the rise of realism n.
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The Rise of Realism

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The Rise of Realism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Rise of Realism. Pages 378-395. The Civil War to 1914. Painting: Home, Sweet Home (1863) by Winslow Homer. Civil War: What do you know?. Why was the war fought? (382-386) How was the war fought? What did the fighting look like? (382-386) What was the result of the war? (380, 386)

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the rise of realism

The Rise of Realism

Pages 378-395

The Civil War to 1914


Home, Sweet Home (1863)

by Winslow Homer

civil war what do you know
Civil War: What do you know?
  • Why was the war fought? (382-386)
  • How was the war fought? What did the fighting look like? (382-386)
  • What was the result of the war? (380, 386)
  • Was any war literature produced? Why or why not? (388-389)
  • After the Civil War, what type of writers emerged and what did they write about? (391)
literature during this period
Literature During this Period
  • Short stories, novels, poetry, muckraking journalism
  • Famous Writers:

The only reason for the existence of a novel is that I does attempt to represent life.

-Henry James

elements of realism
Elements of Realism
  • Write about ordinary characters & realistic events
  • Avoid the exotic, sensational, and overly dramatic
  • Use everyday speech patterns to reveal class and geographic distinctions (regionalism)
  • Focus on ethical struggles and social issues of real-life situations

What are realists reacting against???

Page 391

psychological realism inside the human mind
Psychological Realism: Inside the Human Mind
  • Look at why ordinary people behave the way they do: character motivation
  • Look at how social and psychological situations influence behavior
  • Juxtapose human illusions with the indifference of the universe
  • Henry James & Stephen Crane
elements of naturalism an offshoot of realism
Elements of Naturalism (an offshoot of realism)
  • Analyze human behavior objectively like a scientist
  • Belief that human behavior is determined by heredity and environment
  • Sense that humans cannot control their own destinies
  • Sense of life as a losing battle against an uncaring universe

Page 393-394