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Domestic Worker Singapore

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Domestic Worker Singapore

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  1. How To Get A Foreign Domestic Worker in Singapore

  2. For busy Singaporeans or foreigners living in Singapore, a prosperous, small South- East Asian country, many may consider getting a Singapore maid or foreign domestic worker. This is not an easy decision to make though.

  3. It is important to be certain that you can manage a foreign worker who may not be at ease or even aware of Singapore's way of life and laws. After thinking things through and you feel that you truly need domestic help, the next step is to choose a method for getting one.

  4. As much as possible, the wise option to take is to contact an agency. With a legitimate agency, you do not have to worry about the requirement details for domestic help. Although you still need to participate in the completion of the requirements, an agency will make sure that all the documents are ready and that you do not miss a step.

  5. Ensure that these agencies are formally licensed to operate by the Singapore Ministry of Manpower and are duly accredited for good business practice either by the Consumers Association of Singapore or the Association of Employment Agencies, Singapore. You may prefer a direct hands-on approach to getting your domestic helper.

  6. If this is the case, you can hire a domestic worker from outside or arrange for a transfer if there are workers in Singapore that are eligible for transfers. Here are the general requirements that you need to take note of: It is a must for employers to undergo an orientation program before getting Singapore foreign domestic workers.

  7. You don't need to worry if your work schedule is tight. You can take an online program. Work permits are applied for by employers. A normal worker's permit will be valid for 24 months. You may however need to check your worker's passport to ensure that she will be allowed to stay for that length of time.

  8. Before being allowed to work, a domestic worker must attend a safety seminar and pass a test. An employer's considerations go well beyond legal or document requirements. There are also a couple of other important points to remember. Vacationing foreigners cannot avail of the services of foreign domestic workers.

  9. Only Singaporean citizens and residents are allowed to. A foreign domestic helper is not allowed to get pregnant while working in the country. It is the duty of every employer to ensure that this does not happen. An approval must be sought if one desires to employ more than one domestic worker.

  10. Age range restriction for domestic workers is 23 to 50 years. Workers should also have at least eight years of formal education. Domestic workers are not allowed to perform tasks not related to domestic work. domestic workers regarding Singapore's culture and laws. It is a good policy to educate one's

  11. Singapore foreign domestic workers will not present problems if they are treated well and acquired properly. It is very important for employers to know the right steps to getting foreign help. The Housemaid is the best Housemaid search portal in Singapore, is here to relive you of all the cumbersome procedures in searching a Domestic help.

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