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Hooked on Phonics Enriching Children of All Ages PowerPoint Presentation
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Hooked on Phonics Enriching Children of All Ages

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Hooked on Phonics Enriching Children of All Ages - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Hooked on Phonics is the renowned educational program that enables children to develop enhanced reading and comprehension skills within their own homes. This amazing program boasts the ability to be able to produce dramatic reading improvement in your children in just 30 days. To top it off, the many awards Hooked on Phonics have accumulated and their A+ BBB rating seem to fully back-up their claims. It is also worthy to mention that over 2 million families have trusted Hooked on Phonics to bring added skills and confidence into the lives of their children.

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Buy Hooked on Phonics Empower your Child with Enhanced Reading and Comprehension Skills

Amazingly, the highly acclaimed learning to read program is currently offering a promotional deal that one cannot afford to overlook. Buy Hooked on Phonics online and get 4 FREE accompanying Bonus Gifts- valued at $120. As well, online buyers are given the opportunity to test-drive the Hooked on Phonics reading system for a 30 day risk-free trial period.


Hooked on Phonics has gained a reputation for empowering millions of children to greatly accelerate their reading and comprehension skills. This amazing educational system has been carefully crafted by skilled reading experts and uses proven teaching techniques which hold the child's attention while injecting an element of fun into the learning to read process.


The Hooked on Phonics reading system is directly responsible for liberating countless children from low confidence in the classroom and enables them to have the confidence to step out boldly with their new acquired skills.


The Hooked on Phonics system has been in existence for over 20 years and has received numerous awards and possesses a 98% customer satisfaction record- not to mention an A+ rating with the BBB.


This consumer approval level is unparalleled within the industry- especially since the Hooked on Phonics reading system has been used by over 2 Million families! With these numbers, it is obvious that Hooked on Phonics puts all other reading systems to shame and ensure that the consumer acquires a tried and proven system.


Furthermore, these unprecedented level of positive customer reviews reveal the Hooked on Phonics system to be an amazing buy that is guaranteed to provide unmatched results within the life of any child. The Hooked on Phonics system has been continually refined to ensure that learning to read becomes an easily attainable endeavor for children of all age groups.


With over 20 years of learning to read experience "under their belt" the consumer can be assured that they are buying a state-of-the-art educational system that continues to evolve with the times. Matter in fact, Hooked on Phonics has recently integrated some exciting and interactive online programs to further compliment their highly acclaimed learning to read system.


Adding an online component to the learning to read process is an essential ingredient in an age where all schools are incorporating computer use within the classroom. This ensures that children using the Hooked on Phonics system will not only go to class with enhanced reading and comprehension skills but also be familiar with all the current teaching resources being employed by the school system.


As well, the online interactive teaching programs include personal progress tracking charts which will enable the child to witness their accomplishments- further assisting in developing healthy confidence levels within the child.


As previously mentioned, the Hooked on Phonics program has been refined for over 20 years and has been created to hold the attention of children while making the learning to read process fun. Each reading lesson can be accomplished within 20 minutes or less and the system promises you will see dramatic results within just 30 days of using the Hooked on Phonics program.


Of course, as expected from a product that has received many awards and has an exemplary BBB rating, the entire Hooked on Phonics reading system is accompanied with an iron-clad 30 day refund policy. This feature is an awesome offer since the program guarantees results within 30 days and affords the ability to test-drive the program without any risk to the consumer.


The Hooked on Phonics Learning to Read System includes:

  • quick start guide that ensures successful implementation from start to finish
  • 8 engaging dvds that provide visual reinforcement
  • 36 beautifully written and illustrated storybooks
  • 8 workbooks carefully designed to enhance reading comprehension
  • 8 fun practice workbooks for dvd sessions
  • New and exciting interactive online programs


Due to all the accompanying benefits and features, over 2 million families have chosen to make Hooked on Phonics their top choice for teaching their children to read. Amazingly, for a limited time, the features and benefits are being further extended to include some FREE bonus gifts for all online purchases. This limited time Hooked on Phonics promotion is not available in stores and can be exclusively accessed online.


The Free Bonus Gifts accompanying online Hooked on Phonics Purchases are:

  • Advanced Reading Level gift
  • Sing-along cd with their original music
  • Bonus story DVD and dance-along music videos

Plus Free shipping and processing(Limited Time Offer)


If one is looking to buy Hooked on Phonics then they are highly encouraged to purchase the system online so that they can maximize their investment and get the Free complimentary bonuses- valued at $120. In addition, online buyers are able to perform a risk-free test-drive of the Hooked on Phonics reading system for only $14.95. Be sure to buy Hooked on Phonics online in order to take the risk out of your investment- while receiving the "biggest bang for your buck".