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BUNNELL POLICE DEPARTMENT “Professional Law Enforcement” PowerPoint Presentation
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BUNNELL POLICE DEPARTMENT “Professional Law Enforcement”

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BUNNELL POLICE DEPARTMENT “Professional Law Enforcement” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BUNNELL POLICE DEPARTMENT “Professional Law Enforcement”. 2010 – 2011 YEAR IN REVIEW. BUNNELL POLICE DEPARTMENT “Mission Statement”.

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BUNNELL POLICE DEPARTMENT “Professional Law Enforcement”

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    1. BUNNELL POLICE DEPARTMENT “Professional Law Enforcement” 2010 – 2011 YEAR IN REVIEW

    2. BUNNELL POLICE DEPARTMENT“Mission Statement” We, the employees of the Bunnell Police Department, will work in partnership with the Community to effectively deal with criminal activity within the City of Bunnell through prevention, investigation and arrest. We will respond to the needs of the entire community by providing professional and effective delivery of services. We will treat each other with fairness and honesty. In turn, the Department will support and develop all employees to the fullest of their potential to create a positive environment for employee job satisfaction. Our goal is to accomplish our mission while following the values established by our department.

    3. A HISTORY OF SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY • The Bunnell Police Department began its service to the citizens of Bunnell in 1913. • The Police Department was formed by utilizing a single officer called the Town Marshal. • The Town Marshal worked out of the Bunnell City Hall located at 200 South Church Street. Ernest Walton Johnston City of Bunnell’s First Town Marshal


    5. ORGANIZATIONAL CHART Chief of Police Arthur L. Jones Lieutenant Randy Burke Admin. Assistant JoAnne Noel Records / Evidence Susie DeShazo Corporal Sergio Pina Corporal Frank Barbagallo Officer George Hristakopoulos Officer Matthew Mortimer Officer Michael Stavris Officer Austin Chewing Reserve Officer Louis Vega Officer Robert Myers Reserve Officer Shane Tully Officer Christopher Wolfle Reserve Officer Growth Officer Agustine Rodriguez Reserve Officer Growth

    6. Chief Arthur L. Jones became a member of the Bunnell Police Department in February 2008. • He was appointed Chief of Police with the City of Bunnell Police Department on November 6, 2008. • Previously, Chief Jones served 22 years as a member of the Ft. Lauderdale Police Department and has a total of 29 years in law enforcement. CHIEF • During his career, Chief Jones served as a patrolman, field training officer, a detective in robbery, violent crimes, homicide, and youth services divisions. He also served as a School Resource Practitioner. • Chief Jones has acquired over fifteen hundred hours of criminal justice training. Chief of PoliceArthur L. Jones

    7. LIEUTENANT • Lt. Burke was Born in Maryland and grew up in the Daytona Beach area. He attended Mainland High School and graduated in 1982. He later attended and graduated from St. Augustine Technical Center’s Criminal Justice Academy in 1993. This is where his career in Law Enforcement began. His first position was held with the Flagler Beach Police Department. • Lt. Burke became a member of the Bunnell Police Department in August of 2001. He currently has 18 years experience in Law Enforcement. He has risen through the ranks to his current rank of Lieutenant. • Lt. Burke has over 1500 hours of training. He is certified in Traffic Homicide Investigation, Taser Instruction • Lt. Burke has received many awards to include Honorable Service 1997; Honorable Duty 1997; Officer of the Year 1998; Life Saving Award 1999 & 2007; Medal of Valor 1999; distinguished Service Award 2007; Silver Medal of Valor 2007; Crime Stoppers Officer of the Year 2008; Kiwanis Club Officer of the Year 2008. He has also received over 40 letters of commendation. • Lt. Burke is married with seven children. He has participated in Flagler PAL Little League Football as a Head Coach since 2008. His two youngest children and wife participate in the league as well. Lieutenant Randy Burke

    8. SUPERVISORS Corporal Sergio Pina • With the Bunnell Police Department since April of 2009. • Cpl. Pina has 6 years in law enforcement. • Cpl. Pina oversees the Property Room to include inventory and distribution of all department equipment. Corporal Frank Barbagallo • With the Bunnell Police Department beginning in June of 2009. • Cpl. Barbagallo has 2 years in law enforcement. • Cpl. Barbagallo heads up the Educational Program at our local Schools.

    9. OFFICERS • Ofc. M. Mortimer • 7 Years of Service • Ofc. G. Hristakopoulos • 6 Years of Service • Ofc. C. Wolfle • 3 ½ Years of Service • Ofc. A. Rodriguez • 2 Year of Service • Ofc. M. Stavris • New Recruit Ofc. R. Myers New Recruit • Ofc. A. Chewning • New Recruit

    10. OFFICE PERSONNEL Records / Evidence Susie DeShazo • Admin. Assistant • JoAnne Noel • With the Bunnell Police Department beginning in May of 2010. • Mrs. DeShazo promoted to Records/Evidence Custodian in October of 2011. • Standardized tracking procedure for disposition of records. • Processes all Records and Evidence in a timely manner. • With the Bunnell Police Department beginning in September of 2011. • Mrs. Noel assists Chief Jones with scheduling, correspondence and community programs. • Assists officers with administrative functions when needed. • Participates in local community programs and events.


