Superkekb belleii
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SuperKEKB/BelleII. Paoti Chang National Taiwan University 2nd Workshop on Beyond 3 Generation Standard Model. SuperKEKB Looks Promising. Belle II. LER e – 2.1 A. HER e + 3.7 A. More RF / modify RF systems. Low emittance gun. Low emittance positrons.

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Superkekb belleii


Paoti Chang

National Taiwan University

2nd Workshop on Beyond 3 Generation Standard Model


Superkekb looks promising
SuperKEKB Looks Promising


Superkekb belleii

Belle II

LER e– 2.1 A

HER e+ 3.7 A

More RF / modify RF systems.

Low emittance gun

Low emittance positrons

KEKB upgrade → SuperKEKB(nano-beam)

Two separate focusing quads/each 2 beams closer to IP; Superconducting / permanent magnets

Replace long dipoles with shorter ones in HER.

New positron target / capture section

Redesign the HER arcs to reduce the emittance.

Target Luminosity: 8.0x1035 /cm2/s


Superkekb belleii

Belle II Detector


Task for this forum
Task for This Forum

  • How can super B factory pint down parameters of 4th generation assuming t’ and b’ are discovered at the LHC?

  • DA(Kp), AFB of K*ll,

    D-D mixing, …


V ub and v cb
Vub and Vcb

  • Estimation given by the two groups

  • Theoretically limited

  • Tension between Vub inclusive and

  • exclusive

See H. Lacker’s talk


Ut angle f 1 b h lacker
UT angle f1/b H. Lacker


Ut angle f 2 a
UT angle f2/a

  • Is it really an independent measurement without assuming the close triangle?

  • Isospin violation: O(1.5o)


Ut angle f 3 g
UT angle f3/g


Other channels
Other channels


K p puzzle h lacker m nakao
Kp Puzzle H. Lacker, M. Nakao

5 ab-1 50 ab-1

A( K0p0)




D mixing superkekb
D mixing SuperKEKB


Bs physics superb
Bs Physics SuperB


Lfv in t decays
LFV in t decays


Superkekb belleii

Back Up


Comparison of parameters
Comparison of parameters

Low Energy / High Energy

ring / ring

Also consider smaller boost: EHER/ELER KEKB 8GeV/3.5GeV  SuperKEKB 7GeV/4GeV

easier for accelerator people; not very critical for physics


Superkekb belleii

Critical issues at L = 8 × 1035/cm2/sec

CsI(Tl) 16X0 → pure CsI (endcap)‏

SC solenoid 1.5T

Aerogel Cherenkov counter + TOF counter → “TOP” + Aerogel RICH

μ/KL detection

14/15 lyr. RPC+Fe

→ scintillator (endcap)

CDC: Tracking + dE/dx

→small cell + He/C2H6

remove inner lyrs.

New DAQ and computing systems

Si vtx. det. 4 lyr. DSSD

→ 2 DEPFET pixel lyrs.

+ 4 lyr. DSSD

Detector upgrade

  • Higher event rate

    • higher rate trigger, DAQ and computing

  • Higher background

    • radiation damage and occupancies

    • fake hits and pile-up noise in the ECL


  • Improve performance

    • try better PID options

    • low p μ identification for b → sμμ efficiency

    • hermeticity → missing E “reconstruction”