Anti discrimination harassment policy
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Anti-Discrimination Harassment Policy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Anti-Discrimination & Harassment Policy. University of Louisiana at Monroe Anti-Discrimination & Harassment Policy. Anti-Discrimination & Harassment Policy. ULM is committed to maintain an environment free from discrimination and harassment for all employees and students.

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Anti-Discrimination & Harassment Policy

University of Louisiana at Monroe

Anti-Discrimination & Harassment Policy

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Anti-Discrimination & Harassment Policy

ULM is committed to maintain an environment free from discrimination and harassment for all employees and students.

All members of the University community should be treated with dignity and fairness.

All members of the University community will be held accountable for compliance.

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Employer’s Obligation

Ensure that employees and supervisors are aware that discrimination, harassment, and retaliation is prohibited

Provide a venue for complaints for victims and alleged offenders and a means to bring their complaints to the attention of appropriate personnel

Take prompt and corrective action when discrimination, harassment, or retaliation comes to the employer’s attention

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  • Harassmentis a form ofmisconduct which undermines the integrity of personal, professional, employee and student relationships.

  • Harassment may be any behavior that alters a person’s terms or conditions of employment because of a characteristic that is protected by state or federal law.

  • Harassment includes offensive jokes, comments, statements which invoke a person’s race, color, religion, age, national origin, genetics, sex, disability, veteran status, or any other protected status.

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Forms of Harassment

Quid Pro Quo – “something for something”

  • occurs when submission to harassing conduct is made as a condition of educational benefits, employment, or advancement.

    Hostile or Offensive Environment

  • occurs when harassment is unwelcome, pervasive or so continuous that it creates a hostile or intimidating working environment.

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Harassment Conditions

  • Conditions present for harassment:

    • Either explicit (clear) or implicit (implied) condition, used as basis for employment or academic evaluation

    • Submission to or tolerance of the conduct

    • Submission to or rejection of the conduct

    • Conduct interferes with work performance

    • Conduct interferes with a students’ academic performance

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Inappropriate Conduct/Behavior

  • Unwelcome:

    • Touching

    • Flirtation

    • Jokes

    • Stories

    • Frequent or repeated advances or propositions

    • Requests for sexual favors

    • Vulgar/foul language

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Inappropriate Conduct/Behavior

  • Statements or innuendoes designed to humiliate or embarrass – race, religion, sex, age, disability, etc.

  • Offensive verbal or physical contact of a sexual nature

  • Display of sexually explicit materials or pictures in the workplace

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Power Differentials

  • Romantic relationships are discouraged by the University if these relationships involve a significant power differential such as:

    • Faculty and students/teaching assistants

    • Supervisor and Subordinates

    • Employees and Students

       Consensual Relationships


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Filing Complaints

  • A student or employee who considers themselves a victim of harassment should first consult an appropriate University Official such as:

    • Their immediate supervisor

    • A Department Head, Director or Dean

    • Vice President

    • The Director of Human Resources

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Complaint should be in writing and should include the following information:

  • Details of the incident(s) or conduct

  • Dates and locations of incident(s) or conduct

  • Witnesses to the alleged incident or conduct

  • Previous actions of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation reported

  • Desired resolution of complaint

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Rights of the Accused

  • Alleged offender shall be notified of complaint within 10 working days

  • Alleged offender shall respond to alleged complaint within 10 working days and address each incident of alleged conduct

  • Notice of Non-response is sent to alleged offender if no response to complaint is received

  • The investigation will proceed without the alleged offender’s response

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Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee

  • Review and investigate the complaint

  • Collect and clarify all available facts about the alleged incident

  • May meet with the complainant and the alleged offender

  • Determine if the University’s Anti-Discrimination & Harassment Policy has been violated

  • Recommend appropriate relief and disciplinary action to the President of the University

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Equal Employment Opportunity Advisory Committee

  • EEO Committee will investigate formal complaint

    • To begin within 15 working days from receipt of the formal complaint filing date

  • EEO Committee will provide a report to the President

    • Detailed findings and recommendations

    • Recommended corrective actions

  • Either party has a Right to Appeal

    • President of the University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors

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Retaliation/False Information

  • The University, state and federal laws prohibit retaliation against an individual for reporting any type of discrimination or harassment or for participating in an investigation.

  • Disciplinary action may be taken against the individual complainant or witness who testifies under oath and files knowingly false information.

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Anti-Discrimination & Harassment Policy

The Anti-Discrimination & Harassment Policy may be viewed in its entirety on the ULM Human Resources Department website.

For questions regarding this policy contact:

Department of Human Resources