3a managing application development in ca 2e n.
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3A Managing Application Development in CA 2E PowerPoint Presentation
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3A Managing Application Development in CA 2E

3A Managing Application Development in CA 2E

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3A Managing Application Development in CA 2E

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  1. Page based on Title Slide from Slide Layout palette. Design is cacorp 2006. Title text for Title or Divider pages should be either 40 pt for short titles/28 pt for subtitles or 32 pts for longer titles/24 pt for subtitles. DATE text box is not on master and can be deleted. The date should always be 20 pts. 3AManaging Application Developmentin CA 2E Marty Acks, MKS Bryan Schwiening, ADC-Austin September 20, 2007

  2. Agenda • CA and MKS – A long-term partnership • MKS and ADC – A new partnership • The Need for Managing the Application Lifecycle • Customer Scenarios • Solutions for Managing CA 2E development

  3. Speaker Bio • Marty Acks ( • System i Product Manager, MKS • Key CA 2E background: • First contact with Synon/2 in 1986 via Simon Williams demo • Drove decision to resell Synon/2 at Pansophic in 1987 - aka Telon/38 • Co-founded Silvon Software in 1987, joined MKS in 198 • Architect of CA 2E CM in conjunction with CA (Synon) starting in 1991

  4. MKS Overview • Publicly held - TSE:MKX • Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) specialists • Fastest organically growingglobal ALM provider • Helping IT organizations managing development for over 20 years • Solutions span NT, UNIX, LINUX, mainframe, & System i

  5. CA and MKS • Over 150 active CA 2E CM customers worldwide • Partners since 1991 • Names have changed, but the commitment remains the same • CA 2E Change Management Option • Formerly Synon/CM, COOL: Xtras CM, Advantage 2E CM, and AllFusion 2E CM • Jointly developed by MKS and CA • Based on MKS’s underlying Implementer product

  6. Silos Are Barriers to IT Productivity 29% • One third of IT organizations are affected by software that spans multiple geographical, organizational, functional and technology silos >20% Less than one fifth of companies find it easy to coordinate change across silos 68 percent of enterprises have software built with components developed by different teams – both internal and external 68%

  7. Maintain customer satisfaction while delivering new solutions to market faster Make global development teams more efficient while meeting compliance requirements Make IT accountable to the business through streamlined processes and more visibility CIOs Need to Break Down the Walls • CIO Business Priorities • Align to business • Innovate for growth • Control costs • Manage entire operational portfolio • Comply to regulations

  8. QA/Test Pre-Production ADLC Production Application Development Environment QA/Test Environment Operational Production Environment CMMI, ITIL & ISO Supporting Processes Are Distinct and Unconnected Application’s Operational Configuration (BOM) IT Silos Impede Visibility, Productivity and Compliance CIOs must address touchpoints across the process

  9. Development Shifting from Siloed to Collaborative Siloed Collaborative Application Development Project-based Development Process-based Development Methodologies Waterfall Iterative CIO Reporting Ad-hoc Real-time

  10. Process Process App Dev QA Process Process IT Operations Business Analyst Process Help Desk Lifecycle Silos Create Process, Communication, and Information Barriers

  11. Introducing MKS MKS delivers a proven solution for application lifecycle management that breaks down IT silos enabling CIOs to boost productivity, increase visibility and meet compliance goals.

  12. Representative CA 2E CM Customers

  13. MKS Implementer user since 1994, moved to CA 2E in 1996 • 4 System i with 3 logical partitions running 2 development hosts and 5 receivers • MKS Integrity now manages changes across all platforms, including CA 2E • MKS Source used for WebSphere and Java development

  14. Long time CA 2E and CM Customer in UK • Formerly Exel PLC • Global Regional Production Servers managed by CA 2E CM • Recent outsourcing initiatives managed by MKS Integrity

  15. Fiserv Insurance Solutions develops Software products for Life Insurance industry • Complex multi-model multi-customer multi-version environment • SAS 70 Compliance achievement with CA 2E CM • All Fiserv Life customers utilize CA 2E CM • For more information, see Terry Crawford’s presentation on ?? at ??

