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Walter Gets His Wish

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Walter Gets His Wish
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Walter Gets His Wish

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  1. Walter Gets His Wish Written and Illustrated by: Megan McKernan and Stephanie Bellott

  2. Once there was a beagle named Walter.

  3. Walter lived with his parents by a lake. The lake was as blue as the sky.

  4. Walter loved to fish with his friend Quacks.

  5. Some days they would fish off the dock and other days they fished out of a boat.

  6. One night while Walter was lying in bed he became very mad. Walter was mad because he had to go to school, and could not go fishing with his friend Quacks.

  7. At night when the stars came out, Walter would look out his bedroom window and make a wish on the first star he saw. His wish was always the same. Walter wanted to stay home from school so he could go fishing.

  8. Walter would then cry himself to sleep.

  9. In the morning Walter was always sad. He could not understand why his parents would not let him stay home from school.

  10. At school Walter would often daydream about fishing, when he should have been doing his school work. I would rather be fishing…

  11. Teachers were always yelling at him to pay attention.

  12. In art class, Walter drew pictures of the different kinds of fish he wanted to catch.

  13. Pink fish, blue fish, yellow fish, huge fish!

  14. When school was over, Walter ran as fast as a cheetah all the way home.

  15. Walter had no time to talk. He gathered his fishing rod and bolted out of the house like a streak of lightning.

  16. While fishing, Walter and Quacks were as happy as two bees in a pot of honey.

  17. Walter fished until five, when he smelled fish frying on an open fire.

  18. Sizzle, sizzle the fish is frying.

  19. At last Walter heard the magic words. His dad told him that he could stay home from school. • Walter’s Dad

  20. Walter jumped up in the air and yelled, “Hooray, hooray!” • Hooray, hooray!

  21. The next morning Walter was a frog, leaping out of his bed.

  22. He ran down the stairs, picked up his fishing rod, and was on his way out the door to get his friend Quacks when he heard his father say, “Where are you going?” • Walter…

  23. Walter replied, “Fishing!”

  24. His father said, “Not so fast. I am going to need your help today to paint the house.”

  25. Walter was so furious, his head could have exploded.

  26. He told his dad that he wanted to go, but his dad said, “No.” • No! • Go!

  27. Handing Walter a paint brush, his father said, “Be careful what you wish for.”

  28. Walter said, “Why me, why me?” • ?????

  29. That afternoon Walter’s dad told him to get his fishing rod and off they went to the lake.

  30. Soon Quacks came and the three of them enjoyed an afternoon of great fishing. The fish were jumping out of the water.

  31. That night before bed Walter looked up at the stars and smiled. He made no wish.