the art of questioning in the struggle to be heard n.
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The Art of Questioning in The Struggle to be Heard PowerPoint Presentation
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The Art of Questioning in The Struggle to be Heard

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The Art of Questioning in The Struggle to be Heard - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Art of Questioning in The Struggle to be Heard. Icebreaker. Baggage Claim Jot down 2 facts about yourself Jot down 1 lie about yourself. Hand Up, Pair Up, Share Up!. Points to Ponder. I never learn anything talking. I only learn things when I ask questions. --Lou Holtz

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Baggage Claim

Jot down 2 facts about yourself

Jot down 1 lie about yourself

points to ponder
Points to Ponder
  • I never learn anything talking. I only learn
  • things when I ask questions.

--Lou Holtz

  • My greatest strength as a consultant is to
  • be ignorant and ask a few questions.

--Peter Drucker

just the facts
Just the facts…

• when you ask questions with clarity, others

respond more appropriately.

• confirming answers tends to prevent

escalation of negative behavior.

• when questions stimulate a person to

think, a deeper level of understanding


just the facts1
Just the facts…

• Deeper level of understanding allows you

to communicate from the same pool of data.

• Understanding is not the same as


• Being understood is a deep human need.

v i p m v p textbook text rendering
V.I.P./M.V.P. Textbook Text-rendering
  • Inquiry Circles in Action—Stephanie Harvey and Harvey Daniels
  • An alternative when using textbooks
kinds of questions
Kinds of Questions
  • Reflecting
  • Open-ended
  • Closed-ended
  • Sentence Prompts

• “So you’re thinking that…

• “Sounds like you’re concerned that…”

• “You feel…because…”

• “I’m hearing that…”

• “Let me see if I understand what you are


open ended questions
Open-ended Questions

• Allows other person to express what is on

his/her mind, to tell you what he/she

considers to be important

• Gives maximum latitude to speak freely

closed ended questions
Closed-ended Questions

• Limit the length of the response to a few


• Call for a precise piece of information

• The short response focuses directly on a

specific point

phrasing to avoid
Phrasing to Avoid!

– Direct questions (especially “what”)

– Rhetorical questions

– Leading question

– Veiled assertions (“Don’t you think that…”

– Any question where you can put the word

“stupid” at the end.

the art of questioning
The Art of Questioning

“To question well is to teach well. In the

skillful use of the question more than anything else lies the fine art of teaching; for in it we have the guide to clear and vivid ideas, the quick spur to imagination, the stimulus to thought, the incentive to action.”

  • C. DeGarmo, 1911
  • Interest and Education,
  • New York:Macmillan
why the need for change
Why the Need for Change?
  • American 5th graders spend 91% of their school day either listening to a teacher talk or working alone
  • 1st and 3rd grade studies showed similar results
  • Pianta and Belsky, 2007
how about the secondary level ready to read
How About the Secondary Level--Ready to Read?

MS2 Phage Coat Protein—RNA Interaction

how to improve the depth of questioning
How to Improve The Depth of Questioning?
  • Text rendering with a purpose
  • Think Pair/Share Collaboration
  • Determining Importance
  • Making Connections
  • Ask Questions
comprehension continuum
Comprehension Continuum
  • Answers Literal Questions
  • Retells
  • Merges Thinking with Context
  • Acquires Knowledge
  • Actively Uses Knowledge
practice with comprehension
Practice with Comprehension
  • Connector—text to text, text to self, text to real world connections—”this reminds me of…”
  • Discussion Director—form thick, not thin questions—cannot be answered with one word
  • Quotation Finder—determine important quotes or words from the reading—be able to discuss why
  • Summarizer—develop a synopsis of the main points in th reading
practice deeper questioning constructive playtime
Practice Deeper QuestioningConstructive Playtime
  • Dementia Risk Seen in N.F.L. Players
  • Literature Circles Format
resource sharing
Resource Sharing
  • Literacy Coaching Clearinghouse
  • Educational Leadership
  • Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy
  • National School Reform Faculty
  • From the Sidelines!
chalk talk
Chalk Talk
  • Book Study Suggestions:
professional learning topics
Professional Learning Topics:
  • Small Group
  • Large Group
ticket out the door
Ticket out the Door!
  • What will I stop doing concerning coaching?
  • What will I think about doing concerning coaching?
  • What will I start doing to become an even more effective coach?