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House in HaNoi - House in HaNoi PowerPoint Presentation
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House in HaNoi - House in HaNoi

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House in HaNoi - House in HaNoi - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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We help foreign Expats with Hanoi Real Estate Rentals, include: House in Hanoi, Hanoi Houses, Hanoi Apartments, Hanoi Villas for rent also to buy. Hanoi housing, Hanoi Real estate, Hanoi Apartment rent, Hanoi house rent, Hanoi villa rent, villas in ciputra Hanoi, Houses in ciputra Hanoi, Hanoi Tay Ho houses rent, Hanoi Westlake houses, Rental houses Hanoi, Rental apartments Hanoi, Rental villas Hanoi, Hanoi expat, Hanoi rental, Realestate Hanoi, Apartment in Hanoi, Villa in Hanoi For more details please visit us at :

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Our Services

In Vietnam, Lanlinh Co., Ltd is a senior and prestigious real estate company operates in investment, consultancy and comprehensive agency services.

With nearly teen years experience, working with Embassies, Organizations, Companies and Individuals come from many countries all over the world therefore we are expert in the Hanoi real estate market and the details knowledge of clients’ demands. Come with us and enjoy wonderful services.Our Rental Housing Services

>> Step 1: Searching all the rental properties available, then PICK UP some most suitable ones to show the Tenants until he/she prefers to rent.>> Step 2: Negotiating with the Owner of Houses about the furniture and services required by the Client and provided by the Lessor  then getting the best of the best price for both parties.Negotiating the conditions and articles in the House Contract to be done to fit both of the sides, such as: the period of Lease Contract, the term of payments, the time of payments, moving date etc. >> Step 3: Sign the Lease Contract - The Contract will be signed by both sides when all the conditions and articles in the contract are approved.


Our Latest Properties

Nice apartment in BaDinh district,

near  West lake for rent

Villa near HoanKiem

lake for rent

Nice apartment in BaDinh

district for rent


Our Popular Properties

Charming house in Hoang HoaTham for rent

House for rent in Ton

That Thiep

For rent apartment

in Xuan La - Tay Ho Dist

Please Contact Advertising 612x86 px




Phone : 0933534999

Website :