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* Català Oriental. * Català Occidental .

* Català Oriental. * Català Occidental. BOTH DIALECTS:. In Spain there are 3 co-official languages. Catalan language is the most use it. GENERAL FEATURES OF THE LANGUAGE.  It is from Vulgar Latin

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* Català Oriental. * Català Occidental .

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  1. * Català Oriental.*Català Occidental. BOTH DIALECTS:

  2. In Spain there are 3 co-official languages. Catalanlanguage is the most use it.

  3. GENERAL FEATURES OF THE LANGUAGE  It is from Vulgar Latin  It has got big influences from Arabic for the reason that the catalan land was conquer by muslims. Wekeepsomeprefixes from them like: • Ben- (ex. Benimacle, Benigànim…) • Al- (ex. Almoïna, almodí…)

  4. GENERAL FEATURES Therearetwo symbols thatcharacterizethewritingCatalà- Valencià: • La dièresi: (¨) ex. Raül, raïm… • L’apostrof: (‘) ex. L’horta, l’oncle… And different letters: • C (trencada) ex. placa Digraphs: • SS, l.l, tz, ts, tx, tl, ig… ex. Cotxe, massa, col.legi…


  6. CATALÀ – VALENCIÀ Wecanfindtwo different dialects: • CatalàOriental. (ÀreaOriental) • Català Occidental. (Àrea Occidental)

  7. Català Oriental. It is spoken in: Islas baleares and the east part of Catalunya (Barcelona, Tarragona and Girona) Català Occidental. It is spoken in: Comunitat Valenciana (except the inside part of it), Lleida and the south part of Catalunya.


  9. DIFFERENCES BETWEEN BOTH DIALECTS: • VOCABULARY:  Català oriental: escombra, noi, si us plau, petons, maca, seva…  Català occidental: granera, xic, per favor, bessos, bonica,seua…

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