    12. BUILDING LOCATION: City Hall 200 South Church St. Bunnell, FL 32110 LAYOUT: City Hall North Wing: (1) Small Public Reception Area (1) Small Receptionist Desk Area (1) Large Office – Administrative Assistant (1) Medium Office – Records/Evidence (1) Large Vault - Evidence (1) Small Equipment Room (2) Bathrooms South Wing: (1) Small Office w/ Conference Room – Chief of Police (1) Small Office – Officers Write-Up Room (1) Small Office – Lieutenant’s Office DEFICIENCIES: Interview Room Minimal Storage


    14. VEHICLES


    16. BUNNELL POLICE DEPARTMENT“Professional Law Enforcement” BUDGET & REVENUES


    18. BUNNELL POLICE DEPARTMENT“Professional Law Enforcement” GRANTS

    19. GRANTS • VEHICLE GRANT: • AMOUNT: $91,876.00 • MATCH: $22,976.00 (25%) • ITEMS: (2) Vehicles w/ full package to include; interior package; electronic package; light package; all vehicle gear • STATUS: Application Completed; Grant Approved; • Purchase of vehicles initiated September, 2011. • NEIGHBORHOOD CRIME WATCH: • AMOUNT: $1,250.00 • ITEMS: Start-up of Neighborhood Crime Watch Program an extension of the Chief’s Crime Watch Advisory Board. • STATUS: Final Report completed 9-30-11. Monthly and/or quarterly meetings scheduled with the following communities: Bella Vista, Our House Resource Center and Chief Jones’ Advisory Board. Initiated contact with Palm Point and Palm Terrace communities. • EDUCATIONAL & PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS: • AMOUNT: $2,500.00 • ITEMS: Educational Materials used to educate the citizens of Bunnell in areas of Safety and Crime Prevention. • STATUS: Final Report completed 9-30-11. Officers and trained administration scheduled classes with local schools and youth groups to educate children in the area of safety and age-appropriate topics. Educational materials and handouts used during these events. • UPCOMING GRANT APPLICATIONS: • Crime Prevention Grant: BPD submitted (3) applications for 2011/12 to Flagler County: • Neighborhood Crime Watch • Educational & Promotional Materials • Officer Training • Only one Grant approved – Neighborhood Crime Watch program in the amount of $1,500.00. The objective is to reduce the percentage of crime by bringing community members together via monthly and/or quarterly meetings.


    21. OFFICER TRAINING • All officers are required to complete 40 hours mandatory retraining every four years. This can be done by taking classes offered through local colleges, FCSO or any certified training course. • The Bunnell Police Department participates in classes that are available through the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office. The Training Officer, Lt. Randy Burke, coordinates along with the FCSO to schedule our officers for courses available at no cost. • We also participate in courses available at Daytona State College, and St. Johns Community College. Each of these colleges offer law enforcement courses free of charge or for a nominal fee. • We also participate in free classes that become available to us through grant funded courses. • In an attempt to keep budget costs down, the Bunnell Police Department makes every effort to fulfill the mandatory training requirements through the participation in free courses.

    22. STAFF TRAINING • The Records and Evidence Custodian is required to be certified and maintain that certification. The Records and Evidence Custodian attends the recertification course as necessary. • Office staff attends any seminars or courses, relating to their position, when available free of charge. • If there are courses available that staff has the opportunity to attend where there is a fee involved, but the city does not have funding for, it is up to the staff member to pay for the course if interested in attending.



    25. CRIME PREVENTION Goal: Prevention of all forms of crime within the City of Bunnell through proactive Crime Prevention Programs, Community Education and reduction in Crime Statistics within the City of Bunnell. Objective: Bring the department to full staffing and assign an investigative position to follow-up with investigations, arrests and closing out case files. Continue to increase police visibility in all neighborhoods. Continue agency cooperation to promote increased efficiency and effectiveness in local law enforcement. Continue Community Policing Initiatives to combat crime while interacting with the community. Continue partnerships with local schools and agencies to educate students in areas of safety with the development of age appropriate educational programs.

    26. CRIME PREVENTION INITIATIVES The Bunnell Police Department has many successful policing initiatives which help to combat crime within the City of Bunnell. These initiatives include the following: • Watch Over Bunnell Card: this initiative consists of a “spot check” card left by the officer after taking corrective action at a residence or business while the occupant was not at home or the business was closed. This initiative targets “Crimes of Opportunity” and helps in the reduction of the number of crimes committed. • Park and Walk: This initiative requires officers to exit their vehicle and walk to interact with residents and or businesses. This initiative increases visibility and community relations, enhancing our ability to obtain vital information to combat crime. As a result, this initiative also contributes to the solving of criminal investigations. • Business Check: Officers are trained and encouraged to practice a “Zero Tolerance” in problem neighborhoods plagued with illegal narcotics activities. Officers are permitted to spend the majority of their free patrol time in these areas to increase visibility. As a result, the flagrant and open practices of narcotic’s sales are greatly reduced in these neighborhoods. In addition, many arrests and seizures of narcotics, weapons and firearms are attributed to this initiative. • Investigative Follow-up: Officers are trained and permitted to follow up on cases to capture repeat offenders plaguing the city in areas of person and property crimes • Neighborhood Crime Watch: The Chief’s Advisory Board has created a Neighborhood Crime Watch Program as an extension to the board’s purpose – “Crime Prevention”. Monthly and/or quarterly meetings have been scheduled with several Bunnell communities.


