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Tools for Academic Success PowerPoint Presentation
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Tools for Academic Success

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Tools for Academic Success - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tools for Academic Success
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  1. Tools for Academic Success “How to handle school”

  2. Good habits & Goals: Open to “Notes” page in your agenda My good habits: • What are your good habits that are helping you in school? Need to improve: • What school work habits (in school and at home) do you need to work on?

  3. Good habits? Goals? • Time management • Organization • Studying for tests • Doing homework • Turning in homework • Taking Notes • Focusing in class • ________________ • Test-taking • Following directions • Putting full effort into my work • Asking questions • Using Pride Time well • Attendance in school • _________________

  4. What are “study skills”? • While many skills are needed to do well in school, we will focus today mainly on: • Time Management/Completing homework • Studying for Tests • Test-taking Tips

  5. Time Management:It all starts with… Your Agenda - Use it!! -daily calendar pages -monthly calendar pages

  6. Time Management:It all starts with… …the big stuff…

  7. At your tables you have copies of: daily calendar pages for one week in February

  8. and…the monthly calendar for February

  9. Use your agenda to plan your time- Imagine that today is Monday, February 17. You have the following assignments/tests coming up…

  10. Use the agenda to keep track of it all… • Write due dates in your agenda • To help you prioritize & plan, keep in mind: • what are the things that will take the most time? • what are the things that are quick? • what needs to be done today? • Work in groups to prioritize & write on copies of agenda pages when you will complete the assignments and study for the tests/quizzes.

  11. Using agenda to plan your time Was this easier or harder than you thought it would be? What made it hard? What would be the advantage to doing this in “real life”?

  12. More Time ManagementTools • “To Do” lists -help prioritize daily tasks • Large Wall Calendar/Monthly agenda calendar –for school, family, sports activities, etc. • Daily hour-by-hour schedule: especially for days you are very busy

  13. Studying for Tests

  14. Studying for tests Memory Aides Acronyms Example: HOMES to remember the Great Lakes: Huron, Ontario, Michigan, Erie, Superior Silly Sentences Example: Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally to remember the order of operations in math

  15. Test TakingName a test taking strategy that works!

  16. Test-taking Tips

  17. Test-taking Tips

  18. Test-taking Tips:

  19. Challenging yourself in Honors classes It’s more than how smart you are… It’s how you “do school” (including homework) These skills are crucial for success in honors

  20. How to be a self-advocate: Talking with teachers: (Take a deep breath! They are here to help you!) • Why –To find out about missed assignments • To clarify an assignment • To set up a time to get help • To ask questions about material • When –PT, after school, before class/after class - Sooner rather than later… • How –Speak in person • Write a note • Email • Use manners

  21. Exit Ticket:3 ideas I’ll take from this lesson…