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Domestic maid singapore PowerPoint Presentation
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Domestic maid singapore

Domestic maid singapore

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Domestic maid singapore

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  1. Domestic Helper Agency In Singapore

  2. ILO is the acronym for International Labour Organization. ILO is an agency of the United Nations to deal with international labour issues. It is known as “the UN agency for the world of work”. The ILO was founded in the year of 1919 and gradually progressed into an agency of the United Nations in the year 1946. The ILO Headquarters is established in the Geneva city of

  3. The C189 is the 189th convention by the ILO that covers domestic workers. It was formally accepted after meeting for 100sessionsand attaining 396 votes that agree to the convention with a small number of 16 votes that do not agree.

  4. The latest number of countries that has given their approval is 21 as of June 2015.Some of these countries include the Argentina, Belgium, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Finland, Germany, Mauritius, Philippines, South Africa and Uruguay. There are 27 articles in the convention. The first article defines the phrase of domestic work and domestic worker.

  5. A domestic worker is a person employed to do domestic work for a household. Article 4 states that the youngest age is to be defined for domestic worker that conforms to both the Minimum Age Convention and the Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention.

  6. Article 5 states that effective steps should be taken to prevent domestic workers from abuse, harassment and violence. Article 6 states that the domestic workers shall possess fair employment rights and decent working conditions. If the domestic workers are stay-in, they should be given decent living conditions that include privacy rights.

  7. Housemaid has a vast database of foreign domestic workers that origin from several countries, including the Philippines. The Philippines is currently just the sole country in the entire Asia region to join the International Labour Organizations convention on domestic workers.

  8. There are several advantages of using Housemaid to search for a maid. It is efficient, fast and easy to find the perfect maid from the Housemaid portal website. Hiring a Philippines maid compared to other countries means that the maid is covered under the C189.

  9. Protected by the C189, the Philippines maid is more willing to work for the employer on the basis that all the benefits and protection from the international standards will be minimally be given. This is beneficial for both the maid and the employer, with the employer enjoying higher quality of work.

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