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Air Washington Quarterly Meeting November 29 th & 30 th 2012 Everett Community College WELCOME & Introductions PowerPoint Presentation
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Air Washington Quarterly Meeting November 29 th & 30 th 2012 Everett Community College WELCOME & Introductions

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Air Washington Quarterly Meeting November 29 th & 30 th 2012 Everett Community College WELCOME & Introductions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Air Washington Quarterly Meeting November 29 th & 30 th 2012 Everett Community College WELCOME & Introductions. Air Washington Quarterly Meeting Thursday, November 29 th, 2012 Everett Community College Morning: Navigator focus, Updates Follow-Up Discussion Afternoon: Data Review

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Presentation Transcript

Air Washington

Quarterly Meeting

November 29th& 30th 2012

Everett Community College





Air Washington

Quarterly Meeting

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Everett Community College


Navigator focus, Updates

Follow-Up Discussion


Data Review

Update on Technical Visits

College Partner Updates


Navigator Updates

  • Spokane Area Workforce Development Council (WDC), - WorkSource-Spokane
  • WorkSource-Clallam
  • Seattle/King County WDC – Trac Associates
  • Northwest Workforce Council
  • Olympic WDC / WorkSource
  • Workforce Central
  • North Central WDC, WorkSource-Omak
  • North Central WDC, Skillsource, Moses Lake
  • Snohomish County WDC

Navigator Update:

  • Introduction- Mary Stanton
    • 50% WorkSource (Business Solutions & WIA)
    • 50% Spokane Community College: Air Washington
  • College Supported: Spokane Community College
  • Goals for the position: Industry outreach and recruitment and job placement that bridges the gap between industry and students.
  • Brings education, industry and placement full circle with a team that is goal oriented and strategic.

Balance of effort:

    • Recruiting- Happens continuously, but has typically ramps up after new quarter starts or new programs roll out.
    • Student Support: Happens at beginning of each quarter (meet, refer to partners to discuss funding help, workshops, etc) and everyday.
    • Industry Liaison: Networking, Chamber Events, Job orders, Job Profiling, Industry Contact for WorkSource.
  • Student Tracking: Data entry for Navigator Services and our database.
  • Biggest Challenge: Balancing time between WorkSource BST commitments and Community College needs and data entry to reflect outcomes/work.
best practices
Best Practices
  • Spokane Forms & Processes:
  • A.M.P. Interviews & WorkSource Rally Info with partner logos
  • Navigator Services Form
  • Business Services Matrix & Flyers for Businesses (OJT, WOTC, Veteran, NCRC, Job Profiling, Behavioral Interviewing, WEX)
  • Behavioral Interview Questions

Navigator Update: WS-Clallam

  • Introduction: Annie McHale
  • College(s) Supported: Peninsula College
  • Goals for the(se) position(s)
  • Balance of effort: (e.g. % of time spent)
    • Recruiting?
    • Student Support (meet, refer, workshops, etc)
    • Industry Liaison
    • Student Tracking
    • Other?
  • Biggest Challenge
  • Success story or ‘Best Practice’ so far

Navigator Update:

Seattle/King Co. WDC – Trac Associates - Sherry Falk,

Ginney To, Craig Bruckshen

  • Introduction
    • King County has 1.5 Navigators in place since July 1st, 2012.
  • College(s) Supported
    • North Seattle Community College
    • South Seattle Community College
    • Renton Technical College

Goals for the(se) position(s)

    • North Seattle Community College – Providing Recruiting, Student Support, Industry Liaison, and Student Tracking Services
    • South Seattle Community College – Providing Recruiting, Student Support and Student Tracking Services
    • Renton Technical College – Providing Recruiting, Student Track Services, Industry Liaison/Employment Services

Balance of effort: (e.g. % of time spent)

    • Recruiting 40% RTC, 5% NSCC and SSCC
    • Student Support (meet, refer, workshops) 45% NSCC and 85% SSCC
    • Industry Liaison/Employment Services 75% RTC, 40% NSCC
    • Student Tracking 10% RTC, 10% NSCC and 10% SSCC
    • Other
  • Biggest Challenge
    • Getting graduated students to respond and follow up beyond the first month. Coordinating services at three locations.

