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SUGAR FOR BREAKFAST?? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SUGAR FOR BREAKFAST??. An Experiment. How much sugar are you eating for breakfast???. What to do first . . . Pick out a cereal that you would eat for breakfast. Pour a bowlful of cereal that you would normally eat. Measure one serving size. Start here.

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what to do first
What to do first . . .
  • Pick out a cereal that you would eat for breakfast.
  • Pour a bowlful of cereal that you would normally eat.
measure one serving size
Measure one serving size


  • Look at the nutrition label on the cereal box. You will find a measurement for one serving size.
  • In the second bowl, measure out one serving of the cereal.
finding the sugar content
Finding the sugar content . . .
  • Look at your food label again to find out how much sugar is in one serving.
calculating the sugar content
Calculating the sugar content
  • You now need to figure out how much sugar to measure out. There are 12 grams of sugar in one tablespoon.
  • Calculate the amount of sugar in one serving size of cereal.
measuring the sugar content
Measuring the sugar content . . .
  • Measure out this amount of sugar and place it in one of the clear cups.
  • Calculate the amount of sugar that is in your normal bowlful of cereal. Measure this and place it in the second cup.
compare your findings
Compare your findings
  • Were you surprised at the difference between your portion size and the recommended portion of cereal?
  • Were you surprised at how much sugar you were eating in a “typical” bowl of cereal?
  • Can you see how easy it could be to eat too much sugar for breakfast when you do not read nutrition labels or pay attention to portion size?