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Physics Goals Upgrade of ANKE Participating Institutions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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INTAS Open Call 2003 Few Body Physics with polarized Protons and Deuterons Application: ~240 k€ Coordination: FZJ (FR). Physics Goals Upgrade of ANKE Participating Institutions. Physics Goals.

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Physics goals upgrade of anke participating institutions
INTAS Open Call 2003Few Body Physics with polarized Protons and DeuteronsApplication: ~240 k€Coordination: FZJ (FR)

  • Physics Goals

  • Upgrade of ANKE

  • Participating Institutions

Physics goals
Physics Goals

  • Investigation of the short-range properties of the NN interaction through measurements of thedeuteron break-up reactionwith polarised proton beam and polarised deuteron target.

  • Measurement of the spin structure of the amplitudes of the elementary np charge-exchange (CE) process via deuteron-induced reactions.

  • Substantial and systematic enhancement of the world database of proton-neutron elastic scattering through a series of high-precision experiments, using polarised protons quasi-elastically scattered off the polarised neutrons in a polarised deuteron target.

Upgrade of the present anke detection and target systems
Upgrade of the present ANKE detection and Target systems

  • Implementation of the polarised internal gas target for ANKE

    • development of ultra thin-walled storage cells to allow for the detection of low energy spectator protons.

  • Development and implementation of a new magnetic holding field system

  • Development of an improved forward detector system to allow for the detection of proton pairs at low excitation energy for all relative orientations of the particles in the pair.

  • Implementation and integration of the existing spectator detector setup into the experimental setup of the polarised internal target at ANKE

Participating institutions
Participating Institutions

NIS Member states:

  • High Energy Physics, Tbilis State Univ.: M. Nioradze

  • Budker Institute Nuclear Physics: D. Toporkov

  • Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute: A. Vassiliev

  • Joint Institute for Nuclear Research: A. Kulikov

    INTAS Member states:

  • IKP FZJ: F. Rathmann

  • University College London: C. Wilkin

  • Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg: E. Steffens

  • University di Ferrara: P. Lenisa