heating materials that ensures medical and other industrial usage n.
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Heating Cords and Heating Pads PowerPoint Presentation
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Heating Cords and Heating Pads

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Heating Cords and Heating Pads - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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We offer superior quality of heating cords and heating pads, which is suitable for making flexible heating elements. Further, Its low cost reliability and safety.

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Heating material are now widely used in the industries as medical equipment, electronic device with safe and high-efficiency usage in the industry.

The products are available in varied customized sizes, shapes and heating control features

application of heating instruments
Application of heating instruments



Chemical Manufacturing


Food and others

The general usage of the Heating Cordsinclude Frost protection, temperature maintenance, heat-tracing, cold room floor heating, room heating, protection against freezing, access ramp heating, systems with antifreeze heating cable, floor snow removal, electric underfloor heating, snow accumulation .



Heating Pads offers an important usage in medical terms. It is used in curing back pains, cramps, muscle pains, etc.

Also used widely in sleeping therapy

It requires power of 220-250 volts

It is a comfortably wearable device that provide warmth to the body and offer safe usage in varied medical treatment.


Heating Padsare made from advanced carbon fabric that emit FAR IR rays into joint or the targeted region and surrounding regions. The rays are coated with nano titanium dioxide (TiO2) which posses anti bacterial properties to avoid spreading of contact based contaminant and sweat absorption by the heating pads’ surface areas.