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SEO Services for Local Contractors and Why They Should consider it

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SEO Services for Local Contractors and Why They Should consider it - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This is an article making a business case on why local contractors should take up SEO services in their endeavour to improve their sales conversion. It also highlights some of the popular services that are offered by the SEO companies.

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Presentation Transcript
SEO Services for Local Contractors and Why They

Should consider it

You are a local contractor and are wondering how you could boost your bottom-line. If you Google

this, you will probably get a host of advice. But let us give you our cents worth. Try Search Engine

Optimization services. They will not only increase traffic to your website, but also give you insights

into who among the visitors to your page is most likely to be converted into a paying customers.

So, what are these SEO services for local contractors that you should be considering? Read on.

Website Creation

The first thing that you would obviously need is to have a website that is geared towards SEO

optimization from conception. A website will need to have an easy enough code so that search

engines can find it easily. The search engines will then check whether it is easy to read and index, and

then rank it against similar websites.

Every contractors/ website must be properly structured to communicate with the potential customers.

Your SEO Company should help you come up with important pages. Among the must have pages


About Us Page– This page will must be catch. It should give your potential customer confidence in

you. It should explain what you do concisely and clearly. It must also seek to give your business

authority in its field.

Gallery– Most potential customers will want to look at the sort of job that you do. Your SEO

Company should help you get the best images of your past work as well as that of your employees.

Make sure that anything posted here communicates a confident company.

A blog– This is a tool to communicate with your customers about the industry. What are the newest

best-practices? What are best materials for your work in the market? What are the changes that the

industry is experiencing? All these are communicated on the blog.

Contacts– This is another important element of your website as a contractor. You need to indicate

your physical address, contacts and email so that potential customers can reach you directly. Only the

most up to date contacts must be included here.

SEO Services

SEO Services

Listing on online and yellow pages– Another service that you can expect from your SEO

Company is listing on online directories. The fact is that people still go to the online directories to

look for contractors in their local area. If you get a listing on your local area, it will also have a link

back to your website where the potential customers can easily read more about you.

Social Media Accounts Creation - Social media has become part of the modern day business. It is

more likely that your potential customers spend 2 to 3 hours daily on social media. One of the major

roles of an SEO company will be to create, maintain, and regularly update your social media

platforms. Every contractor should have at least a Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and

Tumblr account. Sometimes, you will need expert help with running social media marketing


Trust seal badge on the website– Another service that will be proffered by your SEO Company is

getting an authority badge for your website. This is usually given to contractors that are members of a

professional body.

Getting Additional Reviews and Ratings for Your Website– By getting many positive reviews

and ratings, your website, and by extension your business is establishing its authority in its niche.

Your SEO Company should help you get as many reviews from renowned experts in your field as


Keyword research

One of the most important SEO services that you will get is the Keyword research. The results of the

research will inform the content that will be uploaded to your website in order to start ranking in your

area of choice. Keyword research also helps you know what the competition is doing in order to rank


Keywords optimization

After keyword research, you will get keyword optimization in areas such as on page SEO (H1, H2,

H3 titles), Keyword density etc.

Citations and links

Your SEO Company will establish authority website to link back to your site. They will also get

citations to authority sources and websites.

Dedicated SEO Manager to your Website

You will probably need a dedicated SEO account manager working on your website on a daily or

weekly basis to track changes and make improvements to both your website and social media


Monthly SEO Reports

Expect monthly reports from your SEO Company that tracks your SEO performance and its effect on

your bottom-line.

Analytic Software and Easy Website Code

In some cases, your SEO Company will procure an analytic software that will help you tract every

aspect of your SEO campaigns.

Authority Onsite Content

Another very important SEO service is getting a content curator for your blogs. The content that is

uploaded to your website will determine whether your website is authoritative or not.

Why consider it?

The following are the reasons that should compel a local contractor to take on the services of an SEO


Google and other search engines are the kingmakers now

98% of potential customers go to Google to look for local contractors. Supposing your website ranks

on the first page of Google for the service that the customer is looking for? Your potential to convert

that lead into a paying customer triples. Gone are the days when placing an ad in the local directories

and waiting for customer enquiries was the in thing. Ask yourself this; when was the last time I

perused through local directors to get a contractor? Your answer to this question should help you

make a decision about SEO services.

Free traffic that is convertible to paying customers

After you optimize your page, you will start getting tons of organic traffic that has potential to convert

into paying customer. You no longer have to pay for expensive marketing campaigns or hiring of

marketers and sales people. For small business, this represents a huge saving that can go into activities

such as expanding your business or buying more machinery.

Competition is still minimal on on-page SEO in the contractors niche

Although more and more people are taking up SEO services, local contractors are still stuck in the

past. Getting SEO services will give you an advantage over your competition. Again, since your

competition is probably in the neighborhood, you can start ranking within a month’s time in your

selected niche.

For more tips on SEO services for local contractors, visit

Whether you are HVAC contractor, a plumber, an electrician, painter, builder, flooring contractor,

remodeler, insulation contractor or just a general contractor; make sure to establish a business

relationship with an SEO company for better business prospects.