by brett delaney author editor craig macinns n.
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Robert G Orr

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By: Brett Delaney Author/Editor: Craig MacINNS. Robert G Orr. Introduction. Birth date- March 20, 1948- Birth place- Parry Sound, Ontario Canada Famous for- May 10 th 1970 shot of the century. Why I chose him- The reason I chose Bobby Orr is because he as been my idle since 2004.

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Robert G Orr

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by brett delaney author editor craig macinns
By: Brett Delaney

Author/Editor: Craig MacINNS

Robert G Orr

  • Birth date- March 20, 1948-
  • Birth place- Parry Sound, Ontario Canada
  • Famous for- May 10th 1970 shot of the century.
  • Why I chose him- The reason I chose Bobby Orr is because he as been my idle since 2004.
  • Robert G Orr was born March 20, 1948. While he was growing up, he decided to play hockey for the juniors. He played hockey with his brother, Ron, out on the alley ways and on the streets. When Robert started to get older, he played for the Oshawa Generals. He played for about 40-50 minutes a game. That is almost a full game! When he was almost done with junior hockey, 4 of the NHL teams were after him and really wanted him on their team. The teams are Boston, Montreal, Toronto, and Detroit. Those were the top teams of the NHL at that time. Every body would know Bobby Orr if he was drafted to any of those teams. They all said he could make any team and would be on time to every game that they have played. The president at that time was Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
  • When Bobby Orr was 15, he was still playing for the Oshawa Generals. He still played 40-50 minutes a game. The Boston Bruins were scouting Robert Orr and thought they might be able to draft him at age 17. So they did. Bobby Orr was drafted on to the Boston Bruins at age 17 and was a defensemen. He was very happy he was drafted onto the team and he said it is his responsibility to show up for every game and be there on time. Every person said that they couldn’t wait to see Bobby Orr in action. When he first got on the team he made a lot of new friends such as Phil Esposito, Derek Sanderson, Gerry Cheevers, Johnny Buyck, Ken Hodge and many more. They all worked together and won many Stanley cups. He said if we all work together, we will beat all those teams and win that Stanley cup!
  • In Robert’s adulthood, he first played for the Boston Bruins. He many career highlights as a Bruin. His most famous highlight was on May 10th, 1970. He was tripped by a opposing teammate. He was soaring through the air and shot the puck in the net passed the goalie and scored. That goal was the game winning goal for the Stanley Cup! They call that goal the SNAPSHOT of the CENTURY. After that goal the crowd went wild with excitement. They will always remember Bobby Orr as a bruin. But that said thing is that he was traded to another team! The team that he was traded to was called the Chicago Black Hawks. The goalie for that team was on of Bobby Orr’s former teammate Phil Esposito brother. His name was Tony Esposito. They all say he didn’t look familiar with all of those unfamiliar colors on. They fans were very disappointed that he was traded to that team. But they all will remember Robert G Orr as a bruin.


Bobby was Born




Stanley Cup


Canada Cup


Art Ross



Calder Trophy




Wins Stanley Cup


Some of the positive contributions Bobby Orr made was that he was put into the hall of fame. He also was an excellent team organizer. He would make sure all of them were in the right position. Bobby Orr also was a sponsor for the children charities. He also make sure the team would work together as a team. That is the reason they one so many Stanley cups. Bobby Orr would make sure the plays were in order so they could win. He also had a big leadership while on the Bruins. He would talk to the coach as him if it was ok do this play and that play. They will always remember Bobby Orr a leader not a follower.

interesting things
Interesting Things
  • The thing that interested me the most on the subject was on page 67. It was called the SNAPSHOT OF THE CENTURY. It all happened on May 10th, 1970. Bobby Orr was playing defense against the St. Louis Blues. Once Bobby Orr’s teammates had the puck and were going to shoot it on the goalie, Bobby Orr got the puck and went to go score. So he went at the goalie and was tripped by a player and went soaring through the air and knocked it in! The reason why it was a big deal is because it was in the Stanley Cup! That goal right there is known all of the entire world. The reason why it interested me the most was because it is just amazing how he scored right there! Every one will know Bobby Orr until the day we die.
  • The three questions I would ask Robert Orr would be…
  • 1. How did it feel to be known all over the world?
  • 2. Do people still ask you about the SNAPSHOT of the CENTURY?
  • 3. How does it feel to have news reporters writing about you, leaving comments, and more?
  • 4. If you could play any other sport, would it be golf?
  • MacINNIS, C. (1999). Remembering Bobby Orr. Toronto: Stoddart Publishing Co. Limited.