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Faculty Orientation

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Faculty Orientation. Essential Information. When You Are Hired. Desk Copies for Courses Check with your Dept. Administrative Assistant to find our your department’s procedure for getting desk copies Complete all paperwork – both HR and Departmental

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faculty orientation

Faculty Orientation

Essential Information

when you are hired
When You Are Hired
  • Desk Copies for Courses
    • Check with your Dept. Administrative Assistant to find our your department’s procedure for getting desk copies
  • Complete all paperwork – both HR and Departmental
  • Get keys/key cards from Administrative Assistant
when you are hired continued
When you are Hired Continued
  • Check with Department Chair for any syllabus format that the department may use
  • Go to Calendar in Zimbra to get all dates for semester
  • Check with Dept. Chair to see who has taught class before, and see if there is any additional information you can get from that faculty member
beginning of term
Beginning of Term
  • By the end of the lst week, turn in a copy of your syllabi to your Department Chair
  • If you have any problems with your classroom, let your administrative assistant know immediately
  • Complete engagement reports by 3rd week of term
beginning of term continued
Beginning of Term continued
  • Decide what Assessment data to collect for course
middle of term
Middle of Term
  • Before “Drop Date” – middle of term
    • Be sure to pass back at least one major graded assignment to students prior to official drop date (check calendar)
  • Be sure to announce to students when drop date is (putting on syllabus is also good idea)
  • Complete Midterm grade (Banner)
end of term
End of Term
  • Enter final grades into Banner
  • Check to see if Department wants a hard copy of your grades, if so – turn them in on time
  • If giving “incomplete” grade, be sure to fill out form to send to registrar’s office
end of term continued
End of Term continued
  • Complete FCAR or ICA form
fcar or ica forms
FCAR or ICA forms
  • FCAR – Faculty Course Assessment Report
  • ICA – Individual Course Assessment
  • Both of these are used for individual course assessment – your department will tell you which form to actually use
assessment and accreditation
Assessment and Accreditation
  • SACS – Southern Association of Colleges and Schools
    • This is our Regional Accrediting body that re-accredits the University every 10 years
    • We just finished our SACS re-accreditaton last year
  • As part of on-going SACS assessment – we complete our FCARs/ICAs each term (talk to your department for more information)
assessment accreditation continued
Assessment & Accreditation Continued
  • Each department completes an assessment annually on EACH major in their department (graduate and undergraduate)
  • These assessments include the FCARs/ICAs as well as other types of program assessments
assessment accreditation continued1
Assessment & Accreditation continued
  • Each department has their program assessment results placed on the Institutional Planning & Assessment webpage
  • In addition, each department completes their annual “planning” for the following year which is also placed on the website
assessment accreditation continued2
Assessment & Accreditation continued
  • Planning and assessment are ALL based upon Student Learning Outcomes
  • You MUST have student learning outcomes for EACH class you teach
  • These should be placed on your syllabus
  • In addition, each program should have student learning outcomes – these are what you’re assessing
assessment accreditation continued3
Assessment & Accreditation continued
  • Many departments have program accreditation
    • ABET (Engineering, Eng Tech, Comp Science, Software Eng, IT)
    • NAAB (Architecture)
    • ACBSP (Business Adm)
    • ACCE (Construction)
  • Quality Enhance Plan
    • Part of SACS
    • We are creating “learning communities”