Success story or ‘Best Practice’ so far

    • Since we have been providing navigation services 17 graduates from Renton Technical College have been employed.
northwest workforce council

Northwest Workforce Council

Supporting Skagit Valley College

Presenter: Brian Humphrey

primary goals
Primary Goals
  • Advise and track adult learners
  • Outreach, recruitment and orientation including:
    • One-Stop Center access
    • Job retention and career advancement and support
  • Placement and program completion for students
  • Partnerships for program sustainability and dissemination of program design, goals and outcomes
how will time be spent
How will time be spent?
  • Recruitment
  • Workshops
  • Student tracking
  • Industry outreach
  • Veteran and transitioning personnel outreach
  • Non-tradition student outreach
biggest challenge
Biggest Challenge
  • Coordination of moving part to create a plan of action
    • Finalization of contract deliverables
    • Workforce team
    • SVC team
successes best practices
Successes/Best Practices
  • SVC Air Washington Team: established meeting schedule
  • Creation of a calendar of workshops for Air Washington students
  • Creation of common forms for student intake – facilitates outreach and support services for students and accurate data collection

Olympic WDC

Presenter: Stephanie Thompson


Karen LeVeck - Olympic College

Goals for this position –

  • Part-time position (20-24 hours per week)
  • Job development/industry liaison
  • Referrals to WorkSource and other job search resources
  • Assist with data tracking and retrieval
  • Provide additional student support

Navigator Update:

Balance of effort: (e.g. % of time spent)

  • Recruiting – 0%
  • Student Support - 25%
  • Industry Liaison – 60%
  • Student Tracking – 15%
  • Other?

Biggest Challenge – Filling the position!


Workforce Central

  • Les Sessoms, Air Washington Navigator
  • College(s) Supported; Clover Park Technical College
  • Position Goals: Provide--
    • Student retention services
    • Career development resources & job search assistance
    • Direction & guidance through the myriad of “systems”
  • Balance of effort:
    • Recruiting ~10%
    • Student Support~60% meetings, referrals, workshops, etc.
    • Industry Liaison~10%
    • Student Tracking~15%
    • Other ~5%

Workforce Central

  • Biggest Challenge:
    • Getting to know all graduating students in a short time
    • Finding WIA-eligible students to provide support services to
  • Success story or ‘Best Practice’ so far:
    • Buy-in for the MAP portfolio concept
    • Website
    • 5 day-a-week advising hours (Effective Dec 3rd)

North Central WDC


Presenter: Riva Morgan

  • Introduction
    • Laurie Miller, WorkSource- Omak
  • College Supported
    • Wenatchee Valley College
  • Goals for the position
    • Outreach and Recruitment
    • Orientation and Assessment
    • Job Readiness Skill Development
    • Transition to employment


  • Balance of effort: (e.g. % of time spent)
    • Recruiting – 25% Initial Program Recruitment and Assessment through WorkSource - Advertising through workshops and Weekly Orientations at WVC Omak Campus. Recruitment on hold this PY.
    • Student Support (meet, refer, workshops, etc) Ongoing meetings WVC Omak Campus, referrals to community resources e.g., food stamps, scholarship research & application assistance, some AW students on regular WIA Caseload so regular counseling sessions. As the class progresses and students begin working on job readiness skills this will be a minimum of the entire 25% of time allotted
    • Industry Liaison – Continuing to develop relationships with employers and educating them on the skilled work force that will be entering the job market. Local employers, e.g., SunOpta, Pine Creek Pack, Brewster Manufacturing, Carbon Cycle Crush. The focus at this time is the Student Support.

Student Tracking – Weekly visits to the college and class observation allow student tracking in the early stages of training.

    • Other? Regular assistance and ongoing education & clarification to Dislocated Workers with Training Benefits and/or Commissioner Approved Training issues. This is an ongoing service request from the students that are drawing UI Benefits.
  • Biggest Challenge
    • Only a 25% position in addition to a regular WIA Caseload.
    • As students near completion, the level of assistance with job readiness will increase. The amount of time needed for outreach will increase, recruitment for On the Job Training will become a key marketing focus.

Success story or ‘Best Practice’ so far

          • The use of Career Scope has provided great insight for students looking for a career in Aerospace. Students can see the correlation between their aptitudes and their interests.

Navigator Update: North Central WDC

SkillSource-Moses Lake

  • Introduction: Emily Anderson, SkillSource Moses Lake
  • College(s) Supported: Big Bend Community College
  • Goals for the position(s)
    • Recruitment of up to 18 new students for BBCC AMT program
    • Assist with student support including resources, financing and local agency referral
    • Provide post-graduate assistance as needed (resumes, referrals, etc.)

