find a best domestic helper in singapore n.
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Best Domestic Maids in Singapore PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Domestic Maids in Singapore

Best Domestic Maids in Singapore

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Best Domestic Maids in Singapore

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  1. Find a Best Domestic Helper in Singapore

  2. A Domestic helper is contracted to keep a home clean and sanitary. She may help look after children in the home and may cook the meals for the family. A confinement nanny is contracted to take care of a newborn baby and help the new mother to rest herself which she needs and adjust to her new role in the family.

  3. A confinement nanny is often obligated to do some simple housework and will generally prepare healthy meals for the new mother. She may sometimes cook for the new mother's husband and other children at the same time. Since their duties seem to overlap some, many people wonder if they really need to have both working in the home at once.

  4. Some families prefer to keep both of these helpers on hand and give them very clear duties so they do not step on one another's toes. Others will have both in the home and ask them to work together to just make sure everything gets done.

  5. In this case, the confinement nanny may stay all night while the domestic helper only comes during the day, or vice versa. A family operating on a very tight budget for help may be forced to select between a domestic helper and a confinement nanny. Another option for them might be to have a part time helper and part time nanny.

  6. This gives everyone what they need part of the time. One final option would be to find a helper or nanny willing to take on more substantial duties for a reasonable price that fits the budget. If a relationship has already been established between a helper and the new mother before becoming pregnant, then the mother may feel more comfortable putting her baby in the care of the helper.

  7. The problem with many domestic helpers is that they will not take care on the extra duties associated with an infant especially if there are a lot of other children in the home. If the work is going to be too much for the helper, a confinement nanny must be brought in.

  8. In the end, it comes down to the amount of room available in the home and the duties that chosen helpers and nannies will agree to take on. In the best cases, the arrangements are made to keep both the domestic helper and confinement nanny on staffing but each with separate contracted work duties.

  9. Prior to welcoming your maid into your home drawing a list with your spouse might be a good idea and your list could include the duties she is supposed to do, your expectations on her, house rules and other important things to be taken care of.

  10. It is important to be in detailed as possible so that your maid doesn't have trouble in understanding what is expected from her and keeping a copy with you and hand over to her another copy which enables both you and your maid to use it as a check list. Handling your maid list on her first day avoids complications that may occur in the future such as confusion, over duties, working hours, etc.

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