Emc support for microsoft system center and private cloud
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EMC Support for Microsoft System Center and Private Cloud. Accelerating Virtualization from the Desktop to the Data Center. Shared view of importance of information 12+ year, continually expanding partnership Broad and deep partnership across products and services

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Emc support for microsoft system center and private cloud

EMC Support for Microsoft System Center and Private Cloud

Accelerating Virtualization from the Desktop to the Data Center

Emc and microsoft a unique alliance

Shared view of importance of information

12+ year, continually expanding partnership

Broad and deep partnership across products and services

Joint sharing of intellectual property

Significant deployments of each other’s technology internally

Thousands of joint customers

CEO-sponsored worldwide go-to-market alliance

EMC and Microsoft: A Unique Alliance

Eleven Microsoft Gold Competencies

20x Time Partner of Year

2,700+ consultants worldwide

Cooperative Support Agreement

$20M plus equipment in Redmond labs

Information Infrastructure Excellence

MSFT Expertise

EMC’s Unique Microsoft Customer Value

Emc microsoft alignment areas








Joint Alliance









EMC/Microsoft Alignment Areas

  • “EMC has gone beyond standard integration to take a broad and active approach to support and optimize Microsoft technologies including Windows, Microsoft Exchange Server and Hyper-V.”

    • The Clipper Group

End to end capabilities for microsoft
End-to-End Capabilities for Microsoft





Recovery, Archive


Content Management

Virtual Infrastructure

Business Continuity


EMC Consulting Services

Strategize • Advise • Architect • Implement • Manage • Support

EMC Information Infrastructure

EMC helps you successfully plan, design, deploy and manage your Microsoft applications and platforms

Emc value points for hyper v
EMC Value Points for Hyper-V

  • Storage Management and Optimization

    • PowerPath Virtual Edition

    • EMC Storage Integrator (ESI)

    • Powershell Toolkit Storage Provisioning

    • -VNX\Unisphere Hyper-V wizards

  • Backup and Recovery

    • Hyper-V Parent & Child Protection

    • Applications running in VMs

    • Data Deduplication

  • Business Continuity

    • Local & Remote Replication

    • Support for Cluster Shared Volumes

    • Storage Federation

  • Proven Solutions Application Integration

    • SQL, SharePoint, Exchange, VDI

Storage performance management powerpath ve

Storage Ports

Parent Server

Parent Server



Storage Performance ManagementPowerPath/VE

Maintain predictable performance even when:

  • Workloads are dynamic and exhibit I/O bursts

  • Virtual machines are moved, added and/or removed on the fly

  • I/O Channels go offline (planned or unplanned)

  • Migration Enabler

  • Encryption

All channels are active and used to load balance

Multiple points of management for provisioning

Storage Provisioning …today

Multiple points of management for provisioning

  • Array Management Tools

  • Windows Server Manager

  • Failover Cluster Manager

  • Hyper-V Manager

  • iSCSI Initiator/ FC Switch

Emc storage integrator esi
EMC Storage Integrator (ESI)

  • Storage Provisioning for Windows Servers

  • Application aware Storage Provisioning

  • Windows MMC based

  • Agent less architecture

  • Supports all EMC arrays

    • Block and File support

Easy to use MMC Snap-ins for the Server/Application Admin

Emc support for powershell
EMC Support for Powershell

EMC Powershell Toolkit

  • Powershell commands to automate storage functions such as..

    • Create new storage volumes

    • Create and assign LUNs

    • Provide server access to LUNs

    • Create snapshots

    • Remove volumes, LUNs, snaps

Backup recovery solution

Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V

Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V

Backup proxy server


Data Mover




SAN storage

Backup/Recovery Solution

  • Parent Backup & Recovery:

    • Complete protection of VHD files

    • Traditional and deduplication backup

    • Off-host backup

    • No scripting

  • Broad Hyper-V OS support

    • Windows Server 2008 with Hyper-V, Windows Server 2008 Server Core with Hyper-V, Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008

  • Child Backup & Recovery:

    • Application-aware backups for Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, etc. with application log management

    • Persistent snapshot for quick recoveries

    • In-guest source deduplication drives maximum performance

Disaster recovery for hyper v automated failover operations for hyper v environments
Disaster Recovery for Hyper-VAutomated failover operations for Hyper-V environments

Prod 2

Prod 1

Target 2

Target 1

Cluster nodes with RecoverPoint/CE installed


Private Interconnect

Site A

Site B

Majority Node Set with File Share Witness


Hyper-V with Failover Clusters supports up to 8 nodes with Windows 2008 R2

Hyper v live migration with vplex
Hyper-V Live Migration with VPLEX

  • Create VPLEX distributed volume from storage at both sites

  • Provision VPLEX distributed volume to servers at both sites

  • In Hyper-V, move VMs between sites using Live Migration

VM Mobility Over Distance Without Delay

Hyper-V Cluster

Hyper-V Cluster

Distributed Storage

VPLEX Cluster-1

  • VPLEX Cluster-2

Site 1

Site 2

VPLEX Engines feature high performance multi-core Intel Xeon processors

Emc system center management packs
EMC System Center Management Packs

  • Single tool for physical and virtual servers

  • Top to bottom management of infrastructure

  • Provide SAN visualization, health monitoring, and drill down within SCOM

System center operations manager management packs
System Center Operations Manager Management Packs

