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  1. Taylor's Island Adventure

  2. Table of contents 1. directions 2. about the author 3. start the adventure Click on the sun of where you want to go!

  3. the directions You and your friends discover a hidden treasure map. Are you brave enough to follow the map and find the treasure? Read the story and make decisions along the way by clicking on the buttons that go with your decision. But, BEWARE!!! There could be danger on this island adventure! Back to the Table of Contents

  4. Taylor Atkins Back to the Table of Contents Taylor is 17 years old. She will be a senior in high school. She works at a flower shop. Shopping, softball, listening to music, and journalism are some of her hobbies. Taylor hopes everyone enjoys her island adventure!

  5. It’s a lazy summer morning. You and your friends have nothing to do except watch T.V. You are all hoping that something exciting will come along, but you’re about to give up on that ever happening! Suddenly, you hear a noise coming from the attic. You all get very frightened. Was it the wind? Was it a ghost? start Buy Now! Your friends want to check it out… at least it is something to do! Should you? Check it out! Ignore it!

  6. You and your friends enter the attic carefully. Thankfully, there are no ghosts! You assume it was the wind! And you are all about to go back down stairs when suddenly you see something near a pile of boxes! Do you… see what it is? walk away?


  8. “I can’t believe we found a treasure map,” your friends say. “We have to follow it! We’ll be rich,” you say. ? “I don’t know. It could be dangerous,” your friends say. The treasure is on an island about a mile out from your city’s shore. Should you follow the map? Follow the map! Throw the map away!

  9. Should you and your friends patch the hole and take the old boat or swim a mile to the island? You decide to take a risk and follow the map. To start, you head down to the beach. There is a boat on the beach. But, it looks a little old. In fact, there is even a hole in the bottom of it. take the boat swim

  10. You patch the hole with some drift wood you found on the beach. Then you head off… But, You barely make out to sea and your boat sinks. You have to swim the rest of the way.

  11. You and your friends swim all the way to the island… You and your friends are very tired!

  12. “Man, that was a long swim! I am so tired,” you say. “Yeah, me too. Maybe we should rest,” one of your friends suggests. “I don’t know, guys, who knows what could happen while we sleep,” your other friend says. Made it to island Should you… Rest? Start looking for the treasure?

  13. $ $ $ $ $ You and your friends decide a little rest will help you for the journey ahead. You find a nice spot on the beach and start snoring away. Made it to island Thoughts of the treasures you’ll find fill your dreams. Everything is fine for a little while, but all of the sudden…

  14. Elephants come charging out of the woods! Elephants come charging out of the woods! Elephants come charging out of the woods! Elephants come charging out of the woods! Elephants come charging out of the woods! Elephants come charging out of the woods! Elephants come charging out of the woods! Elephants come charging out of the woods! “What do we do?” your friend asks. “Maybe we should run,” you say! You are all quickly awakened. Do you… Run? Stay put? Scream for help?

  15. Run! Run! You run into the woods and don’t look back! Run! Run! Run! You suddenly don’t know where you are! But, there is a clearing up ahead.

  16. Once you reach the clearing you stop running. The elephants don’t follow you luckily. Unfortunately, you have no idea where you are. “Look over there,” your friend says. “It’s a shack.” Should you… Check out the shack Keep wandering

  17. You all decide to check out the shack. Should you… Get his help with the treasure hunt? Walk away? But, as you’re getting closer, a man with a gun jumps out from behind the trees. You are all scared out of your mind. “Don’t be scared,” the man said. “I was out hunting and I saw you kids running.” “Is there something I can help you with?”

  18. You decide to ask for the man’s help. While he takes you to his shack, you tell him about the treasure. “That is an interesting story,” he says. “But, I’ve got bad news.” “What is it?” you ask. “Go and peek your head in the door of that shack.” Do you… Look in the shack? Walk away now?

  19. The shack was full of all kinds of jewels, gold, and money. “Sorry!” you heard the man say. “I found all the treasure that is left on this island. You all better head on home.”

  20. “Thanks for stopping by, though,” the man says smugly. “Should we go home now or is he lying?” your friend asks. “I can’t tell,” you reply. Do you… Leave the island? Keep searching?

  21. You and your friends notice that it is beginning to get darker. “Maybe we should head home… my mom is going to be upset,” your friend said. “We haven’t gotten any treasure,” you say. “Let’s look at the map and see where we are,” your other friend suggests. Should you… Check the map? Go home?

  22. “Look, the map says we head west of the palm trees,” your friend says. “But, the sign says go east,” your other friend says. “I don’t know. On the map it looks like the danger is that way,” you say. treasure Do you… Follow the map? Follow the sign?

  23. You and your friends follow the map. It’s a very wise decision! Right west of the trees the treasure waits for you. You and your friends can’t believe all the jewels, gold, and money. There is even a boat to get you safely home. You fill the boat up with the treasure and sail on home. You and your friends live happy lives and are never bored again. The End?

  24. You follow the sign. You all made a very bad choice. You fall into an bottomless pit and are never heard from again. Sorry!

  25. Stay Put!?! Are you crazy? Back to elephants? Quit while you’re ahead?

  26. Help? You scream for help as loud as you can. But, the elephants get startled and start running toward you. Help? Help! Suddenly, there is a shot from behind you and all the elephants run the otherway. Help!