SkillSource-Moses Lake

  • Balance of effort: (e.g. % of time spent)
    • Recruiting: ~ 40%
    • Student Support (meet, refer, workshops, etc) ~ 40%
    • Industry Liaison Less than 5%
    • Student Tracking ~ 5%
  • Biggest Challenge: Lack of local industry/employment opportunities; some struggles obtaining financial aid for returning students.
  • Success story or ‘Best Practice’ so far
    • GREAT interest in program now that the word is out.
    • Community very excited about Pre AMT classes.
    • Use of radio advertising (daily job report) really helped spread the word.
air washington program navigation snohomish co

Air Washington Program Navigation [Snohomish Co.]

Kurt Simmons, Cameron Cassidy

Outreach, retention and employment services

air washington program navigation role
Air Washington Program Navigation: Role
  • Outreach
    • Inform WorkSource centers and other community partners regarding Air Washington training opportunities available for clients.
  • Retention
    • Work closely with students, staff, faculty, and community partners in identifying, troubleshooting and resolving barriers immediately as they arise.
  • Employment
    • This includes the delivery of in-class career workshops on resume development, mock interviewing and Job Search techniques and strategies. The Job Developer also be works with the WorkSource Business Services Team, EASC and faculty in developing relationships and identifying employment opportunities for Air Washington students and graduates.
air washington program navigation outreach
Air Washington Program Navigation: Outreach

Examples include:

  • Attending weekly WorkSource Staff meetings and working closely with all programs in the WorkSource centers including Veterans services.
  • Participating in community events like the Build Your Futures, having a table at the Evergreen State Fair
  • Introducing WDC Board members to the programs
  • Working closely with CBO’s and community partners, DSHS, Goodwill, etc…
  • Working closely with on campus funding streams and programs including Veterans services.
  • Quarterly Training Provider Forum
  • Tuition Assistance and Training Resources Workshop
  • Diversity Taskforce (Succeed)
  • Etc…
air washington program navigation retention
Air Washington Program Navigation: Retention
  • Early identification of barriers
    • Working closely with students (going into classes and being available onsite and through other technological means)
    • Working closely with Faculty, staff, and partners (maintaining constant contact with faculty to monitor student progress, weekly meetings and constant monitoring with on campus and off campus community partners.
  • Immediate contact with student
  • Troubleshoot issues with student and develop appropriate course of action.
  • Documentation maintained in reporting form.
  • Immediate implementation of Support Service/Retention Plan
    • Contact appropriate service provider and initiate referral (ie, Housing Hope, DSHS, BFET, WorkSource, etc…)
    • Monitor progress with student and support service provider

Examples: Open discussion of specific cases

air washington program navigation employment
Air Washington Program Navigation: Employment
  • Job Development
    • In coordination with:
      • WorkSource Business Services Team (CRM)
      • Faculty
      • Community Partners
  • Career Development Workshops
    • Resume writing
    • Interviewing
    • Job Search Strategies, tools techniques and resources
  • Individual job placement and referral assistance
    • Job Development (partnerships and opportunity identification)
    • Business Services Team (CRM)
    • WorkSource
    • Community Partners (ie, WorkFirst, WIA)
  • Barrier identification / Continued Support Services
    • Maintain close contact with Program Navigators to troubleshoot and resolve barriers to employment and additional or continued support services as needed.
  • LUNCH!
  • Data review
  • Update on Technical Assistance Visits
  • College / Partner Updates

Technical Assistance Visits

Carol Weigand, Rob Reneau, Dixie Simmons

  • Homeruns:
    • Navigator relationships
    • Institutional support
    • Pre-employment/enrollment programs
    • Quality of new faculty
  • General concerns:
      • Data collection processes
      • Equipment cost allocation
      • Possible team changeover

Air Washington

Quarterly Meeting

November 29th, 2012

Everett Community College

College Partner Updates


College Partner Update:

Presenter: Rod Taylor

Spokane Community College (Fall Qtr)

  • Update of Programs
    • Pre-employment (AMP)– 19 enrolled, 12 current
    • Aviation Maintenance Technology– 100 enrolled
    • CNC/Machining– 42 enrolled
    • Electronics/Avionics– 32 enrolled
    • Composites ICP– 6 enrolled, 5 current
    • AS9100– 5 enrolled, 3 completed
    • Innovation / Success story
      • Completion of composites lab, AMP successes
    • Top 3 things you would change about SOW
      • PLA credit attainment
      • 40 credit average per student
      • # of short certs, long certs and degrees
north seattle community college

