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Career Development. “Preparing for Promotion”. Introduction. This presentation is designed to aid PHS officers in preparing for the promotion process. There are steps you can take to improve your chances for promotion. Topics of Discussion. Your Official Personnel Folder (OPF)

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Career development

Career Development

“Preparing for Promotion”


  • This presentation is designed to aid PHS officers in preparing for the promotion process.

  • There are steps you can take to improve your chances for promotion

Topics of discussion
Topics of Discussion

  • Your Official Personnel Folder (OPF)

  • The Promotion Board

  • Promotion Board Scoring System

  • Helpful hints for promotion

The opf is the only knowledge the board has of you

The OPF is the only knowledge the board has of you.

Make sure your OPF is up-to-date, accurate , and complete!

Career development
Information about the Official Personnel Folder (OPF) can be found at:

  • OPF Guidelines & Frequently asked Questions

  • Tips for Cover Page & CV preparation

  • PHS support activities

  • Assimilation information

  • Useful information to enhance your promotion potential

Electronic opf

Electronic OPF found at:

Visit the CCMIS homepage at:

View under “secure Area”

Contact Help Desk for User ID & Password


Pharmacy promotion board
Pharmacy Promotion Board found at:

  • Board members are at the O-6 rank

  • Composed of 5 pharmacists selected for diversity

  • From different PHS OPDIVs and geographic areas

Your promotion depends on five precepts

Your promotion depends on five precepts. found at:

(The origin of these precepts are found in the “Pharmacy Promotion Benchmarks” for the given year).

Promotion precepts
Promotion Precepts found at:

  • Performance (40%)

  • Career Progression/Potential (25%)

  • Professional Qualifications (15%)

  • Career Officer Characteristics (15%)

  • Response Readiness/Deployment (5%)

Performance 40
Performance (40%) found at:

  • COER & COER attachments

  • Award History

  • Reviewing Officers statement (ROS)

  • Leadership Attributes

  • Mission Contribution

  • Integrity/Duty

Career progression potential
Career Progression/ Potential found at:

  • Assignments

  • Mobility- Geographic and/or Programmatic

  • Assimilation

  • Collateral Duties/ Billet Addendums

Professional qualifications 15
Professional Qualifications (15%) found at:

  • Professional Degrees

  • Licensure

  • Certification/ Credentialing (beyond that required for appointment)

  • Public Health Training/ Experience

Career officer characteristics 15
Career Officer Characteristics (15%) found at:

  • Membership/ Involvement in PAC or other Corps Committees or Advisory Groups.

  • Associate Recruiter


  • Professional Organizations

  • Service Awards

  • Daily wearing of uniform

  • Presentations

  • Other official Corps/ PHS Activities

Response readiness 5
Response Readiness (5%) found at:

  • Achievement of OFRD “Basic” level of readiness

Promotion board scoring system
Promotion Board Scoring System found at:


  • SCORES (0 TO 100)

  • 0-5-10-15-20 …100



Identical scores tie breaker determinants
Identical Scores !!! found at:(Tie Breaker determinants)

  • Regular Corps Officer

  • Higher Permanent Grade

  • Seniority Credit Date

  • Years of PHS active duty

  • Years of active duty in a uniformed service

Helpful hints for successful promotion
Helpful Hints for Successful Promotion found at:

  • Update your CV regularly.

  • Remain attentive to the pharmacy “Benchmarks” each year.

  • Keep abreast of new deployment training requirements.

  • Document achievements in your OPF as they are accomplished.

  • Check the information contained in your OPF for accuracy.

  • Review your file early in the year prior to your expected promotion

Promotion quotas

Promotion Quotas found at:

“The number of officers promoted depends on the requirements of the PHS Commissioned Corps in each grade as determined by the Surgeon General in accordance with the guidelines set by the Assistant Secretary of Health”.