Nepali maids, fresh Mizoram maids, fresh Bangladeshi maids, fresh Burmese maids in Singapore.

  9., a Maid Agency portal, is undoubtedly a very well organized and maintained portal comprising of a huge database of Maids and their respective Maid Agencies in Singapore. This Maid Agency portal has had all the first hand information relevant to the Maid Recruitment in Singapore.

  10. This Maid Agency portal is surely your best choice when you think of a Domestic help, but, mind you is not a Domestic help Recruitment Agency; on the other hand it is your useful database of over one thousand prospective maids who have registered in various maid agencies that are recognized by the Ministry of Manpower.

  11. To Order Find Out More Information On On-Line Maid Information Please Come And Visit Us Today Onwards..! Housemaid Agency Pte Ltd Contact Us: 10 Ubi Crescent, 04-67, UBI Techpark, Singapore - 408564 Tel : +65 6742 5044 Fax : +65 6742 9044 Mobile : +65 3151 0441 Email : Web :