North Seattle Community College

Year 1 of the Air Washington grant

Presented by Anthony Valterra

  • Provide training in the field of Avionics/Electronics
  • Bring into training at least 113 students
  • Graduate at least 60 place 48
  • NSCC has added
    • Additional core courses
    • New 6 month certificate
    • New 1 year certificate (currently going through approval)
    • Additional faculty
brief update
Brief Update
  • This Fall we have added 53 students who have filled out grant survey forms for a total of 97.
  • An additional 139 students have not yet responded to our request to fill out grant information forms but by DOL rules are on the grant.
  • This will place NSCC as completing its grant goal of 113 students into training.
  • We must now focus on completion and placement
sow issues
SOW Issues
  • Confirmation that we can use hard numbers rather than percentages
  • Some discussion of how colleges are implementing the “I-BEST” model would be helpful
    • What students
    • What structure (additional classes? in class?)
    • What subjects (language? math?)

College Partner Update:

Presented by Stephanie Thompson

  • PLA/New assessments in place
  • Online electronics curriculum on track
  • Developing video of lectures
  • IBEST applications in progress for Winter
  • Enrollment challenges have put us off track
    • Adjusting outreach to HS, past students, info sessions, advertising, especially veteran population!
  • Pre-employment strengths/weaknesses identified
  • Innovation – Pre-enrollment orientations
  • Statement of Work (SOW) Issues?
    • Would change the targets OC set for themselves!

College Partner Update:

Presenter: Ellen Gordon

  • Introduction
  • Overall SSCC is on track
  • Brief update
  • Training numbers already met. We think we are on track for other deliverables.
  • Innovation / Success story – we have discovered ways to make our intake process better.
  • Statement of Work (SOW) Issues?
    • Unexpected interpretations of SOW
  • We now have five Air Washington AMT cohorts and six students outside the cohorts seeking navigator assistance.
  • Our waiting list was eliminated this Fall and we are starting targeted outreach.
  • Next class/cohort starts Spring 2013. It now has a waiting list but we continue to recruit Veteran and TAA-funded participants.
current projects
Current Projects
  • Degree completion outreach plan
  • Vocabulary Projects – ELL tools for A&P
    • Create “dictionary” resource for ELL and others
      • CAN-8 complete online learning management system
      • WordWeb – a free application with specialized definitions added (phone/tablet app available)
      • Picture glossary?
composite technician training
Composite Technician Training

Path A:

Machining, Tooling & Injection Molding (~250 h)

20:80 Lecture:Project

Core Curricula (~250 h) Introduced within the first half of training. This is linked to graded projects throughout the program.

70:30 Lecture:Project

Path B:

Advanced Composites – Fabrication Assembly & Repair (~250 h)

20:80 Lecture:Project

Both A&B: Portfolio & Industry-specific job Search

Materials to be created: (Approximately 750 contact hours)

Power Point: Lectures & Project guides

Documents: Student Project sheets, grading rubrics

Study guides for quizzes & tests

Sample questions & answers

Video demonstrations

Syllabus, Lesson plans in standardized format

why tell you
Why tell you?
  • Recruiting for a January 2013 start
  • Want to combine National STEM Consortium curriculum efforts with Air Washington efforts
  • Composites 2013 Conference (ACMA) is January 29-31 in Orlando, Florida
    • Ann Avary is helping us figure out potential portable national certification with ACMA
    • The NSC curriculum development team is meeting Friday after the meeting. Hope others will join us.

Renton Technical College Update:

Presenter: Pamm Hubbard

The RTC Air Washington Team!

  • Grant Management
  • Reporting
  • Budget/InvoicingStaff ManagementProgram DevelopmentImplementing Campus-wide Initiatives
  • Student
  • Management
  • Individual Participant DataOutreach/RecruitmentEnrollment ServicesAcademic AdvisingRetention Support



RTC Transition Coordinator

  • Ginney To Craig Bruckshen
  • TRAC Navigators




  • Veteran& TAA Outreach
  • Host Renton Info Sessions
  • Financial Aid
  • Graduate Follow-up
  • Employment Placement
  • Millicent Knowles LyudaKuchernyuk
  • WorkSource Auburn/Renton
  • Employer Outreach
  • Mock Interviews
  • Host Auburn Info sessions
  • Provide Monthly resume Workshops

What Successful Grads

Are Saying !