  • Combine SCOM discovery and monitoring with standards based management management

  • Provide SAN visualization, health monitoring, and drill down within SCOM

Virtualized Sharepoint Server

Managing Binary Large Objects (BLOBs)

EMC Proven Solution Powered by Intel® Xeon® Processor Technology

  • Solution Components:

    • Windows 2008 R2 Server with Hyper-V in a Microsoft Failover Cluster for High-Availability

    • EMC VNX5300 storing Sharepoint databases, index files, snapshots, Hyper-V VHDs and BLOB storage

    • MetaLogixStoragePoint software to schedule and move BLOB content as it ages to more cost effective storage.

  • Benefits:

    • Moved 92% of aged data from primary databases to higher capacity storage.

    • Increased useable capacity without impacting performance.

    • Simplified management by virtualizing Sharepoint and Metalogix servers with Microsoft Hyper-V

Solution Components:

Virtual Servers hosted on Cisco UCS B200 Server Platform hosting more than 30,000 Exchange 2010 mailboxes (10,000 per site)

Replication provided by Exchange Database Availability Groups

Virtualization using Microsoft Hyper-V supporting 24 Virtual Machines

Exchange Thin Provisioned LUNs provided by EMC NS480

Configurations validated and supported by Microsoft

Multi-Site, Virtualized Exchange 2010 Solution

EMC Proven Solution Powered by Intel® Xeon® Processor Technology

Virtualized Exchange 2010

Virtualized Exchange 2010

Virtualized Exchange 2010

Microsoft program to test virtualized Exchange 2010 configurations with Hyper-V

Cisco UCS

B Series

Cisco UCS

B Series

Cisco UCS

B Series

Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

Database Availability Groups

EMC Unified


EMC Unified


EMC Unified


Virtualized SQL Server 2008 with EMC VNX

EMC Proven Solution Powered by Intel® Xeon® Processor Technology

  • Solution Components:

    • Test SQL Server 2008 in a physical and virtual configuration to compare results

    • Use features found in EMC VNX5700 for improving performance with SQL Server OLTP databases such as EMC FAST Cache.

  • Benefits:

    • Due to the performance of the EMC VNX array, 1,448 transactions per second (TPS) were achieved.

    • When using Hyper-V Pass Through there was only a slight change in performance with still over 1,300 TPS achieved.

    • When using VNX FAST Cache performance was increased by over 300%!

Solution Components:

FibreChannel (FC) SAN connectivity between the hosts and the EMC storage for optimal performance.

Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and virtual local area network (VLAN) connections for maximum performance and to eliminate network bottlenecks.

All virtual machine files are stored on the EMC Unified storage array.

Storage allocation for desktops is based on a 1+1 RAID 1 building block supporting up to 100 virtual desktops per building block.

Target of large customer environments with maximum shared storage capacities of 120 disks and 64TB.

Virtual Desktops (VDI) on EMC Unified Storage

Microsoft, Citrix, EMC

EMC Documented Solutions for 100 to 1000 Virtual Desktops using Citrix XenDesktop & Microsoft Hyper-V


Emc hyper v industry leadership
EMC Hyper-V Industry Leadership

  • EMC Proven Solutions

    • Over 80 technical whitepapers including:

      • Hyper-V Best Practices with EMC storage arrays

      • Deployment Guides for virtualizing Exchange, SQL and Sharepoint such as http://www.emc.com/collateral/solutions/reference-architecture/h7041-bc-sharepoint-clariion-recoverpoint-hyperv-ref-arc.pdf.

      • Advanced local and remote protection including EMC VPLEX with Hyper-V Live Migration: http://www.emc.com/collateral/hardware/white-papers/h7116-vplex-hyper-v-sql-wp.pdf

  • Blogs and Press Releases

    • EMC Microsoft Specialists: http://windowtotheprivatecloud.com

    • EMC Microsoft Virtualization Blog: http://vwin.typepad.com/

    • Inside the EMC Microsoft Partnership:http://emcmsft.typepad.com/

  • Consultant Readiness

    • EMC Proof of Concept for Microsoft Hyper-V: a one week engagement for deployment of Hyper-V, proposal of next steps for full deployment, and a Microsoft Hyper-V knowledge transfer

    • Virtualization Assessment: Formalized virtualization readiness assessment service across application environments and infrastructure