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Safe at Home: By Mike Lupica PowerPoint Presentation
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Safe at Home: By Mike Lupica

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Safe at Home: By Mike Lupica - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Safe at Home: By Mike Lupica
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  1. Safe at Home: By Mike Lupica

  2. Short Summary • 13 year old Nick Crandall plays catcher for Hayworth school. He is moving up from JV to Varsity to take the place of the injured Varsity Catcher Bobby Mazzilli. Nick did awesome at JV, But poor in Varsity. The players teased him, and they bullied him. But his Coach, coach Williams, always cheered him up. He also had a good friend named Grace that helped him with a lot of problems.. These two hang out a lot. Want to know more about the story? Read Safe at Home by Mike Lupica to find out.

  3. 1 When Nick was about 3 years old, he got adopted, then at age 11, Nick got adopted again. His favorite thing to do was playing baseball. When Bobby Mazzilli broke his wrist and hand, there was no choice but to bring up Nick from JV. This is the first time in school history that a 7th grader played varsity baseball. He does not feel like he belongs on Varsity and wants to go back to JV.

  4. 2 • Nick loved to go to Major League Baseball games. His favorite baseball team is the New York Mets. Going to a Mets game was one of his favorite things to do. Nick also had some friends, but not to many. One of his friends was named Grace. And they both hang out the most. Nick playing baseball at Varsity level didn’t look to good.

  5. 3 • Nick and Coach Williams sometimes had some extra practice after normal ones with the team. This made Nick a lot better. There biggest rival in baseball, Hayworth vs. King, was coming up. This is the biggest rivalry in the city and every time they play, there is no room in the bleachers and there are not any spots to put chairs in. That’s how crowded that rivalry game is.

  6. 4 • During the game nick got a couple base hits. In the bottom of the seventh, Hayworth was winning 4-3. They have a guy on first, he attempts to steal, and Nick threw him out at second base!! Hayworth won the game and Nick got congratulated. He even got congratulated by the other teams best player, Zane Diaz.

  7. E: Letter to Author Dear, Mr. Lupica I loved your book Safe at Home, but I have a few questions. How did you get involved with children's book writing? And how did you come up with your ideas with the story? Thanks, David Benedetto