What We’ve Been

Up to Lately

  • RTC will offer our 1sttooling certification class starting December 2012
  • Precision Machining Program is full and has waitlist of 25 people
  • Assembly Mechanic Program is currently offering AM and PM sections. Each section has approximately 25 students
  • Precision Machining Program graduated 9 students in August. All found employment within 45 days. Precision Machining has a 100% placement rate
  • One machining student with an extensive criminal record was able to secure employment after completing the program and is now earning $25 an hour!
  • We are currently meeting all of our projected goals.

Assembly Mechanic - July 2012 Graduate # 1 wrote:

“You have given me the spring board I needed to an expansive career with Boeing. Prior to taking your course I submitted 224 resumes to Boeing. As soon as I completed your program I applied to Boeing again and I was immediately hired. Thank you, you all have assisted me in achieving my wildest dreams.”

Assembly Mechanic - July 2012 Graduate #2 wrote:

“I have been applying at Boeing for four years and never received an interview. After I graduated from the Assembly Mechanic Program I applied to Boeing and was hired right away. I was impressed with how thorough and complete the online and hands on classes were. The classes taught me a lot and prepared me to work at Boeing. I recommend this class to anyone who would like to advance in the aerospace field. “


What We Would Change About SOW

  • Reference:
  • SOW – Work plan
  • Priority 2 / Strategy 2:1
  • Issue:Common Entry Assessment Test
  • ReasonThe Aerospace Assembly Mechanic Program is open enrollment through the Edmonds CC/WATR Center Continuing Education Division.
  • Under the Edmonds CC open enrollment policy, RTC has no authority to restrict enrollment based on test/assessment results
  • Reference:
  • SOW - Work Plan
  • Priority 3 / Strategy 3:1
  • Issue:Remove “including modules for Aircraft Assembly” from the outcomes related to the Advanced Manufacturing Curriculum
  • Reason: The RTC Aerospace Assembly Mechanic Program training curriculum:
  • Pre-exists Air Washington – developed and used prior to Air Washington
  • Used no Air Washington $’s to finance curriculum development
  • Is proprietary, RTC has permission to use the Aerospace Assembly Mechanic curriculum via a partnership contract w/ WATR Center - We have no authority or permission to share
  • Reference:SOW - Work Plan Priority 3 / Strategy 3.4 & SOW – Table 3.ii Attainment of Degree
  • Issue: New and Updated Articulation Agreements
  • Reason: Pursuing Articulation Agreements with 4 years institutions for RTC Aerospace Assembly Mechanic or Precision Machining Programs is impractical.
  • Aerospace Assembly Mechanic Program = 12 week course
  • Precision Machining Program = 2 year course
  • 100% of Precision Machining graduates have gone directly into the workforce. To date, two PM grads have expressed an interest in possibly pursuing an AASdegree/ none are considering a BS degree
  • We may seek to establish articulation agreements with K12 for the Assembly Mechanic training.

College Partner Update:

Presenter: Rebecca Milligan

  • Big Bend Community College
  • What’s new at BBCC
  • Fall quarter, 63 participants, 8 vets 11 females. On track for females, working with Vet numbers. We have focused on recruiting Veterans, have attended 3 Vet specific recruitment events (JBLM, Yakima, and Moses Lake stand down). Will continue to actively recruit veterans. Are enrolling new AMT students in the winter quarter for the first time as part of the grant.
  • We saw success in recruiting females to the Pre-employment course, hoping to convert them to AMT students.

Actively recruited ESL students to the Pre-Employment class- wasn’t successful.

  • Not currently seeing a demand for IBEST classes, possibly the two years is too long? May have to pilot without seeing the demand first. (IF you build it, they will come)
  • What would we change in the statement of work? IBEST -

College Partner Update:

Presenter: Tom Curran

  • Clover Park Technical College Team
    • Dean Mabel Edmonds, Les Sessoms, Tom Curran
  • Brief update:
    • On track toward goals? Yes…..
      • Capturing & recording all AW student data
  • Innovation / Success story:
    • Pre-Employment Program finally alive
    • Navigator on board
  • Statement of Work Issues?
    • AS9100, EASA, PLA, Web-based “deliverables”…
    • FPO Involvement