  16. The CA 2E CM Solution • Secures model from unauthorized change • Provides audit trail of all model changes • Supports the latest in CA 2E technology • CA 2E & traditional development supported • Insures accurate deployment of changes • Allows developers to spend more time developing applications • Based on underlying MKS Implementer technology

  17. The CA 2E CM Solution • Quick Tour • Focus on CA 2E oriented development • Promotion Architecture • Administration and Security

  18. Tour – Check OutImplicit While Editingin YEDTMDL

  19. Tour – Check OutExplicit from Edit Model Lists

  20. Tour – Check OutThe Workbench

  21. Tour – Check Out • Implicit – from any “edit” attempt via YEDTMDL • Explicit – from YEDTMDLLST • Check out info exposed in CA 2E CM & CA 2E panels • Advanced features: • Fast path “prompt once” for multiple check outs • Versioning-enabled for functions and messages • Concurrent development of functions (and messages)

  22. Tour – Initiate PromotionPromote By Model List

  23. Tour – Initiate PromotionCustomize the Promotion

  24. Tour – Initiate PromotionConfirm the promotion

  25. Tour – Promotion • Promote by Model Object List • 3GL objects automatically derived • Enforces promotion by model object • Separate batch phases • Single & multiple models supported • Optional QA models

  26. Promotion Phase – Move • Places source/objects into target libraries • Optionally updates Message Files, Conditions, and run—time objects • Releases model objects locks • On move to production • Archives up to 99 versions of functions • Archive Recovery • Rollback of versionable objects • Creates a new list with model objects on previous change

  27. Remote Deployment • Unlimited remote sites • No remote sign on required • Deployment Dashboard shows all systems in one view • Deploys everything but model • Including Condition values, messages • TCP/IP (or SNA) based • Relies on MKS Implementer Receiver technology

  28. Advanced CA 2E object support • Fully compatible with CA 2E 8.1 SPx • Compatible backwards to CA 2E 6.2 • User Source and User programs • Dependent and Independent modes • UIM or text help • Supports the latest CA 2E features • ILE (RPG and COBOL) • SQL databases, RPG and COBOL • SQLILE (RPG and COBOL)

  29. Administration/Security • Controls editing development models • Prevents changes to Models outside of CA 2E CM • Enforces Model Object type capabilities • Enforces roles, such as DBAs or contractors • For each of the eight model object types • Per user & model • View, edit, and no rights • Control access to Model Objects Lists • Control access to concurrent development for functions/messages

  30. Beyond CA 2E Models – MKS Integrity • Adds workflow to CA 2E CM • Moves beyond just managing CA 2E model objects • Gain control and visibility across global development activities • Seamlessly manage all ALM processes with one architecture • Delivers process but not at expense of agility • Next generation, enterprise-based architecture & capabilities with low total cost of ownership • Quick ramp to productivity • Low administration burden & support costs • Spans multiple platforms, teams, tool environments

  31. Flexible Process Definition

  32. E2E lifecycle management empowers teams and breaks down silos Requirements Source Test Deploy Single centralized repository enables complete control and visibility across the enterprise Enterprise Repository MKS Enables End2End Visibility Reporting Metrics Consolidated dashboard view enables executives to visualize progress and measure organizational efficiency Data Analysis Portfolios

  33. Complete Traceability

  34. Why CA 2E CM and MKS Integrity? • Protect your software assets • Eliminate deployment errors • Stop overlaid model changes • Simplify development • One ALM solution for all your CA 2E & traditional development Backed by MKS, CA, and ADC

  35. For more information • Feel free to contact: • Marty Acks at • Bryan Schwiening at • Addition CA 2E CM sessions here in Cincinnati: • What’s New and Advanced Topics in CA 2E CM • Marty Acks, MKS • Session #10A – Friday 10:00am • Extending CA 2E CM through Special Commands… • Terry Crawford, Fiserv Life Insurance Solutions • Session #13A – Friday 2:00pm