    28. AGENCY COOPERATION / MUTUAL AID The Bunnell Police Department partners with surrounding area agencies to promote cooperation in law enforcement. This not only builds positive relationships within in the City of Bunnell but also throughout Flagler County. Local Crime Prevention and Law Enforcement is a countywide endeavor. The Bunnell Police Department works along with the following agencies at any given time: FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation FDLE – Florida Department of Law Enforcement DEA – Drug Enforcement Agency ATF – Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms NCIC/FCIC FHP – Florida Highway Patrol FCSO – Flagler County Sheriff’s Office FBPD – Flagler Beach Police Department CID – Central Intelligence Division EOC – Emergency Operation Center VA – Victims Advocate FCSATF – Flagler County Sexual Assault Task Force DCF – Department of Children and Families State Attorney’s Office

    29. BUNNELL POLICE DEPARTMENT“Professional Law Enforcement” • “SPECIAL OPERATIONS”

    30. SPECIAL OPERATIONS The Bunnell Police Department works directly with state and local law enforcement agencies on “special operations” to combat known criminal activities. We partner with these agencies on “Special Operations” which include: • • Narcotics Interdiction • • Counterfeiting • • Firearms and Weapons Control • • Fraud • • Thefts of Property • • Traffic Enforcement


    32. COMMUNITY RELATIONS Goal: The facilitation of partnerships with local Community Agencies, Civic Groups, Schools and Churches to educate and enhance our community. Objective: Continue partnerships with local community groups in support of educating the public on crime prevention, awareness and safety. Continue working with “At-Risk” youths through an “Anti-Gang/Anti-Violence” Education Program. Support and participate in Flagler County Drug Court Program. Continued participation in the Flagler County Sexual Assault Task Force to provide citizens of the City of Bunnell with the education to avoid this threat and the support needed if exposure occurs. Support the local AIM (Alliance of Involved Ministers) Chapter to help facilitate their involvement in community activities. Continue to support Community Activities and Summer Camp Programs that encourage positive alternatives to local youths. Support and participate in Community Holiday Activities.

    33. COMMUNITY RELATIONS The Bunnell Police Department partners with many local schools, community and civic groups and churches to educate our youth and the citizens of Bunnell in the areas of Safety and Crime Preventions. We provide educational classes and materials to these groups to help combat crime in our City. Some of these programs are as follows: • Northeast Community Action Agency – Anti-Drug/Anti-Gang Program • Alliance of Involved Ministers – Community Outreach and Awareness Programs; and local Summer Camp Program • • Local Schools – Youth Safety Education to include “Stranger Danger” and “Internet Safety” • • Chief’s Crime Watch Advisory Board – Crime Prevention • • Flagler County Sexual Assault Task Force – Education and Support Programs • • Local Community Events – Handouts and Educational Materials • • Churches & Civic Groups – Youth and Public Safety and Crime Prevention Education • • Family Life Center – Board Member • • Neighborhood Crime Watch – Community Awareness and Crime Prevention • • Police Athletic League - Sports Program as a positive alternative to local youth.


    35. NEEDS AND GROWTH The following is a list of requirements needed to allow for the growth of the Police Department and the efficient and effective policing of the City of Bunnell: • Officer Position: (3) To allow for three Officers on during each shift • Crime Scene Investigator: (1) To relieve patrol officers on scene and get them back on the road. Allows for more efficient assigned duties and coverage. • General Investigator Position: (1) To allow for follow-up investigation of case reports which will have a direct impact on criminal activity and crime statistics. • Equipment:Updated equipment to include Tasers – X26; Laser RADAR; Patrol Rifles; Hand-held Radio. • Building: The Bunnell Police Department successfully moved to the historic City Hall • building in October, 2011. This move has instilled a sense of pride and definitely improved • the public’s perception of its Police Department. • However, the Department is still in need of more space. Growth is inevitable – allocating the • entire City Hall building to the Police Department would be the least expensive option.

    36. A PROPOSAL FOR THE FUTURE In order for the Bunnell Police Department to continue to effectively and efficiently serve the City of Bunnell, growth will be inevitable. As the City continues to grow, so will the need for Law Enforcement. After review of the “Needs and Growth” of the department, it is our proposal to allocate the entire City Hall building to the Police Department. By doing this we will address several of the needs of the department. It will allow for growth over many years, to include the department’s move toward accreditation. It will address the need for more space to house equipment, ammunition, files, records, property and evidence. It will also provide the space needed to train the officers. IMAGINE……. WHAT THE FURTURE COULD HOLD… PRIDE SERVICE INTEGRITY