Current Stats

  • 167 Participants
  • 56 Completers
  • 10 Employed from participation
  • 3 TAA
  • 25 Veterans
  • 13 Females
  • 14 with Disabilities
current stats

Current Stats

167 Participants

56 Completers

10 Employed from participation


25 Veterans

13 Females

14 with Disabilities


College Partner Update:

  • Introduction
  • Brief update
    • On track toward goals?
      • If not, what are plans to adjust
  • Innovation / Success story
  • Statement of Work (SOW) Issues?
    • Top thing(s) you would change about SOW
  • Three areas of focus
    • Composites
    • Manufacturing
    • Automated Systems/Electronics
  • Enrollments
    • On track: 25% of overall goal reached
    • Anticipate meeting goal for grant by Winter Quarter 2014
      • Slower than anticipated start
      • Lower enrollments in Manufacturing Tech: new faculty member coming on board with significant advanced manufacturing expertise
      • New short-term certificates
  • Curing ovens
  • Hot Bonders
  • CNC Machine
  • High Temp Tooling
    • Winglets
    • Nose cone
innovation success story
Innovation/Success Story
  • Course articulations
    • Articulating Composite Technology 121 with one area high school
    • Working with two others actively to articulate
  • Online curriculum development: three phases
    • Composite construction and repair: December 2012
    • Closed cavity/infusion: Winter 2013
    • Composite tooling: Winter 2013
    • Composite Technician
    • Composite Repair Technician

College Partner Update:

  • Introduction
    • Aerospace Electronics
    • Wenatchee Valley College – large geographic area with two campuses
    • Wenatchee Campus – expansion of related program (Industrial Electronics) into Aerospace Electronics
    • Omak Campus – new offering
      • Okanogan County
      • Highest unemployment rate in Washington
      • Rural, cannot absorb continual stream of graduates wanting to stay in the county
      • No prior industrial programs due to lack of infrastructure

College Partner Update:

  • Stacked certificates to associate degree
    • Aerospace Readiness Certificate (28 credits)
    • Aerospace Electronics Technician Certificate (51 credits)
    • Associate of Technical Science degree (95 credits
  • Strong enrollment – on track with goals
  • Wenatchee – 23 students enrolled
  • Omak – 15 students enrolled
  • Veterans – 7 program students
  • TAA – 4 program students
  • Incidental participants – 29 students from other technical programs

College Partner Update:

  • Innovation / Success story
    • Expansion and outreach to Okanogan County
    • Trailer for tools and PLCs
    • Contextual (I-Best-ish) Technical Writing and Technical Math

College Partner Update:

  • Issues: in SOW and on-the-ground
    • Timeline
      • Not enough initial time for collaboration and development of common courses/curriculum
    • Targets “over promised” especially student diversity
      • It takes time to develop/recruit women
      • Diverse population not necessarily “ready to recruit”
    • WDC/Navigator assignments/roles for small colleges
    • Needed to acknowledge the amount of overall grant administration required

Center of Excellence for Aerospace and Advanced Material Manufacturing

  • Pre-Employment Workshop (more to come tomorrow)
  • Employer Outreach

Employer Outreach

  • Intro to CoE Air WA  Pre-Employment
  • NCRC and other industry certifications
  • Employer needs- hiring & skills gaps
  • Encourage employer involvement
      • Internships, hiring from programs, classroom visits, advisory committees
  • Warm handoff to navigator, instructors, program managers, CoE

Eastern Washington

  • Altek
  • Apex
  • Avista Utilities
  • Career Path Services
  • DeVries Business Services
  • Haskins Steel
  • Hotstart
  • Humanix
  • Inland Power
  • Itron
  • Kaiser Aluminum
  • L&M Precision Fabrication
  • Northeast Washington and North Idaho Sheet Metal Workers
  • Spherion Staffing Services
  • Spokane Home Builders Association
  • Spokane Area Workforce Development Council
  • Triumph Composites
  • UTC
  • Washington Trust Bank
  • Western States
  • Olympic Peninsula
  • Angeles Composites Technologies
  • Puget Sound
  • The Boeing Company
  • Campbell Soup
  • Southwestern Washington
  • Cowlitz County
  • Emerald Kalama Chemical
  • Local 170 Pipefitters Union
  • Norpack
  • Steelscape
  • Weyerhauser
  • Southeastern Washington
  • Areva
  • ConAgra
  • Darigold
  • J.M. Smucker Company
  • URS Corporation
  • Watts Brothers