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Home Warranty And It's Pre Existing Condition PowerPoint Presentation
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Home Warranty And It's Pre Existing Condition

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Home Warranty And It's Pre Existing Condition - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Check the home warranty and it's pre existing condition before you opt for home warranty.

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pre existing conditions

Pre- Existing Conditions?

How does a home warranty company determine

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what is a pre existing condition
What is a pre-existing condition?

Any fault that is already present in an appliance/system before or when the home service contract is signed is referred to as a pre-existing condition. Most home warranty companies do not cover pre-existing conditions.

how are pre existing conditions determined
How are pre-existing conditions determined?

When a customer expresses his wish to purchase a home warranty, the warranty provider will -

  • Send a home inspector to examine his house and prepare a report on the condition of the house and its contents
  • Ask the homeowner to hire a professional inspector to prepare the report
what does the home inspector do
What does the home inspector do?

Home inspectors job is to prepare a report on the following

  • The condition of the house which includes
    • Roofs and ceilings
    • Attic
    • Other visible features
  • The state of the appliances and systems in it, which includes
    • HVAC
    • Plumbing and electrical systems
    • Kitchen and general appliances
who uses the home inspection report
Who uses the home inspection report?
  • If the inspector was sent by the home warranty company, they will go through the report and note down faults that are already existing in various components of a home. These faults will not be covered and will be included in the contract as an excluded condition.
  • There are some companies that may cover pre-existing conditions, kindly refer to the contract for further information.
  • For home buyers, home inspection is a must as it helps understand potential problems with the property.

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