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The vibrant city of Hong Kong is one of Asia’s most beautiful destinations! Formerly a British Colony, now embraces and projects the rich Chinese culture to an exuberant and lively level.

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The vibrant city of Hong Kong is one of Asia’s most beautiful

destinations! Formerly a British Colony, now embraces and

projects the rich Chinese culture to an exuberant and lively

level. It comprises of colossal skyscrapers, scrumptious cuisines

and breath-taking sights that will certainly leave a distinct

impression in one’s mind. A Hong Kong travel should surely

fall in your To-Do List.

Entrance to this animated city can be made through the

Hong Kong International Airport or ferries and ships. Buses and

trams take tourists around the city’s four districts. There are

several marvels in Hong Kong that are awe-inspiring like:

·The Po Lin Monastery and The TianTan Buddha:

The biggest sitting Bronze Buddha in the world at 112 feet

was erected in 1993 in the mountains. Opposite the Buddha is

the Po Lin Monastery which showcases colorful Buddhist

iconography and a picturesque garden filled with the scents of

flowers and the chirrups of birds. These attractions are found on

the Lantau Island.

·Mai Po Nature Reserve:

Mai Po Nature Reserve has been a haven for birds for many

years. This scenic site acts as a home to various amphibians,

reptiles and endangered species that are very few and not easily

found in the world.

·The Victoria Harbour:

You can view the vivid beauty that is Hong Kong at night

via The Victoria Harbour, a popular tourist attraction. The

skyscrapers of Hong Kong can be observed especially at night. It

is the City of Kowloon present on the Hong Kong Island along

with its impeccable skyline that is displayed from this harbor. It

is also the place where colorful fireworks can be panoramically

observed from.

·Temple Street Night Market:

It is known to be one of the busiest flea markets at night in

Hong Kong and can is usually filled with people buying countless

items which vary from clothes to food items. There are many live

street entertainers who try to make your shopping experience a

bit livelier. Bargaining seems to be the main theme that thrives


·Ocean Park Hong Kong:

An abundance of marine mammals and an Oceanarium is

present along with fun rides like ‘The Hair Raiser’ and ‘The

Eagle’ will make your experience in Hong Kong adventurous as

well as worthy.

·Disneyland Hong Kong:

Situated in Lantau Island is the infamous Disneyland filled

with various, theme-based rides and resorts. You will enjoy

every facet of this place. There will be live plays and musicals

along with creative, funky food that will make your day more


·The Man Mo Temple:

This temple is said to be an eternal tribute to the God of

Literature (Man) and God of War (Mo). Visiting this temple will

prove to be more of a spiritual and peaceful to the soul. Many

say it is quite a cleansing experience as well.


Food is one element that never fails to enrich any

experience in a person’s life. Hong Kong is famous for its beef

brisket and there are quite a few Michelin star restaurants that

can make one’s eating experience divine. Tai Cheong Bakery is

famous for making divine tarts and pastries. If you are a foodie,

this is a must visit place.

Most inhabitants of Hong Kong speak the Cantonese

language. Thereby, a tour guide is said to make your experience

smoother, time-efficient and enriching because you will also get

to hear the story behind a lot of Hong Kong’s marvels apart from

the viewing that can help you see things in a better light.

Bottom line: A HongKong Travelwill be an adventurous, learning

and beautiful experience that one should not miss!