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Michael Taylor. The changing face of the media FBE - Liverpool 12 July 2012. My media journey. But what ’ s yours?. You are what you dream. Early 1970s. The local paper…. You are what you hear. Later 1970s. You are what you read. Early 1980s. The New Lad. 1990s. Growing up….

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michael taylor

Michael Taylor

The changing face of the media

FBE - Liverpool

12 July 2012

the media market
The media market,
  • Ads paid for it all
  • Democracy and accountability
  • Information
  • Community service
  • Doing more with less
  • Death of newspapers
  • Self inflicted wounds
editor as brand manager
Editor as brand manager
  • Speaker
  • Spokesman
  • Presenter
  • Salesman
  • Manager
  • Namedropper
daily news a hungry beast to feed a race to cut and paste quality and commodity of news
Daily news – a hungry beast to feed & a race to cut and paste (quality and commodity of news)
quick test here is the news
Quick test…Here is the news…
  • Toby Whittaker's firm faces tax investigation
  • THE Harley Scott Holdings property business owned by Toby Whittaker is facing an investigation from the tax authorities.The Burnley-based business, which declared a pre-tax loss of £4m on sales of £5.8m in the year to February 28, 2011, states in its newly-filed accounts that it "is currently subject to numerous tax investigations by HMRC"."The outcome of the investigations is uncertain and cannot be quantified at this point," it said.
content was king
Content was king…
  • Now, contact is king
some tips on appearing at an event
Some tips on appearing at an event
  • Do your homework
  • Call other participants
  • Don’t overdo Powerpoint
  • Overprepare
  • Don’t oversell
  • Be polite
  • Be memorable
how to win an award
How to win an award
  • Content of an entry is important
  • But presentation is too
  • Meet the deadline
  • Add extra supporting info
  • Appear human
  • Don’t lie…
people and personalities
People and personalities
  • Business press looks for business heroes
  • Role models for a new generation
  • “pop star” style of interview and profile
  • Lists are good
some classic stitch ups aka investigations
Some classic stitch ups (AKA investigations)
  • Paul Raymond Versace
  • Maverick conman
  • Exposed in Insider
  • Embarrassing
  • Detailed story, needed patience
seven golden rules
Seven golden rules
  • Now you’re engaged with the media…
1 trust no one
1. Trust no one
  • Don’t go off the record. There is no such thing…
2 never say no comment
2. Never say No Comment
  • You will sound shifty
3 you cannot approve copy
3. You cannot “approve copy”
  • It insults a journalist’s very being
  • But you can offer to check anything technical or for facts
4 never link editorial to ads
4. Never link editorial to ads
  • It also insults a journalist. And doesn’t actually help the advertiser either
5 be in control
5. Be in control
  • Put a set time on the interview. Often this will be pressured anyway
  • Play hard to get
7 trust no one
7. Trust no-one
  • Don’t get carried away
  • Journalists can lead you into traps
  • Journalists are not your friends
  • It is a rough trade, even in the sleepy business press
bbc to mediacity uk
BBC to MediaCity UK
  • Some thoughts…
a few radio tips
A few radio tips
  • Have a plan
  • Practice 15 second sound bites
  • Be available
  • Be memorable
  • Be there
diy promotion
DIY promotion
  • Blogs
  • Social media
  • Video on your site
  • Newsletters
  • Your own events
top property tweeters
Top property tweeters
  • TomBloxham 7,709 followers
  • Giles Barrie 4,926
  • Liz Peace 1,017
  • Chris Brown 1,279
  • Rebecca Roberts 347
  • Grant Shapps 54,375!
a great blog
A great blog
  • Tips
  • Personality
  • Passionate
  • Regularly updated
  • Consistent
  • Authentic
  • www.philjones.biz/blog/
social media
Social media
  • You are in control – the biggest question – do you trust your staff?
  • Beware of social media schizophrenia
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