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Quiz 6 -- Review

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Quiz 6 -- Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Quiz 6 -- Review. Psych 1A – Fall, 2011. Switch to Slide Show View before starting. Personality. ________ is defined as a distinctive and relatively stable pattern of behavior, thoughts, motives, and emotions that characterizes an individual throughout life. Personality .

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Quiz 6 -- Review

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  1. Quiz 6 -- Review Psych 1A – Fall, 2011 Switch to Slide Show View before starting

  2. Personality ________ is defined as a distinctive and relatively stable pattern of behavior, thoughts, motives, and emotions that characterizes an individual throughout life. Personality Temperament The ego A trait

  3. Personality One of the worries that people may have is, "Am I normal?" The authors respond to this concern by noting that: it is normal to fear being abnormal and it is normal to have problems. abnormality is a myth because actually it is society that is mentally ill. most psychological problems involve delusions or bizarre behavior, so you needn't worry. if you are wondering if you are normal, it may be the first sign of disorder.

  4. Treatment A person may have short-term success with antipsychotic or antidepressant drugs, but because of their unpleasant side effects, ________ of the people stop taking them. one-quarter one-half to two-thirds over ninety percent three-quarters

  5. Disorders Alcoholism is more likely to occur in: Irelandassertion Italy France Greece

  6. Personality When boys are in the Oedipal stage, according to Freud: they are distressed because when they grow up they won't be able to have babies. they are horrified by naked girls, because girls have had their penises cut off. they do not have a powerful motivation to give up their Oedipal feelings for their mothers. they are distressed to learn that they can never nurse a baby like Mommy can.

  7. Personality In recent years, Freud has been criticized for all of the following reasons, EXCEPT: pressuring an 18-year-old to accept the sexual advances of her father's friend. bullying his patients into accepting his diagnoses. ignoring all evidence that disconfirmed his ideas. barring women from becoming practicing psychoanalysts.

  8. Personality Which defense mechanism involves reversion to an earlier phase of psychological development? Repression Rationalization Regression Reaction formation

  9. Disorders Antisocial individuals do not respond physiologically in the same manner that other people do. When compared to normal people, antisocial individuals: show abnormalities in right-hemisphere activation. have experienced damage to the occipital cortex. are slow to develop classically conditioned responses to anticipated danger and pain. experience excessive changes in electrical skin conductance when endangered.

  10. Treatment Cognitive theorists would be most likely to agree that the real problem for depressed people is that: they have unsatisfying family lives they have unsatisfying jobs. . they feel hopeless they feel helpless

  11. Disorders Psychologists regard ________ as the "fear of fear.” Post-traumatic stress disorder Generalized anxiety disorder Agoraphobia Panic attack

  12. Disorders The drug of choice for treating bipolar disorder is: Prozac Wellbutrin Lithium Xanax

  13. Treatment _____________ are non-addictive, but they can produce some unpleasant physical reactions, including dry mouth, headaches, constipation, nausea, gastrointestinal problems, weight gain, decreased sexual desire, and delayed orgasm. Antidepressants Antipsychotics Lithium carbonates Tranquilizers

  14. Personality For Carl Rogers, our personalities reflect: the ways we cope with the struggle to find meaning in existence a few central traits and a greater number of secondary traits a gradual progression toward self-actualization. whether or not a person received unconditional positive regard throughout childhood.

  15. Treatment Which of the following would be useful in reducing a patient's agitation and delusions? An antipsychotic An antidepressant A tranquilizer Lithium carbonate

  16. Disorders Which of the following is NOT a symptom of mania? Excessive rumination Impulsive behavior Extreme euphoria Feelings of power

  17. Disorders Psychodynamic theories share all of the following general elements, EXCEPT: a belief that human development occurs in fixed stages an emphasis on intrapsychic dynamics a focus on fantasies and symbolic meanings of events. an emphasis on conscious processes within the mind.

  18. Treatment The most successful therapists make their clients feel: respected, accepted, and understood. optimistic that unwanted habits can be extinguished. that there are seeds of redemption in every human experience. that the origins of the clients' problems are external, not from within.

  19. Disorders The chief characteristic of generalized anxiety disorder is: repeated thoughts used to ward off anxious feelings. short-lived, but intense, feelings of spontaneous anxiety.. excessive fear of a particular situation continuous, uncontrollable anxiety or worry.

  20. Disorders One of the symptoms of ________ is a lack of remorse, empathy, anxiety, and other social emotions. schizophrenia psychopathy Antisocial personality disorder Borderline personality disorder

  21. Treatments An issue of concern to those treating individuals with mental disorders is whether the therapists need to "fix" the brain or the mind. At this time, the explanations and treatments that are in the ascendance are: behavioral explanations and treatments psychodynamic explanations and treatments. humanist explanations and treatments. biological explanations and treatments

  22. Treatments Psychologists who practice behavioral therapy focus on the client's: relationships with parents unconscious anxieties. current behavior and attitudes. methods of coping with inescapable realities of life.

  23. Personality Cross-cultural research revealed that the most altruistic children come from societies in which: parents encourage children toward individual achievement. children's work makes a genuine contribution to the well-being of the family. children are expected to spend their time playing rather than working. parents want their children to be leaders and to be self-fulfilled.

  24. Disorders ADHD is diagnosed at least __________ as often in the United States as it is in Europe. Two times Five times Ten times Twenty times

  25. Disorders According to Freud, the psychosexual stage that occurs during the grade school years until puberty is called the: Phallic stage 10 - C Latency stage Oral stage Anal stage.

  26. Treatment All successful therapies, regardless of approach, share a key element: the therapists remain neutral and detached so that the clients can project their own issues into the therapy session. they are able to replace a client's self-defeating, pessimistic life story with one that is more hopeful or attainable. the therapists are scientific psychologists who rely on empirical research to determine the most effective technique for each client. they explicitly focus on helping change the client's life stories through the lessening of the client's symptoms.

  27. Therapy Which of the following focuses on a person's free will to change and to self-actualize, rather than focusing on past conflicts? Humanist Behavior Cognitive Family

  28. Personality Carl Jung would agree that: Darth Vader and dragons represent the shadow archetype. past conflicts provide the only motivation for current behaviors. the notion of a collective unconscious is a "black tide of mud." homosexuality occurs when a male has an "anima" archetype.

  29. Personality Which component of personality is a referee between the needs of instinct and the demands of society? Ego Libido Id Super-ego

  30. Treatment People suffering from bipolar disorder often are helped by taking ________, which may produce its effects by protecting brain cells from being overstimulated by another neurotransmitter, glutamate. An antipsychotic drug An antidepressant Lithium carbonate A tranquilizer

  31. Disorders Research on bipolar disorder indicates that:. women are twice as likely as men to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder. it is becoming almost as common as major depression in the United States. the depression is a feeling of "down in the dumps" and the mania is like the joy of winning. the manic person has inflated self-esteem and feels full of ambition and power.