    • Over the next 2 years, schools will be “rolled in” to the QEP – doing some block scheduling to create learning communities
  • 2-year plan for Students
planning assessment
Planning & Assessment
  • You can find pertinent information at the office of Planning & Assessment
    • Bob Homer is the Director
    • http://www.spsu.edu/irpa/planning.htm
  • We also have Institutional Research
    • Dave Cline is the Director
    • http://www.spsu.edu/irpa
spsu website
SPSU Website
  • Yes – it’s changing, but…….
  • We want you to know the kinds of things you have available to you on the website
  • www.spsu.edu
what we saw
What We Saw
  • Administrative Offices
    • Human Resources
  • Student Services
    • Schedule of Classes
  • For Faculty & Staff
    • Academics
    • Commitees & Minutes
    • Polities & Procedures
    • Directories
    • SPSU Place
campus ids parking permit
Campus IDs & Parking Permit
  • Go to Basement of student center to get Campus ID AND Parking Permit
  • You need to have that parking permit on your car immediately
  • You may pay $75 per term if you’d like to park in the parking deck
refer refer refer
Refer, refer, refer
  • Students are always asking you where things are:
    • You will be taking a tour so try to get an idea of certain places
places students need to go
Places Students NEED to Go
  • Pay fees
    • Business office – end of Norton Hall (R2 on map)
  • Financial Aid
    • Side of Norton Hall (R2 on map)
  • Campus Safety
    • Side of Norton Hall (R2 on map)
places continued
Places continued
  • Counseling (Personal or career)
    • Career & Counseling Center – lst floor Stu Ctr (A)
    • Advisement, Tutoring, Testing, International Center – lst floor Stu Ctr (A)
    • Also handles Regent’s Testing
  • Bookstore
    • 1st floor Stu Ctr (A)
places continued1
Places continued
  • Copies of Transcripts, turn in petitions, registration holds
    • Registrar’s office (B)
  • Campus Nurse
    • Recreation & Wellness Ctr (S1)
who s who
Who’s Who
  • President
    • Dr. Lisa Rossbacher (B)
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs
    • Dr. Zvi Szafran (B)
  • Vice President for Student & Enrollment Serv
    • Dr. Ron Koger (B)
  • Vice President for Business & Finance
    • Mr. Patrick McCord (B)
who s who continued
Who’s Who continued
  • Dean of Arts & Sciences
    • Dr. Alan Gabrielli
  • Dean of Computing & Software Engineering
    • Dr. Han Reichgelt
  • Dean of Engineering Technology & Management
    • Dr. Jeff Ray
who s who continued1
Who’s Who continued
  • Dean of Architecture, Construction & Civil
    • Dr. Wilson Barnes
  • Associate Dean of Engineering
    • Dr. Tom Currin
  • Vice President of Foundation/Alumni Affairs
    • Dr. Ron Dempsey
  • Associate VPAA
    • Dr. Dave Caudill
who s who continued2
Who’s Who continued
  • Registrar & Assistant to the VPAA
    • Mr. Steve Hamrick
  • Dean of Students
    • Mr. Barry Birckhead
  • Chief of Police
    • Capt. John Bauer
  • Director of Career & Counseling Center
    • Phyllis Weatherly
who s who continued3
Who’s Who continued
  • Director of Admissions
    • Mr. Gary Bush
  • Director of ATTIC
    • Dr. Jeff Orr
  • Transfer Credit
    • Marilyn Shortridge
night contact numbers
Night Contact Numbers
  • Campus Safety
    • 5555 from campus phone
    • 678-915-5555
    • 770-528-7348 (cell phone)
  • IT
    • 678-915-4357
pertinent policies procedures
Pertinent Policies & Procedures
  • 603.0 Intellectual Property
  • 706.0 Travel Regulations
  • 709.0 Grants and Contracts
  • 802.10 Faculty Consulting and Extra Compensation
  • 803.07 Evaluation of Faculty
  • 803.0701 Student Evaluation of Faculty
pertinent p ps continued
Pertinent P&Ps continued
  • 803.075 Faculty Activities
  • 803.078 Faculty Resume Preparation
  • 803.09 Faculty Promotion & Tenure
  • 803.0904 Pre-Tenure Review
  • 904.0 Smoking on SPSU campus
  • 950.01 Removal of School Property from Campus
pertinent p ps continued1
Pertinent P&Ps continued
  • 1120.0 Gifts, Grants & Contracts
  • 1210.0-1270.0 Emergency Procedures
  • 1910.0 Academic Freedom
  • My contact information:
    • Becky Rutherfoord
    • J363
    • Ext: 7400
    • Email: brutherf@spsu.edu