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Maid Service Singapore

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  1. How To Hire and Keep A Maid Service in Singapore

  2. People often dream of a house cleaning maid service coming into their homes and making the house sparkle. Many think they cannot afford this kind of luxury or that their house is not big enough to clean. There are a few things people can do to help them decide if they should hire a maid and how to keep one if they do.

  3. Decide which parts of the house need to be cleaned. This is achieved when a list of rooms, objects, and special areas is written down in order of importance. Think about how many hours it takes to clean these things yourself. This gives people an idea of how many hours a cleaner will need to work for and if it can be afforded.

  4. Decide what products the cleaner needs to use for the home. Many families today need environmentally friendly and non toxic products for their home. Be clear about this from the beginning and find cleaners who offer this. If they do not, ask if they can use the family's cleaning products. Factor that into the cost as well.

  5. When trying to choose between hiring an individual cleaner and a cleaning service, always go with a cleaning service. They will ensure their employees have gone through a background check and will provide insurance against things that are broken while cleaning.

  6. This also makes you free from employment, accounting, and tax responsibilities. When interviewing agencies, be clear about what you need out of a housecleaning service up front. Give the service the paper that has all rooms and objects written down that needs to be cleaned.

  7. Make expectations about these objects and spaces clear to the cleaning service. For example, tell the service if the stairs need to be vacuumed weekly or if windows only need to be washed once every two months. Once a service is hired, homeowners need to develop a relationship full of trust and security.

  8. It is uncomfortable, both for the homeowner and for the maid if the homeowner is present during cleaning, so it is better to be out of the house. Make sure the service chosen is professional and trusted. Take precautions about how maids get into the house and make sure to put sensitive information away.

  9. Make sure to keep the stream of communication open with the maid. If the homeowner feels like she is missing something key with her cleaning, then they need to say something as soon as the homeowner notices. Each maid has pride in her work and she may not understand what is expected out of each particular home.

  10. Keeping open communication will make the cleaning service more effective. There are some things the cleaner will not do and the homeowner needs to realize it. Ask the cleaning service about what services are not provided. Make sure to pay for any extra services that are not normally provided if the maid offers to do them.

  11. And never, ever ask your maid to babysit kids or pets. That is the job of a babysitter, not a cleaning professional. Remember throughout the hiring process and the cleaning relationship that maids are people too. The kinder homeowners are to maids, the more extra services and care they will find in their home cleaning.

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