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Best Maid Agency Portal PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Maid Agency Portal

Best Maid Agency Portal

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Best Maid Agency Portal

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  1. Finding The Best Maid Agency Portal In Singapore

  2. Housemaid is one of the popular and best portal for searching maids and finding the best maid agencies in Singapore. House Maid also aids in searching for the popular maid agencies in Singapore with qualities like reputation, award winning service, etc.

  3. Also it helps to find maids from various countries by providing an option to search for agencies dealing in maids from a specific country like Indonesian maid agency , Filipino maid agency, Myanmar maid agency, Indian maid agency, Sri Lankan maid agency, Darjeeling maid agency, Punjabi maid agency, Mizoram maid agency and Tamil maid agency.

  4. Maid List is categorized and linked to a single search option for your convenience of searching a suitable maid from the list of more than 1000 maids. Search is optimized well for finding the right maid based on country, experience, etc, based on what is searched on choice of their requirement.

  5. As listed the available maid list is not limited as you can find the right maid of your choice using House Maid database, Maids from Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and India categorized from places namely Darjeeling, Mizoram, Punjab and Nadu. Transfer Maids are also available in our database.

  6. House Maid is a best choice in Maid Agency Portal when you think over a domestic help for finding maids of your choice but considering a point that House Maid is not just a Domestic Help Recruitment Agency, it is a useful database for finding the best maid over thousands of maids available in the database who are registered in various maid agencies and recognized by the Ministry of Manpower.

  7. It is helpful for the needy for finding right maid of their choice from more than thousand maids, the portal not only helps the employer in finding the right maid of their choice, it also helps the maid agencies to join the stream, because a web portal has unlimited number of viewers, resulting in the best kind of online advertisement on the internet.

  8. House Maid not just helps the employer and Maid agencies, it also helps the maids to get recruited soon on a perfect platform with support of a reputed agency to guide them in the process. House Maid Agency Portal is a well organized portal which is maintained with a huge database of maids with their corresponding Maid Agencies in Singapore.

  9. House Maid database holds a complete set of details about the maids like Maid photo, detailed profile with past employment record, Skills of the maid and much more. House Maid is managed by the best online service provider who takes care of all promotional activities online and also in offline mode best suited to the Maid Agencies in Singapore.

  10. To Order Find Out More Information On On-line Maid Information Please Come And Visit Us Today Onwards..! Housemaid Agency Pte Ltd Contact Us: 10 Ubi Crescent, 04-67, UBI Techpark, Singapore - 408564 Tel : +65 6742 5044 Fax : +65 6742 9044 Mobile : +65 3151 0441 Email : Web :