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The LR Group Academic Solutions PowerPoint Presentation
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The LR Group Academic Solutions

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The LR Group Academic Solutions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The LR Group Academic Solutions
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  1. Assessment as an integral part of the learning process The LR Group Academic Solutions

  2. Three themes Reliability of the system (Architecture & Recovery) Integration with curriculum (Mapping, Grading, & Remediation) Ease of use (Flexibility, Documentation, & Support)

  3. Reliability Architecture Data transfer Only occurs before and after testing, never during. Records Are online: Available anytime –anywhere Testing Is on the client – software size is 10 Mb Hosted Assessment Solutions

  4. Reliability Crash recovery Record is kept up until the last question answered prior to crash. Student is presented with the “next” question upon re-launch. Hosted Assessment Solutions

  5. Integration with curriculum • Mapping • Grading • Remediation The major benefit of dtiMetrics is the learning value added to the learner and the relevance of the analytical tools offered to the instructor Hosted Assessment Solutions

  6. Integration Tests and Mapping Hosted Assessment Solutions

  7. Integration Mapping tests to Axzo Press texts Server Client Hosted Assessment Solutions

  8. Integration Learning IntegrationAxzo Press Security+ 2008 Hosted Assessment Solutions

  9. Integration Grading Excel Basic Exam1 (Units 1 -4) Unit 1: Getting started Unit 2: Entering and editing data Unit 3: Modifying a worksheet Unit 4: Using functions Hosted Assessment Solutions

  10. Integration Grades as seen by the instructor Average grade per class: Average grade per student. Hosted Assessment Solutions

  11. Integration Grades as seen by the student Average grade per class: Grade per test. In this case what the “Word for Beginners” class average is made up of. Hosted Assessment Solutions

  12. Integration Grade per Learning Objective Can be per: Learning objective – Standardized test objective – - Learning object – Chapter/Unit etc… Hosted Assessment Solutions

  13. Integration Remediation Plan Remediates Back to the text down to page number if appropriate. • Available • To both the student and the instructor. • Print it! • Built printer friendly, won’t empty your color cartridges. Hosted Assessment Solutions

  14. Integration Class Matrix – What can we do better? Answers questions such as: Does any student not belong in this class? Does an exam question need more attention? Does any topic area need more attention? Does any two students Have identical profiles? Hosted Assessment Solutions

  15. Integration When to test The instructor decides when the class is ready to test. The instructor decides what the grade really should be as other factors than test results can affect the grade: Class participation credits, extra assignment credits etc. Hosted Assessment Solutions

  16. Integration Interactive questions Hosted Assessment Solutions

  17. Integration In application exercises Hosted Assessment Solutions

  18. Ease of Use • Flexibility • Documentation • Support Hosted Assessment Solutions

  19. Ease of use Requires no IT infrastructure • No setup • No DB management • No Server management dtiMetrics is already up and running for any institution needing it Hosted Assessment Solutions

  20. Ease of use No college administrator required If need be the instructor can manage all aspects of dtiMetrics without involvement from anyone else at the institution. Hosted Assessment Solutions

  21. Ease of use Permission levels Enterprise The LR Group Administrator The LR Group’s customer Instructor Student Default route Alternate route Hosted Assessment Solutions

  22. Ease of use Login page Students Can be enrolled by the instructor/administrator or they can self enroll. Support and Manual Both are available before a student attempts the first logon. Hosted Assessment Solutions

  23. Ease of use Student home page • Only three • navigation areas • All possible • selections are • explained Hosted Assessment Solutions

  24. Ease of use Easy student navigation • Self explanatory click through • Context sensitive help on every page Hosted Assessment Solutions

  25. Instructor Resources Answer Key Instructor Manual Online support, training and download site Software tutorial Context sensitive help Hosted Assessment Solutions

  26. Next • Questions? • Next steps? Hosted Assessment Solutions