Investigating the travel and tourism sector
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Investigating the Travel and Tourism Sector - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Investigating the Travel and Tourism Sector. P1. Connector. With the person next to you discuss the different types of organisations in the travel and tourism industry. Big Picture. You will be learning about the different components of the travel and tourism organisation

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  • With the person next to you discuss the different types of organisations in the travel and tourism industry

Big picture
Big Picture

  • You will be learning about the different components of the travel and tourism organisation

  • You will be researching companies fall into these components


  • ALL will be able to complete P1


Describe the travel and tourism component

industries and provide examples of domestic,

inbound and outbound organisations within them.

Types of tourism
Types of Tourism

  • Domestic tourists are those people who are travelling within their own country for tourism purposes.

  • Inbound tourists are those coming in to visit a country which is not their country of residence.

  • This also means that the are an Outbound tourist from their own country


  • There are many different types of accommodation available in the travel and tourism industry, from 7* hotels to camp sites. For the purpose of your assignment we are going to split them into 2 categories:


  • At a basic level meals will be offered and rooms will be cleaned. Depending on the standard of accommodation booked the services will vary. For example in a top hotel you may get your own personal butler.

Non serviced

  • You will look after yourself and will carry out your own cooking, cleaning, shopping and cooking.

Transport provision
Transport provision

  • Transport providers can be divided into road, rail, air and water transportation. Each has its own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.


There are four types of attractions available to tourists:

  • Natural

  • Heritage

  • Purpose built

  • Events

Tour operators
Tour Operators

  • The role of tour operators is to put together all the different components that make up a holiday and sell them as packages to the consumer.

  • All holiday details are contained in a brochure which is distributed either to travel agents or directly to customers.

Mass market tour operator
Mass market tour operator

  • A mass market tour operator is a tour operator such as Thomas Cook or Thomson who deal with package holidays. They put together packages to resorts where many tourists visit such as Benidorm. A mass market tour operator supplies their customers with accommodation, transfers, and a resort representative


  • There are many specialist tour operators in the market; some specialise in particular destinations, for example simply Spain or in a product such as diving.

Travel agents
Travel agents

  • The role of travel agents is to give advice and information, and to sell and look after bookings for tour operators. They also sell flights, ferry bookings, car hire, insurance and accommodation as separate products.

  • Travel agents may sell products through:

    Retail shops

    Business shops

    A call centre


  • Most travel agents are part of a multiple chain, such as Thomas Cook and are linked to Tour Operators who may prioritise their own products.

Tourism development and promotion
Tourism development and promotion

  • The development and promotion of tourism in the UK is mostly carried out by organisations in the public sector such as VisitBritain. The role of VisitBritain is to market the UK to British tourists and the rest of the UK

Trade associations
Trade Associations

  • AITO represents some of Britain's best specialist tour operators. Members are independent companies, most of them owner-managed, specialising in particular destinations or types of holidays.The common aim of all AITO members is to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction by concentrating on three main points: Choice, Quality and Service.

Ancillary services
Ancillary services

  • The term ancillary refers to the ‘extra’ products required by the travel and tourism industry. They may support other organisations by offering related products and services. Examples include travel insurance companies and car parking facilities at airports.

What to do
What to do

  • You need to describe all of the travel and tourism component industries and identify one named organisation within each.

  • You should ensure that you include all the items

  • You should demonstrate knowledge of the nature of domestic, inbound and outbound tourism by ensuring that across all the named organisations they have included all three types of tourism. It is required that learners include a short definition of the different types of tourism within their evidence for P1.