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Mu2e WGM. 6/16/2010 R. Ray Mu2e Project manager. L2 Systems and Managers. 1.1 Project Management R . Ray FNAL. 1.2 Accelerator M. Syphers FNAL. 1.3 Conventional Construction T. Lackowski FNAL. 1.4 Solenoids M . Lamm FNAL. 1.5 Muon Channel S. Feher FNAL. 1.6

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Presentation Transcript
mu2e wgm

Mu2e WGM


R. Ray

Mu2e Project manager

l2 systems and managers
L2 Systems and Managers


Project Management

R. Ray




M. Syphers


1.3 Conventional Construction

T. Lackowski FNAL



M. Lamm



Muon Channel

S. Feher










Cosmic Ray Veto

C. Dukes



Trigger and DAQ

M. Bowden


Mark Bowden from CD added as new L2 Manager for Trigger/DAQ.

Still working on Calorimeter.

R. Ray - Mu2e WGM

accelerator update
Accelerator Update
  • Continued progress on most fronts.
  • Mike Syphers is leaving the Lab in about a month.
    • Critical that we identify a replacement before then so there can be some overlap.
      • Discussions ongoing.
  • Pat Hurh has put us in touch with engineers from the high power target group at RAL.
    • They will be visiting next week to discuss possible contributions to LBNE and Mu2e
    • We are interested in having them work on the conceptual design of the production target, remote handling equipment and possible the heat shield.

R. Ray - Mu2e WGM

solenoid update
Solenoid Update
  • Planning on a local review with some people outside of Mu2e at the end of June.
    • Chance to get some input on the direction we are heading.
  • Planning on design review with world recognized magnet experts in late summer/early fall.
  • Continued design progress on all fronts
  • Working on detailed quench calculations to understand the impact of increasing resistance in aluminum stabilizer as the result of radiation damage.
    • May not be as bad as originally thought, but still a work in progress.
    • Need an adequate safety factor.

R. Ray - Mu2e WGM

building location update
Building Location Update

We have chopped about 30 m off the length of the beamline.

Length is driven by beam optics into extinction channel.

Would still like to get East of Kautz Rd.

R. Ray - Mu2e WGM

simulations update
Simulations update
  • Dave Brown from LBNL has adopted the SuperBfastsim Monte Carlo to Mu2e and has implemented the T-Tracker geometry.
  • Dave has simulated the intrinsic resolution of the T-Tracker (energy loss and multiple scattering) and found it to be sufficient (~ 110 KeV).
    • Some cross checks still needed.
    • Pattern recognition errors and other more subtle effects can add non-Gaussian tails to the momentum function. These will be studied later with G4 and full pattern recognition and fitting algorithums. Not needed for CD-1.
  • Looking to make this tool generally available.
    • Can use this to answer many questions related to the detector at the CD-1 level.
    • Buy us some time to get full hit level G4 simulation in place for CD-2.
  • Still struggling with muon channel simulations
    • G4 implementation not ready
    • G4beamline (Muons Inc. product) not very flexible and author is busy on other things
      • Trying to buy some time from Muons Inc.

R. Ray - Mu2e WGM

tracker update
Tracker Update
  • After significant discussion at the Collaboration meeting we have settled on a baseline configuration for CD-1
    • T-Tracker (decided several months ago)
    • Electronics in vacuum.
      • Preamp, updated BaBarElefant chip, TDC implemented in FPGA, ADC.
      • From MTBF for BaBarElefant chip we estimate about one failure every 5 years.
      • Looking for data on FPGAs.
      • Will eventually assess our threshold for missing channels/ groups of channels with simulation.
      • Could decide to move electronics out of vacuum if electronics failure rate too high or tolerance to missing channels too low.

R. Ray - Mu2e WGM

daq update
DAQ Update
  • Mark Bowden is now the L2 Manager.
  • Our baseline concept is a streaming architecture that allows maximum flexibility while recording the same volume of data as in the standard triggered configuration.
    • Similar to other modern DAQ architectures
      • CMS, NOvA, NA62, LHCb

R. Ray - Mu2e WGM

project controls
Project Controls
  • Our Project Controls person is no longer at the lab.
  • He was not a very good fit for what we are doing at this stage of the process.
  • We have 2 new people doing Project Controls for Mu2e
    • Larry Kirkpatrick
    • David Leeb
      • Still getting up to speed. Reconstructing existing files. Will begin meeting with L2 managers by next week.
  • Eventually will need 4 people doing Project Controls and EVMS
    • 1 for Solenoids and Muon Beamline
    • 1 for Accelerator
    • 1 for Conventional Construction and Project Management
    • 1 for Tracker, Calorimeter, CRV, DAQ
      • A mix of permanent Fermilab employees and contractors

R. Ray - Mu2e WGM

project controls1
Project Controls
  • LBNE has a req on the street for a Project Controls person to set up their overall system and to lay the groundwork for hiring in several more over the next year.
    • 3 interviews scheduled.
    • I am on the interview team. If the 2d best person is good, I may consider hiring him/her to augment the existing staff.

R. Ray - Mu2e WGM

  • Working on Project Information Form (PIF) for ES&H.
  • Will continue our discussion at IPT meeting tomorrow about the path to a CX for Mu2e.
    • PIF will be important input.
  • Started work on Preliminary HA (required for CD-1).
    • I could use some help from someone with ES&H background.
    • Significant input needed from L2 managers about potential hazards associated with their systems.

R. Ray - Mu2e WGM


Started writing CDR.

  • LBNE has 2 technical writers working on their CDR.
  • They could roll off in the Fall, so I may try to pick up some of their time to help with the Mu2e CDR.

R. Ray - Mu2e WGM



R. Ray - Mu2e WGM






R. Ray - Mu2e WGM


At June Collaboration meeting we filled in the table.

R. Ray - Mu2e WGM

action items
Action Items
  • Get L2 Manager for calorimeter in place – R. Ray
    • Still working on this.
  • Get resources required for CD-1 activities into P6. Begin adding relationships and developing BOEs – L2s/Walter Davis
    • Still a work in progress
  • Understand and document the magnitude of the heat shield problem – Coleman/Mokhov
    • Still looking at potential solutions. More optimistic this month than last.
  • Get moving on Electronics – Ron Ray
    • Nothing done in the last month. Meeting scheduled with PPD EE on Friday.
  • Complete set of requirements documents – Miller/Bernstein
    • Got commitments at collaboration meeting. Now have to get people to follow through.

R. Ray - Mu2e WGM