  27. Behind you there is a man shooting off his gun. “He seems like a nice guy,” you say. “I don’t know!?! Can we trust him?” your friend asks. “You kids are lucky,” he says, “It’s a good thing I was here.” Should you… Tell him about the treasure to get his help? “Why are you kids on this island anyway?” he asks. “Is there something I can do to help?” Not say a word and keep on moving?

  28. “Yeah, we better keep moving. We’ve got to find this treasure.” With that said you and your friends pull out the treasure map. “All right. We are here.” “So, we need to go through those woods!” “It looks pretty scary,” one of your friends says. “Oh, come on!”

  29. You and your friends head into the woods. “Actually, I am kind of scared in here too,” you say to your friends. “There is a short cut we can take!” “Is it getting darker in here?” your friend asks. “That is just your imagination,” your other friend says. Should you… Take the short cut? Stay in the woods? “What was that?” “Nothing, scaredy cat!” your friend says.

  30. You and your friends decide to take a short cut through the woods. “Hey man, “ your friends say. “I thought this was a short cut!” “A cave? Are you kidding?” “You said that you wanted to be quick!” You keep walking “Here we are!” And walking And walking. Stick with the short cut? Head back to the woods?

  31. You and your friends head into the cave. “Wow, it is really dark in here!” one friend says. “Ouch!!! Something bit me!” your friend screams!” “Yeah, I hope this was a good idea,” you say. “ Guys, whose eyes are those?” your other friend asks. “Let’s just get through quickly,” your other friend suggests. “Give me the flashlight!”

  32. SNAKE! snake “I got bit by a snake!” your friend screams! “What do we do?” “What do we do?” you ask. “I’ve got to wash it out with water! We have to get back to the beach!”. Take it? “I found an passage over here. It might lead us to the water. Should we take it?” Head back the way you came?

  33. “Just keep looking for the old passage!” “That passage could lead anywhere! We should head back the way we came,” your uninjured friend says. “Even with the flashlight, I can’t find it!” “Looks like the new passage is our only hope!” “Its too dark in here! I can’t find the way we came,” you say. “I’m not going to make it,” the snake bite victim screams. “We have to hurry,” you other friend says. “I am feeling faint!”

  34. You and your friends take the passage as quickly as you can! “Hurry, hurry!” your injured friend screams. “It hurts so bad!” You keep crawling a fast as you can, but it is so dark! After what seems like forever…. “I think I see some light in the distance,” you say.

  35. Looking down at his leg, you and your other friend notice there is a thorn sticking in it. “Look, it’s the beach! It’s the beach!” your friend shouts. Your injured friend is so excited he gets up and does a little dance. “Some snake bite!” “Oops!” you friend says, very embarrassed. “Hey, I thought you were hurt,” you say. “Let’s look at your leg now that we have some light.”

  36. “I am so glad to be back on this beach!” your friend says. “Why? We haven’t found the treasure!” you say. “But, we had quite a little adventure!” your friend replies. “Are you saying you want to go home?” you ask. “Well… it is getting late…” your friend says. Head home before dark? Keep looking for the treasure?

  37. “We’ve got to keep looking!” you say. “All right!” your friend agrees. “What's that out on the water?” your other friend asks. You all look and see a boat drifting toward you. “See, it’s a sign. We should go home!” Sorry there is no other choice! It is a sign! Accept the sign and take the boat home!

  38. You and your friends decide it is best to head home even with out any treasure. “But, how are we going to get home?” you ask. “Look there’s a boat in the water! It must be a sign.”

  39. You and your friends walk over to the boat and to your surprise it is filled with all the treasures you ever dreamed of! “We’re rich! We’re rich!” you all scream. You all try your best to squeeze into the boat and gently row your way home. Not only are you set for life, but you become best friends and you never forget your island adventure! The End?

  40. You and your friends decide to stay on the path in the woods because that is what the map says to do. You are all very scared but luckily the path soon comes to a clearing. However, the path splits. One side heads to a field of flowers The other side heads to a shack. Where do you go? Field? Shack?

  41. You and your friends head into the beautiful field of wild flowers. “Oh, that’s just the movie in you,” you tell him. Do you… Call for help? But, before you finish your sentence both your friends are asleep. “Doesn’t this remind you of The Wizard of Oz?” one friend asks. Fall asleep with them? (it’s not like a witch cast a spell on the flowers) “Yes, it kind of does. And I am getting very sleepy,” your friend says. “Oh no!” you think to yourself. “What should I do? They called for help in the movie?”

  42. You call for help as loud as you can! Help? Help? Suddenly, you hear some gunshots from behind you. Help! Your friends wake up very quickly from the noise! You turn around and see where the shots are coming from.

  43. You decide to fall asleep in the flowers as well. The rest will be good for you. As soon as you are on the ground, you are fast asleep. But, you feel some vibrant shaking…

  44. “Honey, wake up!” your mom says as she shakes you. “I think you were dreaming. Why don’t you get up and I’ll give you some chocolate chip cookies. They are fresh out of the oven,” your mom says. “Where am I?” you ask. “You are in your living room. You were watching some show about an island and fell asleep. I sent your friends home,” your mom says. “Now, that’s a real treasure,” you say as you happily get up. Now, back to Island Fun! “No, we were looking for treasure,” you say. The End?

  45. You all decide not to take any risks… a safe, but very boring choice. As a result, you never ever have any fun in your life! You and your friends are forever bored, and you always regret not taking the chance. However, you can fix your mistake by starting over! This is your chance! Get the map! Still a wimp!

  46. Hope you enjoyed the adventure… The End