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Date: 12.20.13 A 01.06.14 B. What impact does a civilization’s cultural value system have on its success and/or failure, and how do technological developments impact the growth or decline of a civilization?. The Fall of India and India Writing Assessment. Warm Up :

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Date: 12.20.13 A

01.06.14 B

  • What impact does a civilization’s cultural value system have on its success and/or failure, and how do technological developments impact the growth or decline of a civilization?

The Fall of India and India Writing Assessment

  • Warm Up:

  • With all of the innovations, and technological advances of Ancient India; Predict what factors led to its fall and the mystery around it.

  • WIO:

  • Through the use of a graphic organizer and written response; explain the impact of a civilization’s cultural value system on its rise and decline, and compare and contrast the factors involved in the rise and fall of several civilizations

Class Work:

Warm-Up & Mind-Mining

Fall of Ancient India Notes

Review Graphic Organizer and discuss writing prompt

Conferences for Writing


  • HW:

  • Complete Graphic Organizer on Ancient India

  • Writing Prompt – 2 complete paragraphs due next class. (Stapled with G/O)

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The greek and persian invasion
The Greek and Persian Invasion

  • What they wanted: Gold, Spices (Black Pepper), Cotton, Carburized Steel, Silk (access to China)

  • By the end of the 6th century BCE, The Persians (Led by Darius I) conquered most of Northern India

  • In 326 BCE Alexander the Great of Macedonia invaded India.

    • This helped open India to European Trade, and Helped to unite the tribes against invaders…

Empires 0f power
Empires 0f Power

Maurya Empire

  • drove out the Persians and Greeks

  • built Inns, orphanages, hospitals for people

  • changed India to Buddhism

  • lots of art and architecture contributions’

  • ended due to weak government

    Sunga Empire

  • started by general who assassinated the last Mauryan leader

  • allowed provinces to govern themselves

  • weak government- Frequent Invasions – lost control due to immigration population increase from Mongolia.

Empires 0f power1
Empires 0f Power

Kushan Empire

  • Controlled Northern India

  • Embraced Buddhism, but kept Hinduism- allowed for open tolerance and trade.

  • Lost to Persian invaders - 2nd Century BCE.

The final empire
The Final Empire

Gupta Empire

  • Began 321 CE- due to a marriage from a princess from the Mauryan dynasty and Chandragupta (Guptan Empire)

  • Organized most of Northern and Southern India (largest size of Empire)

  • Known for peace and prosperity

  • Arts, Architecture, and poetry flourished during the Empire

  • “The Earth is round” (Is theorized by – Aryabhata)

New invader the white huns
New Invader “The White Huns”

  • Massacred all that opposed them

  • Left soon after burning many cities/towns/ and killing off most of NW population.

  • India's climate was too hot for them.

  • This left India open to individual territories, and leaders.

Factors that led to the fall of india
Factors that led to the Fall of India

  • In the 6th Century the Gupta Empire has become weak

  • The civilization has become more like city-states, and has less governmental control.

  • Invasion

  • Highly desired Trade goods, and trading routes

  • Art and Architecture

  • Resources like Cotton, Steel, Spices, Ink

  • Constant Flooding- caused water sources to move, and left many cities abandoned.

The aftermath what happen e d to india afterwards
The Aftermath – What happened to India afterwards….

  • Muslim Invaders began taking control of much territory by 711 CE

  • Muslim and Islam create more new religions

  • Muslims begin the Mojul Empire.

  • Mojul Empire (Islamic Empire) that tried to get along with Hindu population- Led over India until the 19th Century.