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Phone Answering Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Phone Answering Services

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Phone Answering Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Phone Answering Services

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  1. Article: PHONE ANSWERING SERVICES A phone answering service is an office automation tool that filters incoming calls. By filtering, it means rerouting calls to the right department, getting all the pertinent information relative to an appointment request and then transferring that to a central database for review later on. Common features of Phone Answering Service 1)Phone answering service must be able to record information with accuracy. Accuracy is also important in order to get a history of the patient's medical record even before you meet them. 2)Phone answering service must be able to store recorded information in a central database. This means that you don't want your system to break off when your customer is on the line. Second, the stored information must be secure. This is where compliance to the standards set by the authorities comes in. You will be handling sensitive information and it is of utmost importance that nothing gets leaked out. Otherwise, your practice could possibly in jeopardy. 3)Call answering service must come with customer retention qualities which could be in the form of a human-like voice recording, well thought-of telephone script, and multi-lingual operations. Some customers prefer to hear a human voice compared to that of a machine. For these individuals, a human voice is very warm and welcoming. And of course, an answering service must have multi-lingual operations if you intend to reach out to as many people in the community as possible. Advantages of a live Answering Service A phone answering service is a great addition to your company since customers will be happier when they can call and get their questions answered rather than having to wait until the next day before they can find out their needed information. Basic phone answering systems usually involve an agent who will answer the call with a greeting that you write for your company, and help your caller out. You will give them guidelines so that they can help service your customer and help them out with any of their questions. For example, if you have an advanced answering service, you can have the agents take orders from clients or provide them with technical support. You can add-on service of the agent answering the phone help schedule appointments as well as make sales through sales costs. These can make your call answering service compatible and will definitely help those customers who need help. In order to make use of these advanced features, you will also need to write scripts that the agents will use. These scripts need to be customized for your company since your agents are representing your company and helping out your customers. It might take a little more work on your side, but if you use these features well, then it is definitely worth it. For more information on business answering service, visit ABOUT THE AUTHOR Harry Shannon is a call center senior executive, and has been in the profession of customer care for more than five years. He is of the opinion that the customer interaction with the company should

  2. Article: always be special. He highly recommends for all solutions regarding call answering services.