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On-Line Maid Information

Housemaid.com.sg is leading Singapore based web portal for maid agency and housemaids. Our portal contains lot of information about the popular Singapore maid agencies and excellent housemaids..http://www.housemaid.com.sg/

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On-Line Maid Information

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  1. How To Choose The Best Maid Agency In Singapore

  2. Housemaid provides an online maid request form that enables it to capture all the requirements of its potential clients. Firstly, a potential client enters his or her name, followed by email address and a convenient contact number for Housemaid to reach back. If a particular agency is preferred, he or she may select one from the 70 available agencies.

  3. The nationality of the maid may be chosen from a wide range of countries, ranging from Philippines, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Macau, Myanmar, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. If the maid is required for a special purpose, the potential client may indicate if infant care, elderly care, cooking, housekeeping, or others is needed.

  4. The age group of the maid is available from the ranges of 23 to 30, 31 to 35, 36 to 40, or above 41.The preferred language spoken by the maid may be selected as English, Mandarin -Chinese, Malay, Bahama Indonesia, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Tagalog, Burmese, Malayalam, Mizo, Arabic, Nepali, or Singalese.

  5. The experience of the maid may also be chosen from fresh with little or no experience, experienced, transfer or part time. If the potential client does not have any preferences for the agency, nationality, primary duty, age group, language, or type of maid, “No Preference” can be selected from the respective drop down box.

  6. There are also check boxes on the form for the potential client to indicate if he or she intends to award off-days for the maid, has any children or is married. If the potential client wishes to specify any additional requirements that are not listed, there is a text box under “Other Requirements” that can be filled up.

  7. After selecting all the preferred requirements available on the form and clicking the “SUBMIT” button, Housemaid will capture the information and contact the client when a suitable match is found. Beside this main request form, there is also a mini popup form located on the bottom right of its website.

  8. This mini form has the basic information inputs for the potential client to submit to Housemaid. This information includes name, email address, contact number and a simple text box to input the maid requirements. Besides the maid request form, Housemaid offers a quick search feature that includes options such as agency, time that the bio data of the maid has been created in the system, type of maid, language and marital status.

  9. The potential client is also able to search if there are any results that contain bio-data with video, whether the maid is willing to work on off days and if the maid has any children. After clicking the “SEARCH” button, a list of maids with their photo, name, nationality and agency is displayed on the page.

  10. To Order Find Out More Information On On-line Maid Information Please Come And Visit Us Today Onwards..! Housemaid Agency Pte Ltd Contact Us: 10 Ubi Crescent, 04-67, UBI Techpark, Singapore - 408564 Tel : +65 6742 5044 Fax : +65 6742 9044 Mobile : +65 3151 0441 Email : sales@housemaid.com.sg Web : http://www.housemaid.com.sg/

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