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  1. THE UNIVERSITY OF BIHAC THE UNIVERSITY OF BIHAC phone: +387 37 222-022 fax: +387 37 222-022 address: Pape Ivana Pavla II 2/2 77000 Bihac, Bosnia & Herzegovina Web: e-mail:

  2. Scientific Working Group Meeting,11-14thMarch2013, Tirana, Albania Elvira Ćatić-Kajtazović, MA, FacultyofEconomics, UNBI PhD Ekrem Pehlic, Vice-rector for International Relations and Research

  3. THE UNIVERSITY OF BIHAC • TheUniversityofBihacwasestablishedin 1997 inorder to raise thelevelofliteracyandeducateyounggenerationshopingthat it willgraduallyintroducechangesintheentireeconomicandculturaldevelopmentoftheregion. It is thecenterofthe Una-Sana Cantonaleconomic, cultural, scientificdevelopmentand a drivingforce for itsoverall progress.

  4. So far activities of the UNBI related to The Tempus project 517117: 1. Attending to all 5 working groups meetings 2. Info day at the level of the University and all faculties 3. Media coverage of the Project during the Info Day 4. Questionnaires filled up and evaluated

  5. The media proved to be excellent partners in the monitoring of all project activities You will see that all the media reports our message: the next academic yearwillbeestablishingNew elective course (new curriculum) at all faculties INFORMATION LITERACY Proof of that are nextpictures

  6. and more… 5. Published pamphlets about the Project 6. Students and staff informed about the Project 7. International Conference “June on Una river” as a part of the University of Bihac working package (International recognition of the Project)

  7. and more… 9. Relevant Ministry of Education informed about the Project 10. IL proposed to be an elective course at all faculties within The UNBI – 1st and 2nd cycles 11. IL programs are to be taught together with the assistance of The University Library staff 12. The University of Bihac makes studying programs according to the community needs, so the IL will be adapted to those needs. 13. Three important documents were produced and translated into Bosnian

  8. 2 proposals For the first cycle • Make a revision of syllabus of informatics • Syllabus IL incorporatein the syllabus of informatics For the second cycle • Elective course of Information Literacy

  9. For the first and second cycle Elective courses ofInformation Literacy

  10. We did everything we could When the University Senate accepts the changesinCurriculum, one can start with the implementation We have given (ourrepresentatives) a deadline (to Senate) by the end of April to adopt the changes.If this not happen, the rector will use their influence and efforts to try to ensure that changes in the curriculum all faculties.

  11. so we did not have enough time to complete the report. We filled in some of the most important parts, such as: Please provide a description of the activities Obstacles and shortcomings Sustainability Quality control and monitoring

  12. Activities->Results

  13. Sustainability • 1. Continuity of the action will be enabled by establishingNew elective course (new curriculum) at all faculties within The UNBI • New curriculum that will enable students: • the students acquire the following abilities and competencies: • Ability of critical thinking and creativity; • Possibility of information exchange, ideas, problems and solutions; • Affinity for analyzing and research; • Method competence and research techniques; • Possibility of obtaining relevant data that can have an impact on forming own opinion about different social, scientific and ethical issues; • the ability to analyze a given case correctly, to synthesize obtained data, to predict possible consequences and to solve problems adequately; • to master different methods for solving problems; • the ability for critical and self-critical opinion and acquiring an objective attitude relating to a practical situation of any kind; • the ability to apply the acquired knowledge effectively in practical situations; • the ability of correct expression (oral and written) with the use of an adequate professional terminology

  14. 2. Working on the project will ensure that all tasks are organized and implemented in such a way as to rely on teamwork for success. This will ensure that representatives in this project also value the process of collaboration in the achievement of concrete results. 3. This project is designed for lifelong learning, andprepareour students for employment and self-employment after finishing the studies. (Teachour students the following: You should learn and improveyourself) 4. This project popularizes of the scientific-research work among students and finding mode for different ways of students` involvement into research. 5. The Western Balkans Information Literacy Network designed to achieve a constant dissemination, sustainability and exploitation of results arising from this project.

  15. Quality control and monitoring 1. For Kick of Meeting in Ireland, research was conducted with a group of students, (I cycle, 8 groups, at the Faculty of Economics), that was before starting with activities on this project. We planed after implementation project make a research using a questionnaire to the same groups of students, than compare results “before“ and “after” implementation Tempus project. 2. Also, The UNBI have Quality insurance policy is created on the University level, based on regulations and legal acts which regulate this field (Regulation for insurance quality of University in Bihać, Decision to name members for Committee of quality insurance in University of Bihać System for quality insurance of University in Bihać follows the European Standard and Guidelines for securing quality in a high education environment. (ENQA standards and guidelines). Offices for University quality insurance are:  Committee for quality insurance of University in Bihać  Center for quality insurance and internal evaluation of University in Bihać  Teams for quality insurance of organizational units of University in Bihać Team for quality insurance of Faculty of Economics, University in Bihać consists of five members:  One department representative (class academic)  Two staff representatives ( professor and an assistant)  One student representative  One administrator/technical staff representative