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How Can An Answering Service Be Beneficial For Your Business?

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How Can An Answering Service Be Beneficial For Your Business? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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If you are a small business, it might not be possible for you to carve out a major portion of your budget to hire an in-house full-time receptionist or secretary. Visit the website. Doc

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If you are a small business, it might not be possible for you to carve out a major portion of your budget to hire an in-

house full-time receptionist or secretary. And in the times when the government is busy in promoting enterprises full

throttle, many businesses are operating virtually or from the homes and garages. In these cases, an answering

service for small businesses can help maintain the image of having on-site staff, regardless of whether or not you

have a brick and mortar office.And if you look on the other side of the coin, a business answering service can do even

better than your in-house employees.


Because every call is answered. No lunch breaks, coffee breaks, or vacations. In other words, no scope that could

leave your clients talking to a cold voicemail box or divert them to your competitors. And THAT is a great advantage!

The features offered by live business phone answering services are as follows:

Personalized messages: With these services, you often get an advantage of personalizing the instructions

about the format you are expecting the messages to be in. You can ask your virtual receptionist to write

down the message for you or record the message and email it to you.

Live call transferring: This is what a typical receptionist do, the only difference here is you are not hiring a

full-time human here. A virtual receptionist can take messages, can answer calls, and just like a typical

receptionist, they can let you know who is on the other side so that you can accept or decline the call.

Whereabouts updates: By sending a quick email or making a phone call, you can let your virtual receptionist

know your call handling instruction. For example, you are in a meeting or taking off for the day, just send

them a simple note and they will keep your callers in a loop, sounding like a part of your team.

Outbound calls: Some business phone answering services can also make calls on your behalf. This could be

done to gather information or arrange appointments. This can add professionalism to your business, save

you a lot of time and help to make your business more productive.

Call reports: Many answering services offer customer portals where a client can check the detailed record of

usage, unanswered calls, messages, caller ID info, and the information gathered during these calls. Their

portals also offer a feature where you can download the information into your email client or even view the

report directly in your smartphone.

Friendliness: This is, of course, the best advantage of using the specialty answering service. Whenever you

are unable to answer the call, it will be answered by a real human, and not by a cold sounding computerized

answering machine. The human element is an essential part of any business which will leave the clients with

a warm smile, and the end of the day, you – happy and satisfied.

For any further information on answering services for small business,please visit


Jim Bailey is an expert in ancillary business solutions who also likes to write interesting articles and blogs, helping

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best specialty answering service that you can hire to take care of your business calls in a professional manner.