Flash drive taxi service
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FLASH DRIVE TAXI SERVICE. TEAM MEMBERS: Sajjo Sammiholasi Nickolas Roach. Customer Pains and Gains. Jobs to be Done. Calculate the fee per km Figure out how the drivers will sign up to work for us Work out monthly fee for drivers to pay us. Customer Work Flow. Search And Send Car.

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Flash drive taxi service



Sajjo Sammiholasi

Nickolas Roach

Flash drive taxi service

Jobs to be Done

  • Calculate the fee per km

  • Figure out how the drivers will sign up to work for us

  • Work out monthly fee for drivers to pay us

Flash drive taxi service

Customer Work Flow


And Send Car






Flash drive taxi service


  • Our value proposition does solve the customers problems

  • We are enabling them quick and convenient transport to their destination

  • More convenience and less frustration

  • Family members would not need to be worried about their children's safety

Flash drive taxi service

Customer Interest

  • Customers were happy about knowing they wouldn't have to wait long for safe, reliable transport

  • Excited that they can directly reach their destination without any changeovers

  • Happy that they are avoiding areas with more traffic via GPS

Flash drive taxi service


  • People didn’t mind to pay extra, even if it was greater than the taxi fare

  • People wouldn’t want to share to often because of safely reasons

  • Average everyday people would like a service like this

  • People don’t mind spending extra money to get home.

  • Fixed rates would be unfair to the customer

Flash drive taxi service


  • Ask people if they would be interested in a personal point to point taxi service.

  • If they were not interested, we asked if they were trying to get home at night with no taxis, would they use the service.

  • What would be the minimum you would pay for certain long distance journeys?

  • Asked everyday travelers if they would use the service.

Flash drive taxi service


  • 21 out of 25 people (84%) who we interviewed said they would use our service if they had to travel home. Therefore our value proposition test was passed successfully.

Flash drive taxi service


  • What we need to do next is:

  • Survey people and rival companies to determine taxi fare per km

  • Also research prices to determine drivers monthly subscription fee to us

  • Interview taxi drivers to get an idea of their personal point to point transit.